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Presidential Citation. Why Citations at all?. Clubs need to contribute to Rotary’s organisational goals, RIPs and DGs vision Citations help help/guide Rotary clubs for achieving an array of accomplishments. help them become stronger , deliver more effective service

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Why citations at all
Why Citations at all?

  • Clubs need to contribute to Rotary’s organisational goals, RIPs and DGs vision

  • Citations help help/guide Rotary clubs for achieving an array of accomplishments

  • help them become stronger ,

  • deliver more effective service

  • enhance their public image

Dates deadlines

Dates -Deadlines

Activities to be completed between 01/07/2012 and 31/03/2013

Fill form before 31/03/2013 and send to DG not to RI (applicable to RI citation)

DG to report names of Qualifying clubs through member Access not later than 15/04/2013.

2012 13 presidential challenge
2012-13 Presidential Challenge

Mandatory …. A Must Must Criteria

To conduct a Club or Community peace forum , or a service project focused on Peace.

Rip wants us to work in following areas
RIP wants us to work in following areas

  • Strengthen Club

  • Increase Service

  • Enhance Clubs Public Image

Strengthen club
Strengthen Club

  • Conduct Club assessment/Visioning activity and initiate changes( Committee restructuring,meeting times, and meeting procedures) based on feedbacks.

  • Innovative approach to attracting and retaining member and achieve a net gain of atleast1 member between 01/07/2012 to 31/03/2013

  • Encourage member engagement by ensuring that every member participates in atleast 1 service activity or 1 club social activity

  • Diversity of Club membership recruiting atleast 2 new members to demographic group that is unrepresented in club

Strengthen club contd
Strengthen Club…….contd

  • Initiate a New member welcome and m,entoring program

  • Initiate an Outreach and Communicaion program for Club Alumini or recruit1 alumni age 40 or younger in the club

  • Adopt a program for Leadership development of all members or ensure that each member of club is assigneda specific role in club

    any of 3 above

Increase our service
Increase Our Service.

Rotary’s Areas of FOCUS

  • Peace & Conflict preven/resolutiuon

  • Disease prevention & Rx

  • Water & Sanitation

  • Maternal & Child health

  • Basic Education & Literacy

  • Economnic & Community development

Increase our service contd
Increase Our Service. … contd

  • Support Polio eradication thro public awareness

  • Attain 100% participation in RF Annual Program Fund (every active member to contribute)

  • Attain min 100$ contribution to TRF Annual program fund from each member

  • Conduct a Community needs assesment andf establish a NEW community service project

  • Support New Generations program by acheving on of the following

    • Sponsor New Rotaract or Interact club or Actively support an existing one

    • Assign Mentors to Rotarctors

    • Conduct Joint project with Rotarctors or Interactors

    • Sponsor aparticipant in RYLA

    • Invitean Alumni to attend or speak at a meeting

    • Host a netwoking event for Alumni

    • Sponsor Youth exchange/Ambasadorial Scholar/ Rot peace fellow

    • Assist another club in support of Youth exchange/Ambasadorial Scholar/ Rot peace fellow

Increase our service contd1
Increase Our Service. … contd

  • Collaborate with an organisation in community or atleacst One Community service project

  • Involve Family members or non rotarian community in a service project

  • Sponsor a new RCC or support an existing one

  • Work with Rotary Club in another country on an international service project as host or sponsor.

    any 3 of above

Enhance clubs public image
Enhance Clubs Public Image

  • Have a PR professional to review clubs outreach program to see if they are actually appealing and relevant

  • Gain media coverage of action oriented club project

  • Establish Club website

  • Start E Newsletter and publicise to Non Rotarians/ local media

  • Use Social Networking sites

Enhance clubs public image contd
Enhance Clubs Public Image …contd

  • Emphasise Vocational Service by achieving one of following

    Start Careear counselling/ Vocational traing program

    Organise discussion or group workshop on maintaing high ethical standards in workplace

    Organise atleast one professional networking event

    Sponsor a career day

  • Hold atleast one fellowship/networking or event open to public

    8. Define clubs signature activity

    Any 3 of the above

Dg citation 12 13 championship points
DG Citation 12-13Championship Points


  • Based on Membership based on dues paid till 31/3/2013

  • Last date of completion for DG citation 30/04/2013

  • Certification by AGs required

Championship points
Championship Points

  • Membership (max 15 pts)

  • Digital Rotary (max 15 pts)

  • PR effort (max 15 pts)

  • Vocational Placements (max 15 pts)

  • Member Involement (max 15 pts)

  • District Thrust areas (max 15 pts)

    + some additional points

Championship points contd
Championship Points…. contd

Additional Points

  • Active Participation in Service 12 (Max 5 pts)

    Principal Host 5 pts

    Co Hosting 3 pts

  • RI citation application 5 points

  • Hosting District Seminar (max 5 pts)

    Main host 2 pts

    One pt per seminar


  • Undertaking 3 projects in each thrust areas 5 pts extra

The award
The Award

  • 45 to 60 ptsGOLDEN CLUB

  • 61 TO 75 ptsPLATINUM CLUB


  • > 90 pts CHAMPION CLUB

Is there more for us
Is there more for us?

Our DG has special awards for

membership to be clubs after 1 ½ yrs to be awarded to clubs

DG wants every club to be a

Champion Club

So heres an upgradation oppurtunity