africa imperialism
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Africa Imperialism

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Africa Imperialism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Africa Imperialism. Imperialism. A government’s policy of ruling over a foreign country Mr. M’s defintion Acquiring colonies . Cultural Motives. Genuine concern for their “little brothers” Missionaries , doctors, and political leaders duty to spread western civilization

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  • A government’s policy of ruling over a foreign country
  • Mr. M’s defintion
    • Acquiring colonies
cultural motives
Cultural Motives
  • Genuine concern for their “little brothers”
  • Missionaries, doctors, and political leaders
    • duty to spread western civilization
    • Including medicine, law, and Christianity
  • “Civilize the Natives”
political motives
Political Motives
  • Nationalism
    • Pride & Prestige
  • Competition
    • halt others expansion
  • Needed for national security
    • Naval bases
how did they do it
How did they do it?
  • Technology
    • Railroads
    • Communication
    • Weaponry

The Maxim Gun (automatic machine gun, over 600 rounds a minute)

  • the most powerful weapon of the day, forever changing military tactics (hint of WW1)

King Edward of England firing Maxim gun, Maxim stands

scramble for africa
Scramble for Africa
  • 90% of the continent gobbled up in a massive European land grab (Ethiopia & Liberia)
  • Berlin Conference – (1884)
    • created the rules for “effective occupation” of conquered lands
  • ensuring that the division of Africa would take place without war
rudyard kipling ruhd yerd
Rudyard Kipling (Ruhd – yerd)
  • Wrote the Jungle Book & White Man’s Burden
  • Glorified Imperialism
    • appealing to spirit of superiority
    • Perpetuated the racist ideas of the day

cecil rhodes
Cecil Rhodes
  • English business man & politician with interests in Africa
    • Obsessed with power and personal achievement
    • Cared little for rights of blacks in Africa
  • Founder of De Beers Diamond Co. – controls 90% of the diamond industry, now only 40%
cecil rhodes1
Cecil Rhodes
  • influential in pushing into Boer lands
  • Boer War–> British win
  • Goal was to connect “Cape Town to Cairo”
king leopold ii of belgium
King Leopold II of Belgium
  • Used Henry Stanley to lay claim to Congo
  • Founder and sole owner
  • Forced labor and brutality on the natives
  • 5-25 million killed
  • Amassed a huge personal fortune-lease land 50% profit
  • Only one of two countries to retain their independence (Liberia)
  • acquired European weapons & training
emperor of ethiopia
Emperor of Ethiopia
  • Menelik II
  • profits from ivory sales to buy modern weapons
  • Hired European advisers to teach his soldiers
  • a stunning victory over Italy

I have no intention at all of being an indifferent spectator, if the distant Powers hold the idea of dividing up Africa, Ethiopia having been for the past fourteen centuries, an island of Christianity in a sea of pagans...

Menelik II, in a letter to Queen Victoria

  • Adopted Christianity officially in 4th Century
  • 60% Christian (2009 CIA)
  • "Ethiopia has need of no one, she stretches her hand unto God."
dr livingstone i presume
“Dr. Livingstone I presume?”
  • Committed Missionary
    • End Slavery
    • Source of the Nile
  • Disappeared for 6 years
  • Henry Stanley
    • Ordered to find him
  • 8 months later in 1871 first words were…