facts about ancient egypt
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Facts about Ancient Egypt

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Facts about Ancient Egypt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facts about Ancient Egypt. BY Fiah Taejah Wiktoria. Where is Egypt?. Egypt is in north east Africa. Farming in Ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt they grew melons and vines barley and w heat. Mummification.

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facts about ancient egypt

Facts about Ancient Egypt

BY FiahTaejahWiktoria

where is egypt
Where is Egypt?
  • Egyptis in north east Africa.
farming in ancient egypt
Farming in Ancient Egypt
  • In ancient Egypt they grew melons and vines barley and w heat.
  • Mummification means turning someone into a mummy it took 70 days to make a mummy.
gods and goddesses
Gods and goddesses

There are more than 2000 gods.

There were gods for almost everything!

Ra is the sun god. Hathor is a god of love and joy.

the petrie museum
The Petrie Museum

We went to the Petrie museum and saw lots of artefacts. We saw some necklaces like these.