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“Ways People Live”

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“Ways People Live”. grumbling If you are grumbling , you are complaining or letting others know you are unhappy about something. grumbling. The poles of the house started grumbling during the argument. I start grumbling when it starts raining just as I’m going to go outside.

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grumblingIf you are grumbling, you are complaining or letting others know you are unhappy about something.


The poles of the house started grumbling during the argument.

I start grumbling when it starts raining just as I’m going to go outside.

Would you start grumbling if you were given a rock for your birthday or if you were given a toy?



Name things that make you start grumbling.

If you are grumbling about something, do you speak loudly or softly? Why?

You just won a prize in the art contest. Would you start grumbling? Why?



The roof chided the other parts of the house for saying they were the most important.

I chided my friend for burning the cookies.

Would you be chided for being on time or for being late?



Terry promised to take out the trash, but instead he played video games. Should Terry be chided for not doing his chores? Why?

Would you chide a friend who let you borrow a pencil? Explain.

Have you ever been chided for something that you didn’t do? How did that make you feel?



The parts of the house stopped arguing when they realized that they were all important.

I realized I had left my lunch at home when I couldn’t find my lunchbox.

Is it more likely that you realized you had brown hair or that you could whistle?



If you realized you had just won a contest, what would you do?

Name something you realized after reading “Ways People Live.”

What do you think Humpty Dumpty said when he realized he could not be put back together again?



The temperature in the Arctic is bitterly cold.

If it were bitterly cold outside, would you want to wear a coat or a bathing suit? Why?



If I say something that could be described as being bitterly cold, you should pretend to shiver and say “That is bitterlycold!”

the Arctic a glass of milk

boiling water a winter ice storm

a freezer a flower garden



In the rain forest, people might live in a dwelling built on stilts because there is so much water on the ground.

In your dwelling, do you eat dinner with your family or take classes from your teacher?



If you think the things I say are dwellings, you should use your arms and hands to form a house.

house beach mobile home

igloo castle desert

tree river apartment


If you do something for amusement, you do it for fun.



In the rain forest, children swim and play under the waterfall for amusement.

Would you go to the movies or clean your room for amusement?



If you hear something you would do for amusement, you should smile and clap your hands.

play video games clean your room

do homework fly a kite

wash dishes go to the park

ride a bike swim in a pool

fill in the blanks with the correct word amusement dwelling bitterly

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.amusement dwelling bitterly

Many people live in a _______________ that has bedrooms and a kitchen.

It was ________________ cold outside, so the children decided to stay indoors.

realized chided amusement

realized chided amusement

For everyone’s ________________ the clown performed his magic tricks.

The children ________________ they had forgotten to bring their money with them to the movies.

realized chided grumbling

realized chided grumbling

We knew she was upset because we heard her _____________ to herself.

Grandma ___________ her friend for forgetting to cook her favorite dessert when she visited.