The sigcse 2001 maze demonstration program
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The SIGCSE 2001 Maze Demonstration Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The SIGCSE 2001 Maze Demonstration Program. Richard Rasala, Jeff Raab, Viera K. Proulx College of Computer Science Northeastern University Boston MA 02115 {rasala,jmr,[email protected] This work supported by NSF DUE-9950829. The Joy of Toolkits.

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The sigcse 2001 maze demonstration program

The SIGCSE 2001 MazeDemonstration Program

Richard Rasala, Jeff Raab, Viera K. Proulx

College of Computer Science

Northeastern University

Boston MA 02115

{rasala,jmr,[email protected]

This work supported by NSF DUE-9950829

The joy of toolkits
The Joy of Toolkits

  • The SIGCSE Maze Demo shows that with the proper toolkits it is quite feasible to build demos & laboratories with full graphical user interfaces in a very, very short period of time.

  • As a consequence, it is no longer necessary to teach freshmen using more primitive interfaces.

  • See “Toolkits ... A Pedagogical Imperative” in SIGCSE 2000 for further discussion of general issues about using toolkits.

Prove it show some demos
Prove It!Show Some Demos!

Java power tools 1
Java Power Tools 1

  • With powerful encapsulation, use of a GUI view should normally require at most four lines of code:

    • Construct the view

    • Position the view in the interface

    • Send user data from the view to the model

    • Send model data from the model to the view

Java power tools 2
Java Power Tools 2

  • Encapsulate model view communication as the fundamental backbone of GUI building:

    • Stringable models

    • Displayable views

    • TypedView & GeneralView extend Displayable

    • Automatic error checking

    • Automatic error recovery

    • Enables a recursive philosophy of GUI building

Java power tools 3
Java Power Tools 3

  • Powerful Panels

    • DisplayPanel: base view that supports model view communication in a recursive fashion

    • BufferedPanel: graphics view with automatic refresh supported by powerful plot tools

    • TablePanel: panel for general tables

    • ActionsPanel: panel to encapsulate actions as buttons

    • ArrayPanel: panel for user extendible arrays

    • Zoo: panel for mouse manipulation of items

Java power tools 4
Java Power Tools 4

  • Powerful Widgets

    • TextFieldView: for strings to models

    • TextAreaView: for general text

    • BooleanView: for check boxes

    • OptionsView: for radio buttons

    • DropdownView: for dropdown lists

    • ColorView: for r, g, b, alpha color choosing

    • SliderView: for slider choice

    • FileView: for file dialogs

Problem set framework
Problem Set Framework

  • The Problem Set Framework is so powerful that we recommend that you use it even if you choose not to use the Java Power Tools in general

  • PSF works for small problems

  • PSF is a wonderful tool for unit testing

  • PSF can be used to integrate multiple apps

Web site
Web Site

  • New Site:

  • Old Site for Maze Only: