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You Talkin ‘ to Me?: Optimizing the Use of Video in Online Courses to Facilitate Engagement! Dr. Risa Blair Jerry Braun Larry Davies Dr. Lyndon Godsall TCC 2009 April 16 th , 2009. Agenda. Jerry – Technical issues for video Larry – Do-it-yourself video Risa – Just-in-time video

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You Talkin‘ to Me?: Optimizing the Use of Video in Online Courses to Facilitate Engagement!Dr. Risa BlairJerry BraunLarry DaviesDr. Lyndon GodsallTCC 2009 April 16th, 2009


Jerry – Technical issues for video

Larry – Do-it-yourself video

Risa – Just-in-time video

Lyndon – Full-Scale Production video

  • What do we mean by video and the complexities of some of the things people are asking for?

Distance Learning

  • Is a CHILD of available technology.

  • As technology changes, DL changes.

  • It is driven by student demand.Convenience and Price drive student demand(i.e. students will go where their needs and expectations are being met).

  • Institutions with massive investments in obsolete technology will be left behind.

DistanceLearning 1.0


DistanceLearning 2.0

DistanceLearning 3.0



Ready or Not – It’s HERE!

  • Proliferation of Broadband Internet

  • Massive impact of March Madness (streaming video)

  • Ubiquity of Flash Video(browser compatibility) means that

  • Students will expect and demand high definition broadband video in online classes.

Examples of Video“Progressive Downloads” by YouTube)

File Formats

  • At first there was Real Video (.rm) and Quicktime (.mov)

  • Then Windows Media was King (.wmv)because it was free.

  • Flash Video is now the dominant file format (.mpg4 / .flv)PRO:It’s bullet-proof & plays on all browsers.CON: But requires a DSL / Cable connection.

  • MLB, NFL & Oprah have switched to FLASH

Examples of LIVE VideoStreaming Flash Video

  • 200 kbps live video stream with the audio coming via Elluminate.

  • Requires an external live server.

  • Is very bandwidth intensive. 30 viewers @ 200 kbps = 6,000 kbps of trafficThat’s more than 2 T-1 dedicated lines.

  • That makes it EXPENSIVE

  • It’s useful for graduate or seminar classes.

  • But the costs are falling rapidly.

  • Limitation of media types

  • (tech issues we run up against)

    • Different types

    • Impact on students

    • Delivery – streaming or downloadable file

    • Bit rates and quality – what can you expect students to see





search SKUBWA on YouTube






2:46 --->




Just In Time Video…

Introduce a Difficult Concept

Explain details for using a new program

Finalize the Lesson!

Work one-on-one with students!

Raw File in Camtasia…….

Utilizing YouTube to make a point!

Use Video to Facilitate Discussion

Use Video to Motivate Students

Student Feedback

“…as well as continuing to post your learning videos in the Course Announcements, they helped me more than anything.”

  • Full scale production video

  • In the next few slides we will address the use of video that requires more preparation.  This type of video can also have a dramatic impact on student retention.

    • Examples of a good use of video – good use for quick and dirty, mid-range, full scale production video ($10-$12k) cost

    Shoot and Embed

    Meet and Greet

    Full Scale Production 1

    Full Scale Production 2

    Full Scale Production 3

    Full Scale Production 4

    Full Scale Production 5

    Animation 1

    Animation 2

    Animation 3

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