welcome to the 2006 virginia interoperable communications conference
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Welcome to the 2006 Virginia Interoperable Communications Conference

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Welcome to the 2006 Virginia Interoperable Communications Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the 2006 Virginia Interoperable Communications Conference. Chris Essid Commonwealth Interoperability Coordinator. Opening Remarks. The Honorable Robert P. Crouch, Jr. Assistant to the Governor for Homeland Security Office of Commonwealth Preparedness.

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welcome to the 2006 virginia interoperable communications conference

Welcome to the 2006 Virginia Interoperable Communications Conference

Chris Essid

Commonwealth Interoperability Coordinator

opening remarks

Opening Remarks

The Honorable Robert P. Crouch, Jr.

Assistant to the Governor for Homeland Security Office of Commonwealth Preparedness


Review of the FY 2007 Strategic Plan for Statewide Communications Interoperability

State Interoperability Executive Committee



Mission & Vision

Mission: Improve public safety communications in the Commonwealth of Virginia through enhanced voice and data communications interoperability.

Vision: By 2015, agencies and their representatives at the

local, regional, state, and federal levels will be able to

communicate using compatible systems, in real time,

across disciplines and jurisdictions, to respond more

effectively during day-to-day operations and major

emergency situations.


Strategic Goals

Goal 1:Create a common understanding of communications interoperability throughout the Commonwealth

Goal 2: As appropriate, utilize common language, coordinated protocols and standards statewide

Goal 3: Integrate existing and future communications systems

Goal 4: Facilitate training to enhance effective use of communications systems


Interoperability Planning Lifecycle

Virginia Code 9.1-1200

The office of the Governor shall ensure that the annual review and update of the statewide interoperability strategic plan is accomplished and implemented to achieve effective and efficient communication between state, local, and federal communication systems.

All state agencies and localities shall achieve consistency with and support the goals of the statewide interoperability strategic plan by July 1, 2015, in order to remain eligible to receive state or federal funds for communications programs and systems.


Major Achievements

  • Developed and implemented versions FY 2005 and FY 2006 of the Commonwealth of Virginia Strategic Plan for Statewide Interoperable Communications (Plan)
  • FY 2005 Plan
    • Established the CICO
    • Created practitioner-based governance structure to plan for improved interoperability
    • Conducted first annual Virginia Interoperability Communications Conference (VICC)
    • Identified and assisted localities in obtaining funding for interoperability projects

Major Achievements (continued)

  • FY 2006 Plan
    • Established the interoperability project management office to support the Commonwealth Interoperability Coordinator
    • Created and distributed targeted materials to expand stakeholder base
    • Conducted second annual VICC
    • Identified and received endorsement for a statewide common language best practice
    • Created a technical standards library
    • Conducted grant recipient training

Developed and currently implementing FY 2007 Plan


Major Achievements (continued)

Developed the Commonwealth’s interoperability investment submission for federal funding

Established formal performance measures and secured funding to complete a statewide inventory of communications equipment, governance, and operating procedures

Continued to work on local connections to the STARS system and ensuring the needs of Virginia’s localities are coordinated with state investments


Major Achievements (continued)

Improved coordination among Virginia’s state agencies for interoperability projects

Secured an Executive Order formally establishing the State Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC)

Developed and implemented an outreach strategy to reach an ever-increasing number of stakeholders

Since 2004 the SIEC has conducted competitive grant processes that has resulted in $4.1 million in local interoperability grants


FY 2007 Strategic Plan Structure

Initiatives split into five categories:

  • Outreach
  • Governance
  • Technology
  • Operational Protocols
  • Training

Outreach Initiatives

  • Develop, distribute and promote interoperable communications information to stakeholders
  • Hire an outreach and technical consultant within the CICO to provide stakeholders with information and assistance regarding interoperability solutions

Governance Initiatives

  • Sustain the interoperability effort
  • Support existing and establish new regional governance interoperability coordinating organizations

Technology Initiatives

  • Establish a database of interoperable communications equipment, local and regional governance groups, and SOPs
  • Increase coordination and collaboration between the CICO and the VNG to leverage its unique federal/state capabilities
  • Research opportunities and facilitate policy development for strategic radio caches

Technology Initiatives (continued)

  • Continue to support and facilitate the 800 MHz rebanding effort within the Commonwealth
  • Utilize the SIEC to provide input to ensure the VITA IT Infrastructure Project meets the needs of public safety

Operational Protocol Initiatives

  • Identify and promote the use of nationally recognized FCC designated interoperability channels in the VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, and 800 MHz bands that can be used in the Commonwealth
  • Encourage adoption of the common language best practice on the local, state, and federal level

Operational Protocol Initiatives (continued)

  • In support of NIMS implementation across the Commonwealth, endorse the COML concept and encourage NIMS certification

Training Initiatives

  • Work with state agencies to ensure that interoperability information is a part of grant training
  • Identify and develop interoperability training exercise opportunities

Over the Next Two Days…..

  • Provide your input into how the Commonwealth addresses interoperability
  • Tell us if you would like to help longer term
  • Network with fellow practitioners
  • Begin to organize regionally
  • Enjoy yourselves!
the 2006 virginia interoperable communications conference

The 2006 Virginia Interoperable Communications Conference

October 3-4, 2006

Portsmouth, Virginia