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United States-Germany. Brian Kane. Type of Gov./Constitution Germany. President Joachim Gauck Elected Five years, renewable once Any G erman who is able to vote in the Bundestag elections and has reached the age of 40. Type of Gov./Constitution United States. President Barack Obama

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Type of gov constitution germany
Type of Gov./ConstitutionGermany

  • President

  • Joachim Gauck

  • Elected

  • Five years, renewable once

  • Any German who is able to vote in the Bundestag elections and has reached the age of 40.

Type of gov constitution united states
Type of Gov./ConstitutionUnited States

  • President

  • Barack Obama

  • Elected

  • Four years, renewable once

  • Natural born citizen of the U.S, 35+ years of age, and permanent U.S resident for the past fourteen years.

Lawmaking body germany
Lawmaking Body/Germany

  • Bicameral with two parts

  • Fuderal Council (69) and Federal Parliament (622)

Lawmaking body u s
Lawmaking Body/U.S

  • Congress two parts.

  • Senate (100) and House of Reps. (435)

Bill of rights u s
Bill of Rights/U.S

  • Freedom of Speech and Press

  • Freedom of Religion

  • Right to bear arms

Bill of rights germany
Bill of Rights/Germany

  • Freedom of speech and press

  • Freedom of Religion

  • Right to bear arms

Political parties u s
Political Parties/U.S

  • Multiparty

  • Democrat: socially liberal, government should have more control over people & Republican: socially conservative, Less control

Political parties germany
Political Parties/Germany

  • Multiparty

  • Social Democratic Party of Germany: Social democracy and Third way

  • Christian Democratic Union: Christian democracy and Liberal conservation

Elections and voting u s
Elections and Voting/U.S

  • Voting age 18 and older

  • Every 2 and 4 years

Elections and voting germany
Elections and Voting/Germany

  • Voting age: 18 and older

  • Resident of Germany for at least 3 months

  • Every 4 years

Taxes and government finance u s
Taxes and Government Finance/U.S

  • Income tax is charged and generates most of the money for our government.

  • Sales tax, import and export tax

  • Most of our government money is spent on military expenses.

Taxes and government finance germany
Taxes and Government Finance/Germany

  • Income Tax is a highly significant tax

  • VAT tax

  • Property tax (2.0%), Trade Tax (7.5%), Tobacco Tax (2.6%), Energy Tax (7.2%), Income Tax (40.3%), Value-added tax (31.5%).

Law in germany
Law in Germany

  • Most common incidents include theft, residential break-ins, vehicle vandalism, and pick-pocketing.

  • Judiciary of Germany, inquisitorial system (judges are invlolved in investigations)

Law in united states
Law in United States

  • Mostly the U.S crime rates are mostly low

  • Supreme Court system highly powerful, strict punishments.

Relations with the u s
Relations with the U.S

  • Germany and the U.S have a mutual relationship.