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八年级人教新目标下册. Unit 8 Why don’t you get her a scarf?. Self check. When you give advice, you can use the following expressions to be polite. Why don’t you do? Why not do … ? What about/How about + sth. ? What about/How about + doing …? Could you please do … ? You should/could do…

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Unit 8

Why don’t you get her a scarf?

Self check

When you give advice, you can use the

following expressions to be polite.

Why don’t you do?

Why not do … ?

What about/How about + sth. ?

What about/How about + doing …?

Could you please do … ?

You should/could do…

Would you mind doing…?

You’d better do…

1. Fill in the blanks with the words given.

expensive boring cheap

special interesting

  • Today is Jim’s birthday. His mother is going

  • to make a _______ meal for him.

  • 2. My shoes were really _______. They only

  • cost $5.



3. My aunt took us out to dinner at an

_________ restaurant, but the food

was not good at all.

4. The movie was _______. I fell asleep half way

through it.

5. It’s important to choose subjects that you find





2. Read the passages.

Everyone likes gifts. Some little kids think they don’t

get enough(adj) gifts. Some old people think they get too

many(可数)gifts. Different people like different kinds of

gifts. Some presents are never too small. A little child may

give his mother a leaf(leaves)from a tree. It is enough to

makeher very happy.

present n.礼物

make sb./sth. + 形容词 “使某人/某事…”如:

What he says makes me rather angry.

The flowers made the house beautiful.


Gift giving is different in different countries. In Japan, people sometimes give special gifts. But they are not opened. Later, the same gift may be givenawayto someone else. Many people have enough things and don’t want too many gifts themselves. In Canada, many people will not give big gifts to someone else. They will pay for a park bench or a tree to help remember a person. In the USA, some people ask their families and friends to give money to charity ratherthanbuy them gifts. In Sweden,doing something for someone is the best gift. People don’t need to spend too much money. Instead, making a meal is enough.

give away赠送 give—gave—given

open v. 开; 打开

bench n. 长凳; 长椅

rather than 不是…

Sweden 瑞典

instead adv. 代替; 而不是

If you don’t want to go, I will go instead.


1. present n. 礼物

present指礼物的一般性用语, gift是稍正式的用法。

另外, present还可以作为形容词, 表示“现在的;


Yesterday is a history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Only today is a gift,

That’s why it is called present.

2. give away分配; 分送; 赠送

(不经意间)泄密等。 例如:

He gave all his money away to the charity.


He is sure to give away your secret.


  • 3. instead adv. 代替; 取而代之的是 例如:

  • I don’t like coffee; give me mineral water instead.

  • 我不喜欢喝咖啡, 给我矿泉水好了。

  • If you cannot go, let him go instead.

  • 如果你不能去, 让他替你去。

  • instead of 介词短语后接名词,代词宾格,动名词等。

  • 1)He will go instead of you.

  • I often walk to school instead of going by bike.

  • 3) We usually go to work by bike instead of on foot.

4. ratherthan “与其…… (不如……)” ,

“不是…… (而是……) ” 例如

Would rather……than……宁愿…也不

1) I would do anything ratherthan let her

get hurt. 我愿尽一切努力不让她受到伤害。

2)I would walk there ratherthan take a bus.


3) She’d rather stay at home than go shopping with us.

5. much too “太, 过于……”, 修饰形容词副词

toomuch “太多……”, 修饰不可数名词

toomany “太多……”, 修饰可数名词

e.g. The street is muchtoo crowded.


Don’t spend toomuch money on clothing.


There are toomany monkeys for me to count.

猴子太多, 我数不过来。

Ⅰ. 按要求完成句子

1. He has given away all the gifts to the children.


He _________________ away all the gifts to

the children.

2. They thought he was the best writer in the


They _____________ he was the best writer

in the newspaper.



3. His best friend gave him this present.


____________ him this present?

4. It’s not creative enough to buy a scarf for my


___________________ a scarf isn’t creative


5. I, have, time, my, do, to , enough, finish,

homework, not (连词成句)



To buy my mother

I don’t have enough time to finish my homework

6. 明天是我哥的生日, 我该给他买点什么呢?

Tomorrow is my _________________.

_____________ I ________ for him?

7. 你曾经受到的最好的礼物是什么?

What’s the ________ gift you _______________?

8. 大肚猪太难照顾。

Pot-bellied pigs are _______ difficult to






have ever got


to take care of

9. 在不同国家送礼不同。

___________ is different in


10. 他想和他妈一起去也不愿一个人呆在家里。

He wanted ________ with his mother

____________ stay at home all by himself.

Gift giving




Ⅱ. 单项选择

1. --- Where are you going?

--- I’m going shopping.

--- ___________?

--- Certainly.

A. Will you give me pen

B. Could you get a pen for me

C. Can I help you

D. What are you going to buy

2. John is much better than I ________.

A. to playin chess B. for playing chess

C. at playing chess D. in playing chess



3. He has ________ daughter_______ Mary.

A. a eight years old, name

B. an eight-years-old, named

C. an eight-year-old, named

D. a eight-year-old, naming

4. ---I’m going to buy a birthday cake.

--- _________?

--- No. My friend’s daughter.

A. Is it your son

B. Is it for someone in your family

C. When are going to buy it

D. Is it your birthday



5. Life _______ a pig isn’t always perfect.

A. of B. with C. from D. to

6. After school he didn’t go home. _______ he

went to the Internet café.

A. But B. While

C. Instead D. Instead of

7. In Japan the same gift may ________ to someone


A. give back B. give away

C. be given back D. be given away






你的生日快乐吗? 你上次生日是怎么过的?


A Sample

My birthday is December 12th. Before my birthday,

my friends suggested to have a party. But I don' think

that was creative enough. So we decided to go hiking

to the country. On that day, my friends came to my

house early. They brought me different kinds of gifts,

such as books, cards, calendars, and photo album,

even a stuffed pig.

Soon we started our trip. We found it was

beautiful and funny out of the school. The

cloud, the sunshine, the trees, flowers and

the grass… all the things were interesting.

They all said my birthday was special and fun.

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