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Broiler chickens
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Broiler Chickens. What is the brooder?. A home for the chicks for the first couple of weeks you are raising them Clean sawdust (wood shavings) should be in the brooder at all times It is very important that there is always food and clean water available

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Broiler Chickens

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Broiler chickens

Broiler Chickens

What is the brooder

What is the brooder?

  • A home for the chicks for the first couple of weeks you are raising them

  • Clean sawdust (wood shavings) should be in the brooder at all times

  • It is very important that there is always food and clean water available

  • The beginning temperature of the brooder should be 90 degrees and should be decreased by 5 degrees each week that goes by

Is the brooder too hot or too cold

Is the brooder too hot or too cold?

Heat Lamp

Heat Lamp

Too cold. Chicks are bunched up under the

Heat lamp

Too hot. Chicks avoid the heat lamp and

Migrate toward the outside of the brooder.

Heat Lamp

Just right. Chicks are scattered evenly throughout

brooder and are eating and drinking.

Handling chickens

Handling chickens

  • When young, be careful when handling the chicks

  • As they age, it will be more difficult to pick up and move birds

  • Be careful of wings and nails

  • Too much handling when older can stress the birds and cause heart attacks

How much space does a chicken need

How much space does a chicken need?

  • Each chicken will need 1 square foot of space

  • Waterers and feeders should be kept above the shavings



  • Maintain clean bedding

  • Remove wet bedding daily and top dress as needed

  • Pine shavings are the most ideal type of bedding

  • We will have the chicks on newspaper for a few days. Why do we do this?

Feed management

Feed Management

  • Keep feed in cool and dry location

    • Keep off the floor

    • Keep out insects, rodents and other animals

  • Fresh feed should be added at least every morning

  • Monitor feed consumption- if birds are not eating, there might be something wrong

How much lighting do birds need

How much lighting do birds need?

  • In order to reach the proper weigh on time, you should have lighting on the chickens at all times 24/7

  • Birds will start to gain weight very rapidly as they get older



  • Measures taken to keep diseases away from broilers

    • Bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing agents

  • Three components

    • Isolation

      • Keeping your flock from other animals

    • Traffic control

      • Who or what visits your flock

    • Sanitation

      • Keeping your equipment and buildings clean

Introduction to poultry

Introduction to Poultry

Broiler chickens

Poultry involves:

Meat Chickens

Egg layers









Game birds

Broiler production history ncc

Broiler Production History NCC

Broiler production

Broiler Production

  • 1934

    • 11,405 hatcheries

    • 24,224 eggs average capacity

    • 276 million eggs/time

Modern day broiler production

Modern Day Broiler Production

  • 2001

    • 323 hatcheries

    • 2.7 million eggs average capacity

    • 862 million eggs/time

The chicken of tomorrow

“The Chicken of Tomorrow”

  • Arkansas contest – 1946

  • 1951 Finals sponsored by the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (Supermarket Chain)

    • Vantress Hatchery, CA won

  • Cornish X White Rock

Usda labeling

USDA Labeling

  • Broiler or fryer

    • Tender-meated with soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin and flexible breastbone cartilage

  • Roaster or roasting chicken

    • Tender-meated with soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin and breastbone cartilage that may be somewhat less flexible than that of a broiler or fryer

  • Capon

    • Surgically unsexed male chicken (usually under 8 months of age) that is tender-meated with soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin

Meat birds

Meat Birds

Meat birds1

Meat Birds

Broiler production head

Broiler Production (Head)

1.05 – 1.38 billion

0.5 – 0.9 billion

0.5 – 0.51 billion

0.86 billion – combined

Excluded < 0.5 billion

NASS, 2006

Broiler marketing

Broiler Marketing

National Chicken Council, 2007

Further Processing




Us per capita consumption

US Per Capita Consumption

USDA, 2001

U s broiler production 1934 99

U.S. Broiler Production (1934-99)

USDA, 2000

Broiler chickens

Cycle of Broiler/Turkey Production

Broiler Supply Layers

Fertile Eggs



Broiler Supply Pullets




  • House (40 – 60’ X 500’)

    • 50’ x 450’ = 30,000 broilers

    • Stocking density

      • (NCC recommended)

  • Straight Run

  • Nutrition program

  • Lighting regime

  • Marketed ~42 days

  • Prepare for next flock

    • 7 to 10 days

    • ~6 flocks/year

Top 5 broiler companies 2011

Top 5 Broiler Companies, 2011

1 Tyson Foods Inc.

2 Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.

3Perdue Farms Inc.

  • Sanderson Farms Inc.

  • Koch Foods

WATT Poultry USA (2011)

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