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PeopleSoft HCM 9.0: Release Highlights. Rob Lowry Sr. Sales Consultant January 17, 2007/NorCal OAUG 2007 Training Day.

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PeopleSoft HCM 9.0: Release Highlights

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Presentation Transcript

PeopleSoft HCM 9.0: Release Highlights

Rob Lowry

Sr. Sales Consultant

January 17, 2007/NorCal OAUG 2007 Training Day

The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.


  • What’s New in PeopleSoft HCM 9.0

  • Where to Find Additional Information

Enterprise-Wide Talent Management

Addressing the “Aging & Retiring Workforce” and Becoming an “Employer of Choice”

Extended Value with Standardized, Innovative Technology

Improved Governance & Compliance to Lower Risk

Lean Business Processes

Enabling New Markets and New Companies with Global Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits

Superior Ownership Experience

Reducing Costs While Improving HR Service, Globally

PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 Themes

PeopleSoft HCM 9.0

“Focus on Workforce Optimization”

Theme Highlights

  • Profile Management

  • Enterprise Learning Management

  • eDevelopment

  • ePerformance

Theme Solution

  • Learning ManagementePerformance eDevelopment

  • Workforce Scheduling Candidate Gateway Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Workforce PlanningWorkforce Rewards Workforce Scorecard

  • Services Procurement

Theme Value

  • Ensure the organization’s success and longevity

  • Maintain competitive edge by proactively responding to market changes

  • Recruit, hire and retain the best talent in the marketplace

Enterprise-Wide Talent ManagementAddressing the “Aging & Retiring Workforce” and Becoming an “Employer of Choice”

The Talent Life Cycle



Measure and Report




Performance Management

Learning & Development


Career Planning

New! Profile Management

The foundation for establishing consistent, standard yet flexible attributes for the purpose of…

  • Defining

  • Recruiting

  • Measuring

  • Developing

  • Advancing

  • and Rewarding

…your talent

Recruiting Solutions Enhancements

  • Configurable Offer Letters

  • Online Contact Management

    • Automatic contact notes generated by interview and offer letter

    • Add Notes at any phase during the recruiting process

  • Enhanced timezone support


ePerformance Enhancements

  • View learning within the context of a performance evaluation

  • Link to learning system to recommend new courses

  • Flexible Approvals and Delegations

  • Printable, Configurable Performance Document

  • Document cloning

    • Roll content forward between review periods

    • Use same review criteria for multiple individuals

Performance Document

Enterprise Learning Management 9.0

  • Certification and Compliance

    • Nested certifications

    • Configurable expirations

    • Waivers, equivalencies

    • Program requirement push

  • Enhanced integration with PeopleSoft HCM

    • Fully supports Person Model and Multiple Jobs

    • Enhanced EIP Processing and Error Handling

    • Profile Management, ePerformance

  • Usability Improvements (Learner, Manager, Administrator)

  • Disconnected Learning – Certified Integration with Backweb

Theme Highlights

  • XML Publisher Adoption

  • Approvals and Delegation Framework

  • Change Impact Analyzer

Theme Solution

  • HCM WarehousePortal EPM (Workforce Analytics)

  • All Self Service Apps Help Desk for HR Fusion Middleware

  • Workforce PlanningWorkforce Rewards Workforce Scorecard

Theme Value

  • Make decisions with the right data at your fingertips

  • Increase compliance and reduce risk

  • Make HR a strategic partner within the organization

Extended Value with Standardized, Innovative TechnologyImproved Governance & Compliance to Lower Risk

New! Introducing XML PublisherDocument Management Made Easy!

How XML Publisher Works

  • Leverages XML Technology to tag data elements

  • Deployable to end users to create their own reports

  • Uses security to ensure data is accessible to authorized users

    How You Can Use XML Publisher

  • Create reports using standard desktop publishing tools

    • Microsoft Office

    • Microsoft Excel

    • Adobe Acrobat

  • Create your Business Documents as repeatable forms and reports

    • Printed certificates, authorizations, etc



XML Publisher




Extract Once – Publish Multiple Times

Employee Data








Different Templates

For different output formats

Approvals and Delegation Framework

  • Common Approvals Framework for most Transactions

  • Common Delegation Framework

    • Workflow-driven delegation

      • Defined period of time or open-ended

    • Proxy Management

    • Full Delegation Administration

      • Manage delegations

      • Review and Revoke

Approval and Delegations FrameworkOnline Configuration

Change Impact Analyzer

  • The Problem:

    • Customers asked for a better way to manage fixes and patches

    • Oracle needed to provide more robust guidance for testing

  • The Solution:

    • PeopleSoft Change Impact Analyzer (PSCIA)

  • How:

    • Identifies application impact

    • Highlights business processes requiring testing

      • Displays navigation paths affected by a patch

    • Generic tools (Java app) support multiple versions of PeopleTools as far back as PT8.20 (8.1x) and 8.4x



Select a Change Package



Change Impact AnalyzerAn Administrator’s View

Mass Update

  • Company wide compensation increase

  • Department transfers

  • Job code changes

  • Labor Agreement changes

  • Reorganizations

Improved! Mass Update

  • Make data changes to a large group of employees

  • Improved performance through multi-threaded processing

  • New Preview step for data validation

  • Improvements in user experience

  • Expanded data availability

  • RESET Button

Person Management Enhancements

  • ERN Delete

    • Full support for Person Model

    • Delete specific portions of an employee record rather than entire employment record

