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Unit Plan Adaptation Mariana Carrasquel Ghaida Felemban Kristina Loveman. Saudi. Fractured Fairy Tale. A Saudi Cultural joke as a fractured fairy tale.

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Unit Plan Adaptation

Mariana Carrasquel

Ghaida Felemban

Kristina Loveman



A saudi cultural joke as a fractured fairy tale

A Saudi Cultural joke as a fractured fairy tale


So my friendYusuf Afandiwas driving down the road toward Red Sea Mall in his Mercedes BenzDoo, da, doo, doo, dooHe was listening to the latest Abu NorahCD.


While Yusuf Ahanging out inside Red Sea Mall he sees an Arabian spiny-tailed lizard.He looked at the Lizard, and said, “واااو(Wow)! There’s a Lizardinside a Mall here in Jeddah. Poor Lizard! Here is not a good place for you. Just come with me.”So he picked up the Lizardand walked to his Benz. At the corner, there was a Hookah lounge where Yusuf Al Jarrah was sitting…


)واااو(“wow), Yusuf Afandi, what do you have in your hand?” Yusuf J asked.“Looks like an Arabian spiny-tailed lizard”.“واااو(wow), YusufA, why have you got a Lizard in your Benz?” “I saw it by the corner of the Mall, and I was worried about it. So, I picked it up and, well, here he is! I actually don’t know what to do with it. What do you think I should do?”“Yusuf J, take that Lizard to the desert!”Yusuf A thanked Yusuf J. Yusuf J continued smoking his Hookahand Yusuf A got into his car


Two weeks later . . .YusufJis driving down the road.Doo, da, doo, doo, doo, doo!All of the sudden, coming toward him on the opposite side of the road is Yusuf A. And guess who’s with him? Yes, it’s the Lizard! Only this time, the Lizardis wearing in sun glasses.Yusuf Jmotions for Yusuf A to pull over.Yusuf J walks up to the Benz. Yusuf A rolls down the window and says, “Hello, Yusuf J!”Yusuf J looks at Yusuf Aand says, “واااو(Wow), Yusuf A!, is that the same Lizardyou had two weeks ago when I saw you?”“Why, yes Sir, it is!”“واااو(Wow), Yusuf A, I thought I told you to take that Lizardto the desert.”“Oh, yes! I took him to the desert. And today, we’re goingto . . .

Tahlia mall

Tahlia Mall

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