Grand rounds conference
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Grand Rounds Conference PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grand Rounds Conference. Janelle Fassbender , MD, PhD University of Louisville Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences July 18, 2014. Subjective. CC: Neurologist requesting full exam HPI : 15 year old girl with epilepsy referred to pediatric ophthalmology by her neurologist.

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Grand Rounds Conference

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Grand rounds conference

Grand Rounds Conference

Janelle Fassbender, MD, PhD

University of Louisville

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

July 18, 2014



CC: Neurologist requesting full exam

HPI: 15 year old girl with epilepsy referred to pediatric ophthalmology by her neurologist.



POH: Strabismus surgery 3 years prior by outside ophthalmologist

PMH: epilepsy, asthma, attention deficit disorder

Eye Meds: None

Meds: lamotrigine, oxcarbazine, lisdexamfetamine

Allergies: NKDA




BCVA: 20/25 20/25

Pupils: 5 to 3 mm OU, No RAPD

IOP: 1717

EOM: FullFull

CVF:Superonasal Superotemporal defect defect



Slit Lamp Exam:

External/LidsNormal OU

Conjunctiva/ScleraNormal OU

CorneaClear OU

Anterior ChamberDeep, quiet OU

IrisNormal OU

LensClear OU

VitreousNormal OU

Dilated fundus exam

Dilated Fundus Exam



*Inferior camera artifact

Visual fields 24 2

Visual Fields (24-2)



Left superior homonymous quandrantanopia

Pre operative mri brain

Pre-operative MRI Brain

Normal brain MRI

*Patient is rotated on table, yielding asymmetry between right and left lobes.

Post operative mri brain

Post-operative MRI Brain

Anterior, inferior and lateral resection of temporal lobewith cystic hygroma and normal post-operative changes.



  • Left superior quandrantanopia secondary to right temporal lobectomy for temporal lobe epilepsy.

Treatment plan

Treatment plan

  • Observe

Follow up


  • Year 2

    • Stable visual field defect

The visual pathway

The Visual Pathway

  • High anatomical variability in the optic radiations

    • Up to 15 mm anteriorly and 15 mm posteriorly (Winston, 2013).

Optic radiations

Optic Radiations

  • 3 Bundles (Winston, 2013):

    • Anterior bundle (Meyer’s Loop) – Sharp inferolateral turn to end in lower calcarine fissure

    • Central bundle – passes lateral and posterior to the occipital pole

    • Posterior bundle – direct posterior course to the upper calcarine fissure

Optic radiations1

Optic radiations

Patient post-op

Diffusion tensor tractography – representative image (Bartroli, 2010)

Temporal lobe surgery

Temporal lobe surgery

  • Temporal lobe resective surgery (Georgiadis, 2013):

    • Broad range of surgical options: Anterior temporal lobe resection, selective amygdalohippocampectomy

    • Newer approaches may spare optic radiations (Winston, 2013)

Visual field defects following temporal lobectomy

Visual field defects following temporal lobectomy

  • Visual field defects – 50-100%

    • Most commonly superior quadrantanopia(Piper et al, 2014)

  • Other noted complications (Georgiadis, 2013):

    • Trochlear nerve palsy – 2.6 to 19%

    • Transient oculomotor nerve palsy – 2.1%

    • Hemiparesis – 4.6%

Grand rounds conference

Population receptive field analysis of primary visual field cortex complements perimetry in patients with homonymous visual field defects.Papanikolaou A, et al. 2014. PNAS, 11(16):E1656-1665.

  • Visual cortex activity outside of scotoma expected from automated perimetry.



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