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Year 10 for 2013 information evening
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YEAR 10 for 2013 INFORMATION EVENING. Welcome Tuesday 31 July. Creator God, You have a vision for each one of us. May this vision guide us towards knowing ourselves more fully. May we encourage those in our care to dream…. And to realise the richness of possibilities that Life offers.

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Year 10 for 2013 information evening



Tuesday 31 July

Year 10 for 2013 information evening

Creator God, You have a vision for each one of us.

Year 10 for 2013 information evening

May this vision guide us towards knowing ourselves more fully.

Year 10 for 2013 information evening

May we encourage those in our care to dream…

Year 10 for 2013 information evening

And to realise the richness of possibilities that Life offers.

Year 10 for 2013 information evening

May we allow our students to take risks that will lead to growth and understanding.

Year 10 for 2013 information evening

May we encourage them to develop the skills that will enable challenges to be embraced,

Year 10 for 2013 information evening

And may we always recognise and celebrate the gifts they have been given and the gift that they are to us.

Year 10 for 2013 information evening

In all that we do, may the wonder of Life and God’s Spirit be a source of strength and comfort for the journey. Amen

Presentations from

Presentations from:

  • Head of Learning and Teaching – Alison Roberts

  • VCE Coordinator – Anne Daunt

  • VET Coordinator – Cameron Woolcock

Making choices

Making Choices

  • Significant number of choices.

  • Possibly in preparation for Senior years.

  • Still elements of compulsory units.

  • Opportunity to complete a VCE/VET subject.



Pathways to future study

Additional Research:

  • The Job Guide

  • The VTAC Guide

  • VICTER Guide

  • Institutional Websites

    Careers Centre

Compulsory subjects

Compulsory Subjects

  • Religious Education

  • Pastoral Care

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Health and Physical Education



Select 6 elective units:

3 from Science/Humanities

3 from other curriculum areas

You will study 3 electives each semester

The victorian certificate of education

The Victorian Certificate of Education

Referred to as an accelerated program

  • This will replace 2 elective choices

  • Is completed over the year

  • Facilitated by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

  • Strict rules and regulations regarding assessment and attendance requirements.

Unit results s and n

Unit Results – S and N

The only way to get an S for the unit is to get an S for every outcome!

School assessment

School Assessment

Units 1 and 2:

  • The school will set a range of Assessment Tasks for students to complete in each of the units they are enrolled in.

  • These will be reported on in the official Marian College School Reports but are not passed on to VCAA.



  • Students are expected to attend 100% of classes in every subject.

  • The minimum attendance for satisfactory completion of a unit is 90%.

  • Occasional absences due to:

    • School Related Activities

    • Illness

    • Family reasons



Explanations for Absence:

  • School Related Activities – students must inform teachers before the event.

  • Illness - The medical certificate must be given to the Mentor teacher as soon as you return to school.

  • Family reasons – In extenuating circumstances the Year Level Leader should be contacted as soon as possible to discuss the circumstances. External evidence required.




  • The school does not support students missing classes to go on holidays.

  • Any absence related to holidays will affect the student’s attendance requirements and their ability to successfully complete units of work.

  • Missing four lessons will take the student’s attendance below the 90% required for Satisfactory Completion.

Vocational education training

Vocational Education & Training

  • VET subjects can be part of VCE studies

  • VET subjects are TAFE courses accredited for schools

  • VET subjects are an integral part of VCAL

  • VET subjects may be undertaken at Marian College, at a TAFE College or in partnership with another secondary school

  • Depending on subject, students acquire a Certificate II or Certificate III

Vet programs in 2013

VET Programs in 2013

  • Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)

  • Certificate II in Business

  • Certificate III in Hairdressing

  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

  • Certificate III in Allied Health Services

  • Certificate II in Information Technology

  • Certificate II in Interactive Media

Vet programs

VET Programs

  • Approximate costs of Vet Courses:

    At Marian –

  • Cert ll Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) (Kit fee - $200)

  • Cert llI Hairdressing (Kit fee - $200)

  • Cert ll Business (books - $150)

  • Cert ll Sport and Recreation (kit/books - $150)

  • Cert ll Allied Health Services(kit/books - $150)

  • Cert ll Information Technology (books - $150)

  • Cert ll Interactive Media(books - $150)

    Through the Brimbank VET Cluster –

  • Between $150- $600 for most courses

  • Deposit $50 on enrolment/balance Dec 2011

Why choose vet

Why choose VET?

  • Vocation- or work- orientated

  • Nationally recognised qualification

  • Pathway to TAFE and/or University

  • Assists in gaining a full-time job, or a part-time job whilst studying

  • All contribute to ATAR

    • Business, Hospitality and Sport and Recreation are scored sequences like other VCE subjects

    • Allied Health and Hairdressing offer ATAR increment(s) (10% of top four VCE subjects)

Vet requirements

VET requirements

  • A ‘ready to work’ attitude

  • 10 days of Structured Workplace Learning (normally during school term)

  • Commitment to attend classes

  • Hair Tuesday 1:30pm - 6:00pm

  • Allied Health Tuesday 1:30-6:00

  • Sport and Recreation Tuesday 1:30pm - 6:00pm

  • Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) Monday 1:30pm – 6:00pm

  • Business, Media and IT all normal timetabled classes

Subject selection process

Subject Selection Process

  • Accessing the handbook from the school website

  • Talk with teachers

  • Interviews

  • Careers Office

  • Research

So how does it all work

So How Does it all Work…?

  • After attending the Subject Information Sessions students will submit their completed forms to their homeroom teachers by Thursday 8 August (including acceleration forms or VET expression of interest if applicable)

So how does it all work1

So How Does it all Work…?

  • Students’ choices will be used to generate a timetable.

  • If the units selected clash or if the units do not run due to low enrolment numbers, the highest preference will be chosen and a reserve subject will be added to the subjects.

Important notes

Important Notes

  • While Marian College offers a comprehensive range of studies, not all units will be offered if numbers in classes are low.

  • No changes to subjects are allowed during the year unless it is a VCE subject.

Further enquiries

Further enquiries

Key Contacts:

Anne Daunt – VCE Coordinator

Cameron Woolcock – VET Coordinator

Daniela Mariani – Careers’ Coordinator

Alison Roberts – Head of Learning and Teaching

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