  • Person of Interest Payees

    • Allow certain POIs to receive benefits and/or pay

  • Online I-9 Processing

    • Includes employee- and employer-driven workflow

    • Allows for full documentation and storage of I-9 information

Person Management Enhancements (cont)

  • Contract Enhancements for Contingent Workers

    • Track and Associate at contract or task/subcontract level

  • Workforce Job Summary

    • Full Job Summary for Employees and Contingent Workers

    • Document Badges and Security Clearances (USF)

  • Temporal-Item Tracking

    • Store and track date-sensitive items, such as badges, permits, etc

  • Hire Contingent Workers as US Federal Employees

Benefits Solutions

Base Benefits

  • New Plan Type Support

    • Long-term care, Wellness, Legal and Health Spending Plans

  • Flexible Premium Options & Calculations

    • Formula-based calculations

    • Split premiums by tax classes for employees and employers

  • Enhanced Plan Management

    • Hardship withdrawal management available for all savings plans

    • Flexible limit processing for contributory plans

Benefits Solutions (cont)


  • Enhanced enrollment process

    • Optional Certification of eligible Dependents and elections

      Benefits Administration

  • Dependent Management

    • Allow over-age dependents to remain in a plan

  • Plan Management

    • Movement between plans is now allowed while maintaining covered dependents and coverage codes

Greater Control

Heightened compliance and product integration.

Increased Flexibility

Delivered processes to enable operational success.

Deeper Visibility

Meaningful data insight.

Principles of Time & Pay

Greater ControlStreamlined Product Integration

Absence Management


Time & Labor

Greater ControlDecision Support and Action

  • Data Reconciliation

    • Delivered Reports and Notifications highlight data conflicts

    • Online filters for data matching

    • Links to take action on issues

  • Ability to Re-Process Time

    • Re-process by employee or pay group

  • Global Payroll Data Archive Template

    • Archive historical data (i.e. Calculation, Banking and GL Results)

Increased FlexibilityEffective Data Management

  • T&L/Payroll Data Filters

    • Select by Employee, Group or Earnings

    • Create Separate Checks

  • Delivered Reversal Functionality

    • Select if data can be re-processed or cancelled

    • Status codes and data sent back to Time & Labor

  • On-Demand / Off-Cycle Processing

    • Delivered, configurable dashboard for processing off-cycle request

  • Global Payroll Trigger and Packaging Enhancements

  • U.S. Garnishment Functionality

    • Delivered, rule-driven garnishment module

Deeper VisibilitySingle Timesheet for Absence and Time Data

  • Employees Can:

    • View absence data and worked time in one place.

    • Enter and adjust absences on timesheet.

    • Check absence rules on the timesheet.

  • Managers Can:

    • View full time summary, including planned and reported time

    • Approve a single timesheet for T&L and Absence data

  • Time Administrators Can:

    • Provide real-time visibility in Time & Labor for all time events

    • Ensure that Payable Time reflects the correct cost

Deeper VisibilityAutomated Form Management

  • PDF Version of pay check and deposit advice

    • Provides same format for printed and electronic versions

    • Allows for printing on a single page with YTD amounts on all self-service checks, not just the current one

    • Provides configurable availability date for self-service viewing

    • Delivers administrator view of paycheck

  • PDF Version of Year End Forms

    • Provides ability to consent to electronic delivery

    • Provides ability to print forms in legally required format

    • Forms include:

      • W-2 / W-2C / W-2AS / W-2GU / W-2VI (for US)

      • T4 / T4A (for Canada)

Theme Highlights

  • SmartHire

  • Person Model Enhancements

  • On-line I9 Processing

Theme Solution

  • Human ResourcesPayroll (Global/NA) Oracle Incentive Compensation

  • Benefits Administration Time & LaborAbsence Management

  • eBenefitseCompensationeCompensation Manager Desktop

  • ePayeProfileeProfile Manager Desktop

  • Pension AdministrationStock Administration Workforce Scheduling

Theme Value

  • Grow easily into new regions and markets

  • Ensure accuracy and productivity at all levels

  • Increase employee satisfaction and morale (reduce turnover)

Lean Business ProcessesEnabling New Markets and New Companies with Global Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits

New! Smart Hire

  • Create and Deploy Configurable Hiring Templates

    • Default and hide all common fields to reduce and accelerate entry

    • Include required, optional and custom fields

    • Eliminate complexity: hiring can be performed via eProfile Manager

    • Enable workflow for hiring approvals

  • Supports Person Model and Labor Agreements

  • Leverage Search/Match to avoid duplicate records

Smart Hire: Setup*

Smart Hire: Configure*

Smart Hire: Deploy*

Improved! Mass Update

  • Make data changes to a large group of employees

  • Improved performance through multi-threaded processing

  • New Preview step for data validation

  • Improvements in user experience

  • Expanded data availability

  • RESET Button

Mass Update Definition



Workforce Management enhancements


Mass Update

Profile Management

Recruitment letter

I-9 Processing

Industry Enhancements for Military & Gov’t/Public Sector

Global Payroll enhancements


XML Publisher

Enhanced Integration for Time/Pay, and Talent Management

Approvals and Delegation Framework

Key New Features/Functions in HCM 9.0




Enterprise Release 9

Extend Value Using Next Generation Technology

DeliverBest-in-Class Business Processes


Where to Find Additional Information

The following documents detailing HCM 9.0 have been posted to Customer Connection:

  • Statement of Direction

  • Release Value Proposition

  • PreRelease Notes

  • Login