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1. GLASS PROTECTION By: Michael Serrania

2. Outline Why Types of Glass Testing and problems Standards Insurance Coverage Conclusion

3. Introduction Dallas Ft. Worth Tornado $157 million damage to public and commercial buildings glass fell from buildings sometimes as heavy as 200 LBS. Houston Chronicle: May 30, 2000

4. Why should we worry about the type of glass? Important to protect against: wind damage to assets in the building injury of employees

5. Types of glass Tempered glass: made rapidly by heating and cooling annealed glass. Most commonly found in homes Laminated glass: constructed by bonding a tough polyvinyl butryal (PVB) plastic interlayer between two pieces of glass under heat and pressure to form a single piece most commonly found in commercial structures

6. Types of glass Continued Annealed glass: Single-paned, most commonly found in homes Windborne Missiles: Objects that are carried into the air from the winds of a storm

7. Laminated Vs Tempered Glass Reduces danger of flying glass resists penetration by debris But, it costs 30% more than tempered Crumbles into tiny cubes when broken reduces large glass shards But, still can produce glass shards spontaneously break Must fit exact openings cheaper than laminated

8. Testing Methods ASTM Test: A witness sits 9 ft. away from the blast, behind a piece of glass GSA Test: puts an aluminum foil sheet 10ft. From the test specimen Glass shards go into the foil simulating wind-borne missiles

9. Problems with Testing 9-10 ft. not a safe distance (OK City Bombing) States have different standards Hawaii Texas Florida New York (Long Island)

10. States with Standards from

11. Insurance Coverage Plate glass insurance: Ornamentation glass replacement during aftermath boards up windows removal of broken glass Trieschmann p.187

12. Conclusions Laminated glass is best Protect your assets in the business employees operations All states need to have the same standards Laminated glass is expensive

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