Visibility and promotion of your team inside company
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Visibility and promotion of your team inside Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visibility and promotion of your team inside Company. How to sell results of your team?. Table of content. Experience and applicability Goals of promotion News = blogs + subscriptions Presentations Project management Questionnaire Inside team Tricks New projects Cautions

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Visibility and promotion of your team inside Company

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Visibility and promotion of your team inside Company

How to sell results of your team?

Table of content

  • Experience and applicability

  • Goals of promotion

  • News = blogs + subscriptions

  • Presentations

  • Project management

  • Questionnaire

  • Inside team

  • Tricks

  • New projects

  • Cautions

  • Ideas for improvements

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Experience and Applicability

Most effective - for teams which develop core competence products.

Experience: product company with own products, internal users, team – core competence, 1000 employees.










End users




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Goals of Promotions

  • More choices of projects

  • Do more important projects, not first ones

  • Easy to solve your and your team’s issues

  • Benefit for overall company

  • Build your career

     Symptoms of needs:

  • Filling that projects are not actual

  • Not all projects are used in end user products

  • Responses from customers with long delay





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News - foundation

News = Blog + Notifications

Blog – easy to look through the team life

Notifications – don’t forget about the team

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News - audience





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News - support

  • Something new? Publish – share knowledge with others.

  • Habit: if you want to send mail, think about publishing (publish and refer)

  • If you refer to news, propose to subscribe (one click!)

  • Start: after several publications ask target audience to subscribe.

  • Once a year or half a year – ask to subscribe again whom you consider your target audience.

  • Ask your potential target audience to subscribe based on position (Who is Who services).

  • First post – Purpose of the subscription/blog.

  • After half a year you will have a lot info in blog

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News for users/clients/customers

  • Publish or not publish? – not publish

  • Checklist: new feature, status (release, prototype, beta,…), picture (input/output), products or customers use/will use, human readable small description of feature purpose, which problem of customer it solves, how to try, reference to project documents, ask about suggestions and feedbacks.

  • Don’t drill into details

  • Write as for children – keep it simple, but with love 

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News for developers

  • Changes in interfaces

  • Small new features especially if it is internal product.

  • New cool tools, libraries which could be useful for other teams as well.

  • Solved technical issues and tricky approaches

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News for managers

  • New people, positions.

  • Team extensions,

  • Numbers available (e.g. KPI values)

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News for team

  • Collect long term changes, conventions, agreements

  • Other teams have similar issues – suggestion to subscribe in case of interest

  • Subscribe your team mates (obligatory) and immediate managers.

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  • Source of Info: from News for customers

  • Same presentations for different audience – groups of similar people – it is easy to start discussion.

  • Encourage discussions, don’t stop, just listen and ask.

  • If you answer questions – ask a question 

  • Publish presentation files, impression of audience in the news.

  • You discover weaknesses in your projects during preparation.

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Project management and promotion

  • Keep your information available

  • High level long term planning

  • Prioritized and available short term planning

  • Additional benefit: your team concentrates on most important things

  • Several customers can decide what is more important

  • Report to your immediate boss(es) weekly or biweekly using simple language (past/future/red).

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High level planning

  • Plan 1 year ahead.

  • Target audience: managers and customers. This is really important here.

  • You should teach how to interpret your planning (better then absence of plans at all)

  • Update: 1 per month

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  • Questionnaire helps to understand directions which are important for the company

  • Columns: Question, Current status (5 – good, 0 – bad), Important for you (5 – important, 0 –not important), Comment.

  • “If you have no ideas how to fill specific fields please skip it or ask me about details.”

  • “Please forward this e-mail to persons who might be interested”

  • Publish overall results on manager news.

  • Answer personally for comments. People - alive 

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Inside team

  • Easy to work with result oriented team

  • Explain to team importance of feature for customers

  • Delegate if somebody interested, but describe first.

  • Difficult when people do not want to change.

  • Team become automous – able to find project.

  • Team may not understand what you are doing – developers like projects, not a users 

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  • Invite people to make presentation for your team, especially users.

  • Mail signature: Left: Sergiy Tkachuk, TL, blah-blah-blahRight: Picture and “What to know about team? Subscribe - link”.

  • Visit other presentation.

  • Have things in order to provide links in any moment and to give to others ability to look through your site.

  • Ask about potential ideas – potential users should not afraid to look stupid with crude ideas.

  • Improve your understand how company works and remove intermediate chunks in communication.

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New projects

  • Ask users – propose to bosses

  • WTF from users

  • Kitchen

  • Ask bosses about some freedom to use time for new projects – it was not issue in my situation

  • Promotion should result in good personal or team network, people are open, people know who you are, people propose projects for you.

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  • Nobody can do this for you

  • This requires time at the beginning, but it worth to do!

  • You immediate bosses can miss your company wide activity :)

  • Be ready to prioritize your tasks – you may receive a lot-lot requests.

  • Extend your team.

  • Promotion effect becomes visible after 0.5 – 1 year

  • Promotion itself is not a result.

  • It might become obvious for you that coding from your side is inefficient time spending.

  • You will do “correct” things slower than “incorrect” thing 

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Ideas for improvements

  • Wiki (searchable storage of information)

  • Forum

  • Immediate communication with users, sales, customers

  • Keep track that results of your team are used by end users

  • Monthly meetings with TLs of related teams/departments

  • Statistics – how many people read news, see plans…

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Final notes

  • Be alive

  • Be open

  • Your audience - real people

  • Make experiments

  • Better to be happythan serious 

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Thank you!

Will be glad to answer your questions!

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