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Fort schuyler
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Fort Schuyler. The Fort that never surrendered Part 8-The Battle of Oriskany Monument honoring the men who were killed in the battle.

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Fort Schuyler

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Fort schuyler

Fort Schuyler

The Fort that never surrendered

Part 8-The Battle of Oriskany

Monument honoring the men who were killed in the battle

Fort schuyler

For three weeks, St. Leger's troops lay siege. During the siege, the American General Nicholas Herkimer heard about the siege and started towards Fort Schuyler on August 5, 1777 with his army of 800 troops and 60 Oneida allies.  Oneida Ally Tryon County Militia

An oneida family of a husband wife and two sons were part of this group their name was hanyery

An Oneida family of a husband, wife and two sons were part of this group.Their name was Hanyery

Fort schuyler

St. Leger found out that Herkimer's army was marching and decided to surprise it in an ambush at Oriskany Creek.  Some of the Native Americans with his army were invited to watch like spectators at a lacrosse game, as the British massacred the Americans. 

Fort schuyler

The British and Mohawk, Seneca and Cayuga warriors wait for the Americans, Oneida and Tuscarora to march into the ravine.

Fort schuyler

The American army entered a steep ravine.  The British and Colonel Butler's rangers with many Mohawks attacked from their hiding places and the fierce battle began.  The fighting was so intense that the watching Seneca and Cayuga were drawn into the fighting. This Battle of Oriskany was the first time that the Haudenosaunee had fought against each other since the formation of the Confederacy over 600 years prior to the battle. The fire at Onondaga has been temporarily extinguished so each nations could support either the Americans or the British.

Fort schuyler

General Herkimer was injured and eventually died 10 days later.  Luckily, a terrible rainstorm started which temporarily stopped the fighting.

Fort schuyler

The Haudenosaunee met each other in battle and often would not fight as the bonds were still too strong from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Hanyery is shot in the wrist and his wife loads his guns and he still keeps fighting

Hanyery is shot in the wrist and his wife loads his guns and he still keeps fighting.

Fort schuyler

This was a bad day for the Americans and many Haudenosaunee who died, even though they never thought they would be fighting. Out of 800 Americans, only 150 are alive.

Fort schuyler

The Americans at Fort Schuyler heard a silence as no cannons were aimed at the fort to shoot cannon balls.  In the distance, gun shots and cannons were heard.  Gansevoort sent a detachment of men under Colonel Willett to check out what was happening.  The  soldiers entered the empty British camp.  They took as many provisions as they could carry such as blankets, weapons, and ammunition and destroyed or took much of the Haudenosaunee gear before heading back to the fort.Colonel Marinus Willett (The information center at the fort is named after him)

Gear from a british tent

Gear from a British tent

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