Greek buildings
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Greek Buildings. Most A ncient Greek buildings currently look like this. The Parthenon. Or……worse!!!!!. Temple of Apollo in Corinth. Set Design…. …can be very difficult using modern pictures of ancient buildings. Artist’s Renderings of the Original Building.

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Greek Buildings

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Greek Buildings

Most Ancient Greek buildings currently look like this.

The Parthenon


Temple of Apollo in Corinth

Set Design…

…can be very difficult using modern pictures of ancient buildings.

Artist’s Renderings of the Original Building

This is the best source material for designing the set piece for the project.

Rendering by Costa-Gravis

A well-researched rendering…

…can give you information about details that no longer exist on the ruins.

This rendering shows statues and frieze-work that have worn away long ago. (The Parthenon)

It can show the difference…

…between architectural elements in different time periods.

Not ALL renderings are well-researched

This is a 5th century depiction of an ancient Greek building with more 5th century design elements than ancient Greek elements.


Size and Significance

When looking at the layout of the city, the significance of the building and its importance to the people in that community become apparent.

Temple of Apollo

Renderings Provide Unique Angles

You can really understand structure when looking at more

than 1 angle. Many Ancient Greek buildings had an

open area outside of an enclosed building.

Some buildings had interior courtards

This was especially true of personal residences.

It all comes together…..

…in an artist’s rendering.

It can help you create an accurate design…

…the appropriate size for your scene..

…..with accurate detail…


Now GO!!!

Bring in 1 well-researched artist’s rendering of an Ancient Greek building. on your flash drive.

Be sure to copy the URL in case I need to double-check the source.

This is your resource to use….

…so the more you contribute, the better it will be.

Emiko Tam Haga Period 3

Eilleen Lee Period 3

Paulina Choi Period 3

Michelle Lim Period 3,

(picture 2 only) Annie Leung period 3, Fidel Avila period 5, KassandraRuiz period 2

Lee Chu Period 5

Felix Jen Period 3

Alice Kim Period 3, Jasmine Them period 4

Devin Ton Period 3

June Sim Period 3, Alyssa Godina period 5

William Mo Period 3

Annie Leung Period 3, Paula Choi period 2, Thomas Lee period 2, Angelica Chiu period 2, Michael Cortez period 5

Jerry Zheng period 5, Jessie Chan period 5, JaneaneChagolla period 5, Roger Wu period 5, Alina Lee period 4, Serena Nguyen period 5, PatriciaBao period 5, Sharon Yu period 3,

Hyunji Kim period 3, Liseth Solis period 2 Adrian Chen Period 3, Rebekah Paerels period 5, Nadia Dabzadeh period 5

Amy Zhang period 3

Rosalyn Doan period 3

Rosalyn Doan period 3

Jericho David period 2

Sarah Jung period 2

Sharon Chang period 2

Jaren Gallardo period 2

Jane Kim period 2 Zoe Gant Period 3

Nancy Diaz period 2

DaniellaGomez period 2

Anita Huang Period 3

Jason Kim Period 3, Victoria Cabanillas period 4

Andrew Kourk period 3

Ramon Torres Period 3, Ryan Fitch period 4

Jordan Dilig Period 3

Jessica Lo period 4

Kenneth Livingword period 4, Caitlin Steig period 2, Jackson Liu period 2

Priscilla Hernandez period 4, Jeeo Lee period 5

Min Yi Wu period 2, Alan Antolin period 4, Rosamond Chen period 5

Darian Ung period 2

Winey Yu period 3

Raquel Grijalva period 4

FloramiePascual period 5, Sophia Choi period 4

Raymond Lam period 3

Blaze Lim period 3

Lyna Ma period 4

Andrew Chang period 5

Christina Nunez period 4

Bridget Bane period 5

Kevin Theantong period 5

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