ir 670 youtube search optimization
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IR 670 Youtube Search Optimization

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IR 670 Youtube Search Optimization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IR 670 Youtube Search Optimization. Spring 2010 - Prof. Caverlee Spencer Huang, Jue Yi, Chia -Chun Lin,. Youtube Search Problem.

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ir 670 youtube search optimization

IR 670 Youtube Search Optimization

Spring 2010 - Prof. Caverlee

Spencer Huang, Jue Yi, Chia-Chun Lin,

youtube search problem
Youtube Search Problem
  • When performing a Youtube search, regardless login or not, does not take a Youtube user’s preference into consideration (apply to Google video search also).
  • Even if there is such a tool, no idea what’s in the box.
  • UserEntity(u) - (t in u.fav) + (t in u.upload) + (t in u.subcrption u’) u’, where u’ are terms in u’.fav and u’.upload; u could have multiple u’(s) that u subscribes to.
  • VideoEntity(v) - (t in v.title) + (t in v.description) + (t in v.category) + (t in v.tag)
  • User would input Youtube Id and query (at least), which would enable the generation of above entities.
approach and feature
Approach and Feature
  • Reorder via Vector-Space with stop words and with result retaining
  • Support features from original Youtube/Google video search.
  • Add New features such as by author and able/disable restrict content.

Crawl UserEntity from Youtube Id and VideoEntity of query

Stop words removal, construct tf-idf for U and V, cache U for re-use

Cosine-Similarity and reorder

Display optimized result

  • Interface
  • Ex: Say I

have 2 favorite

videos for Youtube


problems encountered
Problems encountered
  • Youtube caps quota for deployed GAE, too much requests to Youtube. Works for local GAE.
  • Needs stop words.
  • Optimization is directly related to the activities of a Youtube Id.
possible to do features and qa
Possible To do Features and QA
  • Support for Asian languages
  • Interface for feature descriptor: No need of Youtube account.
  • Try it out: