Club assembly quiz 4
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Club Assembly Quiz #4 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Club Assembly Quiz #4. Membership. 1. Some clubs give each new member TWO Rotary Pins. Why?. The new member has TWO blouses/sportcoats. Losing a pin is common New Members are encouraged to sponsor OTHER new members. The second pin is for THAT new member!.

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Club Assembly Quiz #4

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Club Assembly Quiz #4


1. Some clubs give each new member TWO Rotary Pins. Why?

  • The new member has TWO blouses/sportcoats.

  • Losing a pin is common

  • New Members are encouraged to sponsor OTHER new members. The second pin is for THAT new member!

2. Sponsoring new members is a duty of all Rotarians:

  • True

  • False

3. If every Rotarian sponsored one new member, Rotary would have how many members worldwide?

  • 500,000

  • 1.2 million

  • 2.4 million

  • 4.8 million

4. Why would a person want to join Rotary?

  • To effect change within the community

  • To develop leadership skills

  • To Gain an understanding of – and have an impact on – international humanitarian problems

  • To develop relationships with community and business leaders

  • All of the above!

5. One of the best ways to keep up with trends in Rotary membership is:

  • Watch the members who come to your meetings

  • Check the parking lot

  • Subscribe to “Membership Minute” on the Rotary website

  • All the above

6. A friend is moving to Seattle, and you’d like to get her in contact with Rotarians in the area. What’s the best way to link them up?

  • Call the Seattle Chamber of Commerce

  • Call a non-Rotarian friend in Tacoma

  • Sign up for Membership Minute newsletters

  • Use the club locator on the RI Website

7. If a person cannot afford club dues, support The Rotary Foundation, or support the ethics of the 4-Way Test:

  • They might still be Rotarians with a little work.

  • They might have trouble finding a sponsor

  • Might better not have been asked to Rotary in the first place

  • Probably will not be accepted for membership

  • B, C & D above

8. What are some ways to retain members?

  • Chain them to the podium

  • Make sure they quickly enter a clique at a standard table

  • Don’t let the new member sit with her/his sponsor

  • None of the above

9. Orientation of a new member should:

  • Be thorough

  • Involve the Membership or the Membership Development Committee

  • Include Rotary literature, contact numbers, and club directory of members in a membership “packet”

  • Include instruction in the “secret handshake”

  • A, B, & C above

10. How does “Family of Rotary” apply to new members?

  • The new Rotarian’s family are never invited to the formal induction

  • Family activities should be held soon, so that spouses (and even children) would be included in Rotary Fellowship

  • This is a good time to study the history of Paul Harris’ children

11. Many new members know nothing of Rotary Fellowships. Is it too early to give a list of these to new members on the day of their induction?

  • Fellowship only means talking to Rotary Friends

  • Yes -- The list is too long, and may frighten a new Rotarian into thinking that they must join one or more Fellowships

  • No, “getting the Rotarian out of the Club” is one of the best ways to “get the Club into the Rotarian”

  • Yes – because this will distract the new Rotarian’s attention away from the District Conference

12. What happens to a Rotarian at an International Convention?

  • The Convention serves as a fabulous place to recruit new members

  • The Convention ignites “The Spirit of Rotary” in almost every attendee

  • They finally get to attend a District Membership meeting

  • They should always try to find dining table with all Americans.

13. When you invite to investigate Rotary membership, a frequent response is:

  • MY schedule is too busy for such things

  • I cannot make all those meetings

  • I cannot pay the dues of yet another club

  • All of the above

14. What’s a “Membership Referral Form?”

  • It’s a request to join the Membership Committee

  • It’s a newsletter for membership ideas.

  • It’s a form on for referring a person to a Rotary Club

  • It’s a booklet for Rotarians on Membership

15. A mentor has many responsibilities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Being available to answer questions and provide guidance

  • Ensuring the new member understands club policy and procedures, including rules and expectations

  • Acting as an informal host at club events by introducing the new member to other club members and ensuring that the new member feels comfortable

  • Conducting an inventory of interests to determine the topics that interest the new member

  • Monitoring the new member’s comfort level and involvement in the club meetings

  • All of the above

Thank YOU!!

Your participation in this little quiz was just another of the many places to which we might look for help in finding Rotary – I really thank you for your participation.

If you have a Rotary question which might be suitable for this new program, please write me at: DG District 6740 DG District 6740

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