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Video 10 - Online B2B Buyer Personas. George Szanto IBMS Semester 6b Fall 2013. Topics Discussed. Introduction to online B2B and B2C personas Using personas to generate a Buyer Synopsis Example of using an online tool to generate an online persona . Learning Objectives.

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Video 10 online b2b buyer personas

Video 10 - Online B2B Buyer Personas

George Szanto

IBMS Semester 6b Fall 2013

Topics discussed
Topics Discussed

  • Introduction to online B2B and B2C personas

  • Using personas to generate a Buyer Synopsis

  • Example of using an online tool to generate an online persona

Learning objectives
Learning Objectives

  • Understand online personas, especially B2B prospects

  • Abilitytocreatean online persona for a typical business customer for a given online service or online product offering, or online valueproposition

Persona definition
Persona Definition

  • Def: is a representation of the goals and behavior of a set of hypothesized users and/or buyers of a product

  • Archtype – thus not a real person; not a customer profile.

  • Describes observed behavior patterns

Start with b2c personas easy
Start With B2C Personas – “easy”

For each persona define preferences for:

Platforms (web, email, mobile)

Platform usage (hours)

Content consumption:

General site types &


Social media - content

creation & participation

Search behaviour

Trusted brands

Typical b2b personal factors
Typical B2B Personal Factors

  • Ambition - high, medium, low

  • Personality – humorous; aggressive, moody

  • Experience - new to job; veteran; technophile

  • Attitudes - toward own company and you: like, dislike; indifferent

  • Self-image – confident; at ease; insecure; need to impress

  • Risk Tolerance - high, medium, low

  • Decision-making style - consistent; conservative; slow; quick

  • Cognitive style - quick thinker; slow; interactive

  • Job Responsibility - high, medium, low decision making responsibility

Now let s practice creating a b2b persona
Now Let’s Practice Creating a B2B Persona

  • Here is useful online tool for exploring and creating a typical buyer persona from the company:

    MLT Creative in Georgia USA

    MLT Persona Tool

  • For this “demonstration”, I assumed that I worked for Atlas Copcoselling air compressors for the food production industries.

Personas in a typical sale marketing funnel
Personas in a Typical Sale/Marketing Funnel

  • The buying team (personas)

    • Grader / Operator

    • Field Engineer

    • Maintenance Mechanic

    • Field Operations Manager

    • Excavator Fleet Manager

    • Construction/Civil Engineer

    • Purchasing Manager

    • Financial Director

We will look at this construction team in more detail in video lecture # 14 of this series

Create buyer synopsis
Create Buyer Synopsis

  • Step 1: Determine what that persona needs to know to buy

  • Step 2: Define what content (online media) different personas need for each step in the buying cycle

  • Step 3: Select a Problem-to-solution scenario for specific personas

  • Step 4: Assign what prospective personas need to know during various buying steps.

Thank you
Thank You

  • Afterthis video, please take the online quiz toseeifyou master the concept of a B2B persona

  • Next, pleaseuse the MLT Persona tool togenerate a persona foryourassigned case