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Vladimir M. Gubchenko

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К кинетическому описанию структуры «диффузной» области в нулевой точке, сформированной потоком плазмы. Vladimir M. Gubchenko. Institute of Applied Ph ysics, Russian Academy of Science. ОФН - 2012 , ФЕВРАЛЬ 6-10 , 2012, ИКИ РАН, Москва. февраль 09 , 201 2.

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vladimir m gubchenko

К кинетическому описанию структуры «диффузной» области в нулевой точке, сформированной потоком плазмы

Vladimir M. Gubchenko

Institute of Applied Physics,

Russian Academy of Science

ОФН-2012, ФЕВРАЛЬ6-10, 2012, ИКИ РАН, Москва

февраль09, 2012


Chapman-Ferraro/Dangy problem (CF/DP) on inductive interaction of the plasma flow with the source of magnetization - induced 3D Magnetosphere and “X points”.DRin kinetics.



1 separated solar streamer and cme streamer belt sources of type iii and type i radiobursts
1. Separated solar streamer andCME, Streamer belt. Sources of type III and type I radiobursts.

V’<< vi


2. 3D Magnetosphere under SW flow with VDF f(v). Does f(v) shape affect space weather? Sources of ULF e.m. noise.

vi<<V’<< ve


4. Radar and Sonar “cloak” systems. Acoustic “metamaterials”? How to make a “cloak” for shock waveby e.m. action ?
5 hed high energy density plasma
5. HED (High Energy Density Plasma) = ФВПЭ –физика высокой плотности энергии

6. PIC magnetosphere by Buneman, Nishikava, Cai, Lembege . B0=0. Subrelativistic plasma. 3D e.m. PIC code “Tristan”.(3D PIC in LANL, LNL, SNL, NNSA etc !)

  • v’ = 0.5c in the +x direction, representing the solar wind without an IMF.
  • Theelectron and ion thermal velocities are ve = (Te/me)1/2 = 0.2c

and vi = (Ti /mi )1/2 =0,05c

  • mi/me = 16

vi<<ve<<V’ kT<<mc2

What we have now in the LSK: postulated 1D (2D!) current sheets models and get the “X line”. 3D “X pont” topology?
  • Diamagnetic “spontaneus” sheets (thick sheets). Harris like sheets.
  • Resistive “induced by SW flow” sheets (thin sheets). Kropotkin, Zeleny, Malova, Artemyev, sheet with Bn .
  • 2D configurations as tearing and “stratification” modes in the 1D sheets (LS e.m. Weibel like instability) are related with shape as anisotropy of VDF.


“People have been constructing substorm models for nearly forty years; thus it seems highly unlikely to be possible to introduce anything radically new at the field at this time…” –Siscoe et al. “Search for an onset mechanism that operates for both CMEs and substorm.” 2009 3DLSK??

“The future thrust of magnetospheric research should thus be to understand the microphysics and its coupling to meso- and macro-scales. This will also form an important to space weather studies”- Paschman et al Directions Magnetospheric research: A report on ISSI forum, 2009. 3D LSK??

To the 3D LSK ……and to the 3D “X points”

linear lsk parameters mach number m v c s shock pressure e m number g v eddy t currents
Linear LSK parameters:Mach number M=v’/cs – shock pressure. E.m. number GV – eddy T currents.

Mach number M governs L fields topology –shape of the Mach cone.

What is a number Gvwhich governs TEM fields topology --- “tailization” and “dipolization”?.

“Resistive” state GV <<1 SW is as conductor. “Dipolized” state GV >>1 SW is as diamagnetic.

GV a function of the SW VDF f(v) shape in collisionless plasma in kinetics?

“Diffusion” 3D region (DR) with resistive and diamagnetic eddy currents forming self consistent electro and magnetic field structure.
  • Diffusion region –DR is a source of accelerated (energetic) particles (AP). AP are forming resistive current (in red). There are diamagnetic particles which form diamagnetic current (in blue).
Electrotechnical model of plasma for the “hot” regime. The “quality” G. Meso/macroscales in the 3D LSK. Plasma anisotropy parameters.
  • Loss andreactivity angles and Gv as number N of loops in coil

MHD to Vlasov/Maxwell? Hot regime. Is in a “high beta X point ” - special LSK plasma ? “Diamagnetic” (front) and “resistive” (tail) boundary of the DR and TWO nonlinear parameters.

