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Hungary. This picture shows some native species of animals in Hungary.Some of them have been known since Puli. Hungarian grey cattle. Racka sheep. Mangalica. In this image you can see some protected species of Hungary:. Small Heath Butterfly. Common Zingel. Snow owl.

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This picture shows some native species of animals in Hungary.Some of them have been known since


Hungarian grey cattle

Racka sheep


In this image you can see

some protected species of Hungary:

Small Heath


Common Zingel

Snow owl


Common Rock Thrush

Endangered animals :

Common Europien viper

Dalmacian Pelican Borzas gödény

Great Bustard

  • The Great Bustard TÚZOK in Hungarian is a national bird of Hungary and a subject of several proverbs.

  • The Hungarian meadow viper is the most endangered species in Hungary.

Böbe, a chimpanzee, lived at the Veszprém Zoo. She was an artist, she could ˇpaintˇ

VUK the story of the little fox is very popular in Hungary.

Mancs, a male German Shepherd Dog, was the most famous rescue dog.His name means „paw”.His special talent was locating earthquake survivors.

Overdose is a Hungarian Thoroughbred racehorse.

Keresztes vipera ( Vipera berus )

Meadow viper

We have got two poisonous snake species in Hungary: KERESZTES VIPERA (Vipera Berus) and RÁKOSI VIPERA (Vipera Ursinii Rakosiensis).

The RÁKOSI VIPERA lives only in Hungary.

Snakebites are very rare in Hungary.

Read deer are the largest native land animal in Hungary..Male are larger in size than females and have magnificent branched antlers.


1.Budapest Zoo

and Botanical Garden

Polar Bear

2.Sostó Zoo -Nyíregyháza

blue back and green-winged parrot.


3. Zoo and Botanical Garden in Jászberény




The name of our neighbourhood is :BÉKÁSMEGYER FROG

Hungary has 10 national parks , 145 minor nature reserves and 35 landscape protection areas .

We have chosen 4 of them.

Hortobágyi National Park


Hortobágy Natonal Park

It is the largest continuous grassland in Central Europe.Some famous Hungarian species such as the grey cattle, racka long-wool sheep, oxen and horses live here.There are many fishponds in its territory. It is an excellent place for bird watching. (342 bird species have been registered here)

Bükk National Park

Alpine longhorn beetle

Bükk National Park

It is situated in he northern mountains .97% of the park is covered with extensive oak, beech and hornbeam forests.There are more than 900 caves here.This area is also excellent for bird watching. It is also the home of eight species of woodpecker and four species of eagle.


Aggteleki National Park

  • Aggtelek National Park

  • It is situated in the north –east of Hungary int the Aggtelek karst region.It is famous above all else for its stalagmite caves.

  • In this image you can see

  • The animal which appears in its logo: FOLTOS SZALAMANDRA

  • and some rare animals:EURÓPAI HIUZ, HAVASI CINCÉR

Upper Balaton National Park

It is the second largest national park of Hungary. It is about 600 km2.Its main task is to preserve and potect the flora and fauna of Lake Balaton area.

Yes ,we have. You can see some examples translated from word by word.Try to work out their meaning.

One of them is a dog the other is a barker

Many geese overpower a pig.

There was a dog-market in Buda only once.

He trusts the cabbage to the goat.

He ties the dog to the post

10.Do you have any any provebs or saying related to animals?

He ties the dog to the post.

Young children like playing tag e.g.



11.Do you know any popular games that have the names of animals?

You can see an image about animals depicted in different ways.

Pest megye


Budapest’s Crest

Csongrád megye

Heves megye

„little horroristic children songs”

1.Katalinka szállj el---Ladybird fly away

2.Boci boci tarka---Spotted,spotted cow cow

3.csi-csip csóka---Cheep cheep jackdaw

4.Csiga biga---Snail come out

Yes of course, we have got songs about the animals, but when we looked through their text again we realized that there are „horroristic elements” int some of the nursery rhymesm so we divided them into 2 groups.

A „little horroristic children’s songs”

Spotted, spotted cow cow

Cheep cheep jackdaw

The cricket is getting marriedThe cricket wants to marry.He invites the all animals, who help him to prepare for the wedding party.They are decorating, cooking, baking.While everybody is making preparations what dou you think happens?Yes, of course, The bridgeroom disappeares

By.: Huber Daniella and Kuknyó Emese

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