The secrets of repeatable success
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The Secrets of Repeatable Success PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Secrets of Repeatable Success . Adam Gilmore Solutions Architect & WW ALM Community Lead Microsoft Services June 27th 2011. Overview. What do I mean by ALM? How do Microsoft Services deliver solutions? What makes us different? How do we improve?. Application Lifecycle Management.

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The Secrets of Repeatable Success

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The secrets of repeatable success

The Secrets of Repeatable Success

Adam Gilmore

Solutions Architect & WW ALM Community Lead

Microsoft Services

June 27th 2011



  • What do I mean by ALM?

  • How do Microsoft Services deliver solutions?

  • What makes us different?

  • How do we improve?

Application lifecycle management

Application Lifecycle Management

From Concept to Cash




Dave Chappell Associates


End of life


Alm practice areas

ALM Practice Areas

  • Governance

  • Project Management

  • Requirements Management

  • User Experience

  • Architecture & Design

  • Code Quality

  • Data Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Configuration Management

  • Deployment & Operations

Microsoft services

Microsoft Services

What do we do?

  • 10,000 employees

  • 88 countries

  • 60,000 partners

  • Support and consultancy to Enterprise customers

  • Delivery of “Tier 1” systems

Typical lifecycle problems

Typical lifecycle problems

In my experience

  • Unpredictable delivery

  • Inconsistent process

  • We’ll know when we get there

  • Business fire and forget

  • Can be Development-centric

Microsoft solutions framework

Microsoft Solutions Framework

How do Microsoft Services deliver solutions?

  • MSF Core is not a methodology

    • It’s a framework

    • It requires instantiation for the specific solution domain

  • Not a magic sauce

  • Not specific to software development

    • Although Visual Studio Team Foundation Server provides two instantiations which are specific to software development

    • MSF for Agile Software Development

    • MSF for CMMI® Process Improvement

Msf core

MSF Core

  • A collection of best practices gathered from the product groups and the field

  • V1.0 released in 1994

  • V5.0 released in 2010

  • Open Group accredited in 2011

  • Key elements

    • Mindsets (key concepts)

    • Foundational Principles

    • Models



  • Internalise Qualities of Service

  • Focus on Business Value

  • Learn Continuously

  • Take Pride in Workmanship

  • Foster a Team of Peers

  • Advocate for your Constituency

  • Deliver on your Commitments

  • Practice Good Citizenship

  • Look at the Big Picture



  • Work towards a Shared Vision

  • Foster Open Communications

  • Establish clear Accountability

  • Partner with Customers

  • Empower Team Members

  • Stay Agile, Expect and Adapt to Change

  • Invest in Quality

  • Learn from all Experiences

  • Deliver Incremental Value



  • Team model

    • Based on advocacy creating natural checks and balances

  • Process model

    • Appropriate level of governance

    • Iterative, versioned releases

  • Risk model

    • Proactive risk management

  • Team model

    Team Model

    Solution Delivery

    Solution Design

    Solution Definition

    Solution Construction

    Solution Usability & User Readiness

    Solution Validation

    Solution Deployment











    Business Focus


    Operations Support


    Project Team

    Project Sponsor

    Solutions Architects

    Release / Operations



    Technology Architects

    Technology Focus

    Scaling down combine roles

    Scaling Down – combine roles

    Possible Unlikely Not recommended

    Scaling up feature t eams



    Program Management







    Site Engine & Design







    Scaling Up – Feature Teams

    Process model

    Process Model

    Agile process model

    Agile Process Model

    Essentially Scrum but with more guidance and tooling

    Risk model

    Risk Model

    Risk management is everyone’s job

    Msf highlights

    MSF Highlights

    • Envisioning track

      • Forming a vision

      • Opening up possibilities never before imagined

    • User experience as a first-class citizen

      • An area often neglected in other approaches

    • Base line early and freeze late

      • Expecting change

    • Iterative development

      • Rehearsal for go-live

    Msf highlights1

    MSF Highlights

    • Ship every day

      • Build is not enough

      • A team exercise

      • Build hand-off

      • Repeatable platform builds

    • Triage

      • One representative per discipline

      • ‘Quaker’consensus

    • Underpins Agile & Lean methods

    What makes msf different

    What makes MSF different?

    • Explicit roles and responsibilities

    • Explicit scaling

    • Explicit start and end

    • Explicit risk management

    • Works for fixed scope projects

    How do we improve

    How do we improve?

    Baseline process and improve it empirically

    • Write it down and capture knowledge (Wiki, Visio, checklist, video…)

    • Consistent process allows consistent measures

    • Model your process in your tools

    • Apply Plan-Do-Check-Act to improve continuously

    How do we improve1

    How do we improve?

    Learn and improve

    agileadj - able to move quickly and easily

    leanadj- having no surplus flesh or bulk; not fat or plump

    • Agile helped avoid building the wrong thing right

    • Lean focuses on building the right thing better

      Effective and Efficient



    The Agile Manifesto

    Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

    Working software over comprehensive documentation

    Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

    Responding to change over following a plan

    The secrets of repeatable success


    The Toyota Way

    • Applying Lean Manufacturing philosophy to software development

      • Demand – understand what the business demands are – what and when

      • Value – design your process focussing on value delivery

      • Flow – increase flow by increasing quality and removing waste

    • The Toyota Way

      • Respect for People

      • Continuous Improvement

    The secrets of repeatable success


    Visual Management

    The secrets of repeatable success


    Visual Management

    The secrets of repeatable success


    Waste reduction

    Coordination Cost

    Failure Load

    Value adding activity

    Transaction Cost

    Transaction Cost

    If you could, would you do it more often?

    David J. Anderson

    Case study systems integrator software factory

    Case Study – Systems Integrator Software Factory

    Doing a lot more for less

    • Migrating 1000’s of citizen developed applications for their customer

    • Wanted to be agile -actually wanted to be effective and efficient

    • Applied MSF Mindsets and Principles to the teams and process

    • Full Visual Studio 2010 rollout – automated end to end process

    • Applied Lean approach to the governance

      • Understand demand

      • Design a process to deliver against the demand

    • Keep it simple!!!

    Case study public sector business intelligence

    Case Study – Public Sector Business Intelligence

    I’m glad you didn’t build what I asked for

    • Customer used to big requirements up front

    • Biggest risk was building the wrong thing right

    • Focussed on envisioning

    • Rapid inspect and adapt

    • MSF mindset and principles + Scrum-ban process

    • Use of visual management and TFS 2010



    Secrets of our success?

    • Establish Mindsets and Principles – and live them

    • Think of the whole

    • Focus on quality

    • Define your process

    • Continually improve

    • Use tools to identify and reduce waste



    Thank you

    Thank You

    Any questions?

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