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Dna fingerprinting gel electrophoresis
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DNA Fingerprinting & Gel Electrophoresis. Do Now:. DNA Fingerprinting. Everyone (except identical twins) has a unique DNA sequence in their cells. A technique called ________________________can be used to ________________________(or parents) using their DNA.

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DNA Fingerprinting & Gel Electrophoresis

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Dna fingerprinting gel electrophoresis

DNA Fingerprinting & Gel Electrophoresis

Do Now:

Dna fingerprinting

DNA Fingerprinting

  • Everyone (except identical twins) has a unique DNA sequence in their cells.

  • A technique called ________________________can be used to ________________________(or parents) using their DNA.

  • DNA fingerprinting is MUCH more accurate than traditional fingerprints

How dna fingerprinting works

How DNA Fingerprinting Works

  • DNA is extracted from a sample (like when you got DNA from strawberries)

  • Special enzymes called _________________________ are used to cut the DNA samples into pieces.

  • The DNA pieces are then put through a process called _____________________________

Gel electrophoresis

Gel electrophoresis

  • Gel electrophoresis is used to __________________________________.

  • DNA molecules are separated by ____________.

Analyzing the results

Analyzing the Results



  • The gel shown shows what happened when the same piece of DNA was cut up with 3 different enzymes.





Solving crimes rape investigation

Solving Crimes: Rape investigation

  • The DNA from a rapist can be collected from the victim for up to about 24 hours after the crime.

  • The DNA found can then be compared to the DNA of suspects.

  • Which suspect committed the crime?

Dna fingerprint paternity testing

DNA Fingerprint Paternity Testing

  • DNA fingerprinting (with gel electrophoresis) can be used to determine who the __________ of an organism are.

  • Just like genes, DNA fragments are _____________ from both parents

Final thoughts

Final Thoughts

  • A DNA fingerprint is like a unique _______________ for every organism on Earth.

  • DNA fingerprinting can be used to __________________________and determine who an individual’s genetic __________________ are.

  • DNA fingerprinting uses ________________________to separate different size pieces of DNA created by chopping up the original piece using special enzymes

Mrna processing

mRNA Processing

  • Remember the central dogma of molecular biology:

    • ___________________________

  • In __________________, there is one more little step in between RNA and protein.

  • After an mRNA is made by transcription, it must be __________________ before _________________.

Introns exons

Introns & Exons

  • An mRNA sequence has ___________ and __________ within it.

  • Before being used to make proteins, the introns must be ___________________.

  • Intron: A part of an mRNA molecule that ____________________________ before translation.

  • Exon: A part of an mRNA molecule that will be _______________________________.

Get rid of those introns

Get rid of those Introns!

  • Before introns are removed, an RNA molecule is called ________________________________________

  • Only the ______________ make it to translation!

That s it for molecular genetics

That’s it for Molecular Genetics

  • Your review guide is due tomorrow!

  • We will be playing Jeopardy tomorrow: your review guide will be the only notes you may use.

  • Use the remainder of the period (and tonight) to complete anything on the review guide you haven’t yet.

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