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新目标英语七年级上 Unit 10. Unit Ten Can You Play the Guitar?. Section B(1a-2c). 白山市八中 张玉凤. I can……. I can’t……. A guitar. play the guitar. A piano. play the piano. A violin. play the violin. A trumpet. play the trumpet. Drum s. play the drum s. Make a survey.

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Section B(1a-2c)

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Section b 1a 2c

新目标英语七年级上Unit 10

Unit TenCan You Play the Guitar?

Section B(1a-2c)

白山市八中 张玉凤

Section b 1a 2c

I can……

I can’t……

Section b 1a 2c

A guitar

play the guitar

Section b 1a 2c

A piano

play the piano

A violin

play the violin

Section b 1a 2c

A trumpet

play the trumpet


play the drums

Section b 1a 2c

Make a survey

Can you play the ...?

Yes,I can.

No,I can’t.

Target language what can you do i can but i can t

Target language:What can you do? I can…but I can’t…


In my group, …can play the guitar, piano and violin. but he can’t play the drums or trumpet. …….

Section b 1a 2c

Can he dance?

Yes, he can.

Section b 1a 2c

2b. Listen and fill in the chart with the words in the box.

play the guitar sing play the drums

play the piano sing or dance

play the guitar

sing. play the drums

play the piano

play the piano

sing or dance

Section b 1a 2c

  • Musicians wanted

  • Are you good at music?

  • We need musicians for

  • our school music festival.

  • Can you sing?

  • Can you dance?

  • Can you play the piano?

  • Can you…?

  • Come and join us!

Section b 1a 2c

Thank you for

your listening !

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