Boundary of the DR

the metallic approach quasiparticle media for c f d problem
The metallic approach:“Quasiparticle” & “media” for C-F/D problem.
  • Free particles in hot collisionless plasma with VDF f(v).
  • “Trapped” and “flyby” particles in presence of the moving dipole with velocity v’.
  • The “Internal magnetosphere” is a “Quasi particle” as moving magnetization in the “media” having Magnetic Dipole and Magnetic Toroid moments. The “Outer Magnetosphere” is inductive mode Cherenkov excitation in media.
electric current in the quasiparticle and current in directly flowing media
Electric current inthe «quasiparticle» andcurrent in directly flowing «media».

“Trapped particles =quasiparticle” form magnetic dipole and toroidal magnetization

with postulated parameters and spatial distribution.“Flyby particles=media” are perturbed in their motion and are the subject of the selfconsitent Vlasov/Maxwell consideration.

On a Quasiparticle:Toroid orthogonal to Dipole, both are moving and are with gaussian spatial distribution. Parameter of toroidosity.
e m fields as combination of the dirivatives of the characteristic function m g to b normal
E.m. fields as combination of the dirivatives of the characteristic function MG. To B-normal!
Условие равенства нулю нормальной компоненты- координата «X точки». Сколько их?
3d mapping of the magnetic field lines near x points 2 d 3d cai
3D mapping of the magnetic field linesnear “X points“ (…. 2D Андронов …3D???.. Cai….)
Характеристическая функция MG и её представления
  • непосредственно по “плоским волнам”
  • представление через “цилиндрические гармоники –дальний хвост
  • представление через сферические гармоники – ближний хвост
  • представления через разложения в степенной рядоколо Х точек.

Vlasov equation solution asdielectric (conductivity) tensor. Isotropic tensor. The egn. modesin media with isotropic VDF F(v).Denominator DT.

“Thin” (anomalous skin ) and “thick” (magnetic Debye) scales for LSK modeling “induced” by the SW flow .Meso/Macroscales from kinetics.

Anomalous skin scale

“Momentum” anisotropy

Diamagnetic Debye scale

“Energy” anisotropy

The LSK limit appeared when:

The DR is special high beta plasma

quality g v depends only from the vdf shape and not depends from plasma concentration
QualityGV depends only from the VDF shape and not (!) depends from plasma concentration.
  • Ratio Gw,k of diamagnetic to resistive current components in the media.
  • Ratio Gw,k = Gkv’,k= GV of diamagnetic to resistive current components for direct motion: Cherenkov process ω=kv’.
2D characteristic function MG “at hot regimes” - magnetic Reynolds Rem =r0/rG and quality GV =rG/rDMare parameters!

Rem =r0/rG

GV !!

“Halo” and “Core” kappa distributions of the SW VDF


Shape “kappa” VDF flow in DR: GV/GVM ratio as function of the parameter “kappa” of for power law VDF. Is Gva new space weather parameter together with Mach M !?

  • Дано общее описание 3D магнитосфероподобных структур в кинетическом приближении Власова с учетом вида функции распределения потока для широкого класса плазм.
  • Структура магнитного поля определяется двумя линейными масштабами пространственной дисперсии кинетической природы и линейными безразмерными параметрами число Маха и электромагнитная добротность.
  • Введены два безразмерных нелинейных параметра для определения границ линейного описания поля в диффузионной области около Х точек.
  • Получено уравнение и график для определения положения Х точек по данным об источнике и кинетических характеристик потока.
  • Даны условия для определения структуры силовых линий около Х точек.
Diffusion region: 3D tail from the MT part magnetization. GV<<1. Thin current sheets are inside of the thick current structure.
values in the digits for the streamer
Values in the digits for the streamer:
  • Scales of the AR
  • Curr., Moments
  • Velocity
  • Scales


values in the digits for mag prc
Values in the digits for Mag. PRC:
  • Scales of the Mag
  • Curr., Moments
  • Velocity
  • Scales