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Web Quest. 12-7-10. 12-7-10 Bell Work : My group is doing well because …. Review from yesterday:. Yesterday in our group we…. 12-7-10 Objective:. I will research information for my webquest . HW: Research Project AND essay are due December 15. Essay:. First Paragraph-Introduction

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web quest

Web Quest


review from yesterday
Review from yesterday:
  • Yesterday in our group we…
12 7 10 objective
12-7-10 Objective:
  • I will research information for my webquest.
  • HW: Research
  • Project AND essay are due December 15
  • First Paragraph-Introduction
  • Second Paragraph-Good Mountain that chose.

Include: Why this is the best mountain, a description of the building you will place on the mountain, Give three details as to why it is good.

  • Third Paragraph-One bad mountain and why it is bad. Give at least 3 details of why it is bad and explain each detail.
  • Fourth Paragraph-Compare and contrast the two mountains to explain why the good mountain is the good mountain and the bad mountain is the bad mountain. 3 compares and contrasts…
  • Fifth Paragraph-Conclusion

For my English web quest I looked up information on several mountains to try to figure out which one is the best. I chose ______ as the best mountain because it had the best qualities to build a building on.

The reason I chose ______ is because the mountain is very stable. It has been there for many years and has not had any major disasters in about 1000 years. The mountain is full of trees and beautiful scenery. The building will be stable here. It will also have a beautiful view to look at when you look out the windows. The building will be a around 100 feet high and have many windows. It will be …3 more details please…


The mountain that I chose as being a bad place for a building is _____. The reason this mountain is bad is because it erupted recently. Putting a building on a mountain that has erupted recently is a bad idea because it may erupt again soon. There is no telling how long it will be dormant. Another reason it is bad is because… A second reason it is bad is… A third reason it is bad

As you can see there are many reasons ____ mountain is better than _____. A major reason is the ___mountain has recently erupted, but there is no chance of ___mountain erupting. Another reason is ___ mountain is ____ and ____ mountain is ____. Give at least one more reason.

  • Fifth Paragraph-Conclusion Restate your thesis…As you can see I did a lot of research on all the mountains and I was able to choose the best. Give at least 3 more sentences.
  • Capitalization
  • Everyone has a job in our webquest.
  • I know what each member is doing.
  • I know what I am doing.
long term memory review
Long Term Memory Review:
  • Use the word their in a sentence.