What is sales reporting
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What is Sales Reporting? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Sales Reporting?. A software tool that enables you to: Assess sale performance Products Customers Sales person Identify sales opportunities Perform dynamic data mining. Sales Reporting Overview. Answer the following questions and more: How often do customers purchase? (Loyalty)

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What is Sales Reporting?

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What is Sales Reporting?

A software tool that enables you to:

  • Assess sale performance

    • Products

    • Customers

    • Sales person

    • Identify sales opportunities

    • Perform dynamic data mining

Sales Reporting Overview

Answer the following questions and more:

  • How often do customers purchase? (Loyalty)

  • How many product types do they buy from you? (Reliance)

  • Which customers/products/salespersons make you money? (Profitability)

  • What customers/product mix is critical to your business? (80/20 rule)

  • What customers have you gained or lost? (Retention)

Opportunity Analysis vs. Sales Analysis

  • Sales analysis tells you what was sold

  • Opportunity analysis tells you what you didn’t sell

    • What products weren’t sold to similar customers

    • What products did your sales rep not sell

    • What products don’t follow seasonal trends

The Basics

Customer A buys X units

of Product B

from Salesman C

In Period D

for Y Dollars

and Z Margin

Do You Analyze . . .

  • Customers over time?[A x D]

  • Products over time?[B x D]

  • What products your customers buy? [B x A]

  • What products yoursalespeople sell? [B x C]

And Is It . . .

  • By Dollars of Revenue? [X]

  • By Gross Margin?[Z]

  • By Physical Units?[Y]

  • By Margin%?[Z/X x 100]

  • By Revenue per Unit?[X/Y]

Key Account Report Card

To effectively devise targeted sales and marketing strategies is a key component to gain competitive advantage. This application to track top performing brands by key outlets/chains for yourself as well as your competition is an integral part of our EZaps suite of tools that will help you increase or maintain your position in the market place.

New Product Tracking -

  • This EZaps tool allows you to effectively monitor distribution gains and reorders during new product introductions. The ability to analyze purchase frequency, competitive response, potential market share, distribution voids and store performance can ensure new introduction success

Out-of-Stock (OOS)

  • Since every day that your product is out-of-stock can cost you money in lost sales opportunities, this tool will help you identify potential out-of-stock situations as they occur. This EZaps application will allow you to quickly identify those lost sales opportunities as well as provide valuable information to revise your planograms and remedy problem OOS stores.

Brand Performance Overview

  • The ability to evaluate brand identity can be your company's most valuable asset. View each brand as an independent unit and evaluate it from market, regional and national perspectives. Establish realistic brand strategies based on performance benchmarks. Additionally, this same evaluation can allow you to devise defense strategies against the competitive brands

Custom Analysis

  • By incorporating advanced analysis and modeling specifically tailored to your needs, MSA can provide you with innovative business solutions. Price elasticity; marketing mix; sales force deployment; sales force, customer and broker compensation; consumer demand; forecasting and promotion frequency are just a few of the services that MSA currently provides to our customers. MSA's analytical team stands ready to provide you with leading-edge analytical and modeling techniques. Our 40-year history with leading brand owners in the United States and abroad has built a powerful base of experience that can be utilized to help you address your most pressing business issues.


  • A software tool that enables you to:

    • Assess the sales performance of your:

      • Products

      • Customers

      • Salespersons

    • Identify sales opportunities

    • Perform dynamic data mining

Scorecards & Dashboards

  • Pixel-perfect report formats with the broadest visual appeal that convey information "at-a-glance" for managers and executives

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