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Louisiana. 2006 Traffic Records Data Report. lhsc.lsu.edu. Presented by Dr. Helmut Schneider November 11, 2007. Contents. 1. Overview. 2. The Cost of Crashes. 3. Key Issues. 4. Progress and Exposure. Changes 2005-2006 in parenthesis. Crash Overview. Of the 985 fatalities:.

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2006 Traffic Records

Data Report


Presented by Dr. Helmut Schneider

November 11, 2007






The Cost of Crashes


Key Issues


Progress and Exposure


Changes 2005-2006 in parenthesis

Crash Overview

Of the 985 fatalities

Of the 985 fatalities:

Louisiana s fatality rates

Louisiana’s Fatality Rates

Louisiana’s goal for mileage fatality rates in 2010 is 1.5.

Cost of crashes for louisiana

Cost of Crashes for Louisiana

  • $6.03 billion dollars for the citizens of Louisiana

  • This accounts for about 4.5% of personal income

  • $2,104 for every licensed driver in Louisiana

    (based on 2.869 million licensed drivers

Source: Cost estimates are based on a study conducted by NHTSA in 2000 “The Economic Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes” (DOT HS 809446).

The total cost of motor vehicle crashes 6 04 billion

The Total Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes $6.04 Billion

Cost of 161 870 crashes total 6 04 billion

Cost of 161,870 Crashes total $6.04 Billion

The issues

The Issues

Pareto the 20 80 rule

ParetoThe 20-80 Rule

80% of the problems come from 20% of the causes

Separate the Vital Few from the

Trivial Many

Vilfredo Pareto, 1848-1923

Over 84 of driver fatalities involve one of these three factors of the driver killed

Over 84% of driver fatalities involve one of these three factors of the driver killed.




Includes only cars, PKUP and vans

Seat belts

Seat Belts

The seat belt dilemma

The Seat Belt Dilemma

Perceptions and believes

Perceptions and Believes

Seat belt usage 1991 2007

Seat Belt Usage 1991-2007

Seat belt usage by region

Seat Belt Usage by Region

Not wearing a safety belt remains the leading cause of death in motor vehicle crashes

Not Wearing a Safety Belt Remains the Leading Cause of Death in Motor Vehicle Crashes

  • While 25% of occupants do not wear a seatbelts, they make up 62% of killed occupants.



The issues1

The Issues

The cost of alcohol related crashes for louisisna

The Cost of Alcohol-Related Crashes for Louisisna

  • $1.15 Billion in 2006

  • $403 for every licensed driver

  • Including pain and suffering

    • $2.9 Billion in 2006

    • $1,022 for every licensed driver

Alcohol related crashes

Alcohol-Related Crashes

Submits and convictions

Submits and Convictions

According to Bob Thompson this data may be unreliable because of reporting issues.

Alcohol crashes of youth

Alcohol Crashes of Youth

Alcohol related crashes all ages

Alcohol-Related Crashes all Ages

Identifying problem areas

Identifying Problem Areas

  • Parishes

  • Regions

  • Time of day & day of week

  • GIS Maps




Company Logo


Alcohol Crashes in Lafayette

Aggressive driving

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving1

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving predicaments

Aggressive Driving Predicaments

  • We all know it when we see it.

  • Defining it in operational terms is difficult.

  • How would it be applied?

  • “Careless Operation” seems to be a “catch all” for speeding and other aggressive driving already.



  • Cell Phone - 10

  • Other electronic Devices - 2

  • Other inside - 19

  • Other outside - 29

Cell phone use 2005 in parenthesis

Cell Phone use (2005 in parenthesis)

Ems average time to hospital

EMS: Average time to hospital

  • Urban 30 min.

  • Rural 50 min.



  • This analysis only considers motorcycles with two wheels on public roads. Dirt bikes on public roads are included, but no ATVs.

    • Only 2-wheel motorcycles or 3-wheel motorcycle with side compartment

    • Including 2-wheel off-road vehicles on public roads

    • Excluding all 4-wheel or 3-wheel off road vehicles

Motorcycle endorsement

Motorcycle Endorsement

  • Motorcycles, motor driven cycles, and motorized bicycles are not be given a separate class, as such, but their use shall be provided for by making an endorsement.

  • Such an endorsement shall be made only after the applicant has taken and successfully passed tests specifically designed for the operation of such vehicles.

  • To comply with this law, the operator of any motorcycle, motor driven cycle or motorized bicycle (moped), in excess of 5 horsepower, regardless of maximum speed, or size of motor, must have an "M" endorsement on one of the basic classes of operator's license to operate such vehicle on the streets, highways, or roadways in Louisiana.

Motorcycle fatalities

Motorcycle Fatalities

Number of motorcycle riders in crashes in louisiana 1999 2006

Number of Motorcycle Riders in Crashes in Louisiana 1999-2006

Predicted number of motorcycle riders in crashes in louisiana 2007 2011

Predicted Number of Motorcycle Riders in Crashes in Louisiana 2007-2011

Trend of motorcycle fatalities

Trend of Motorcycle Fatalities

Motorcycle crashes 1999 2006

Motorcycle Crashes 1999-2006

Motorcycle riders in crashes 2002 2006

Motorcycle Riders in Crashes 2002-2006

A cost of $1.7 Billion

to the Citizens

of Louisiana

in the past 5 years

Fatality by alcohol and helmet use average 4 5

Fatality by Alcohol and Helmet UseAverage 4.5%

Predicted motorcycle driver fatalities in 2006

Predicted Motorcycle Driver Fatalities in 2006

Motorcycle driver at fault

Motorcycle Driver At Fault

Fatal run off road crashes

Fatal Run-off-Road Crashes

Motorcycle driver at fault in fatal crashes

Motorcycle Driver At Fault in Fatal Crashes

The endorsement issue


  • Only 36% of motorcycle riders in crashes had an endorsement

  • What does that mean? Did the other 64%

    • Never have an endorsement?

    • Had an endorsement not renewed?

Average age of driver

Average Age of Driver

Percentage of motorcycle riders injured by helmet use

Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Injured by Helmet Use

Alcohol use by vehicle make

Alcohol Use by Vehicle Make

The benefit of helmet use

The Benefit of Helmet Use

  • The risk of fatal injuries in crashes doubles when motorcycle riders do not wear a helmet (6.5% versus 3.9%).

  • The risk of critical injury in a crash increases when motorcycle riders do not wear a helmet (10.5% versus 7.3%).

  • However, alcohol is a much larger contributing factor to the death rate than wearing a helmet (18.7% versus 3.2%).

  • Over the next 5 years helmet use could save $730 million for Louisiana citizens.

Progress versus exposure

Progress versus Exposure

Progress in Safety

Increase in Exposure

  • Increase in set belt use from 2000 to 2006

  • Some progress with reducing alcohol related crashes for minors

  • Other non measureable progress

    • Public awareness

    • Road safety

  • Increase in vehicle miles driven

  • Increase in SUVs

  • Increase in motorcycles on roads

Rollover crashes 2000 2006

Rollover Crashes 2000-2006



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