Session iv innovative algorithms and tools
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Session IV: Innovative (Algorithms and) Tools PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Session IV: Innovative (Algorithms and) Tools. V.Fine, BNL, USA & JINR, Dubna. What is tools. Theory Algorithm Computer code Program + user’s requirement + service =

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Session IV: Innovative (Algorithms and) Tools

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Session IV:Innovative (Algorithms and) Tools


BNL, USA & JINR, Dubna


Brookhaven National Laboratory

What is tools

  • Theory

  • Algorithm

  • Computer code

  • Program + user’s requirement + service =

  • Tool – is an algorithm that is implemented with some working computer program, satisfies some extra user requirements and is used more then 1 place (excluding the program's authors)


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Summary“Tools” (2nd) part of Session IV

There were 3 oral (tools) sessions, 12 talks (7 speakers), and 3 posters:

  • Status reports

  • Overviews

  • Original results


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Status reports

  • Geant4 – by V.Ivanchenko

  • CMS – by L.Tuura

  • AIDA – V.Serbo

  • Anaphe– M.Sang

It would be interesting to see some information about the users of the systems in questions and their feedbacks


Brookhaven National Laboratory


  • Ignominy – by L.Tuura

  • GEANT4 Physics validation by H.-P.Wellisch

  • OO software for Simulation and Reconstruction – by P.Acre


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Original works

  • ROOT-related (Alice, US Atlas) 3 talks (of 12)

    by Rene Brun, by Yu. Fisyak, by V.Fine

  • JINR – unusual work, application of modern technique to solve some economic problem – by T.Tyupikova

  • Institute for High Performance Computing and Information System – Some approach to Quantum System Evolution Simulation (poster)


Brookhaven National Laboratory

HEP experiments

  • CMS – shares with us several talks. There were 6 CMS-”related” presentations

  • ATLAS – 1 talk (OO model of the geometry)

  • ALICE - 1 talk (OO model of the geometry)

  • Alas no talk from the running experiments ( RHIC / FermiLab for example)


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Hot issues

  • There were several talks regarding the suitable OO model of the HEP detectors, that can be used and re-used for the purposes of the simulation, reconstruction and visualization as well.

    • R.Brun The ROOT Geometry package

    • Yu. Fisyak OO/C++ Reconstruction Model Based on GEANT3

    • P.Arce “Simulation Framework and XML Detector Description Database for CMS Experiment


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Cross platform

Why ? There is no argue Unix vs Windows anymore.

  • To be healthy

  • To use Windows man / computer power

    So far there is no clear answer how to achieve this. There was only one talk devoted to this problem.

    Do we want to be healthy?


Brookhaven National Laboratory


  • There were present some summaries and overviews, those lack of new information

  • The original presentations were interesting and I would like the next organizing committee to encourage people to bring their new (may be small) job to the next Workshop.


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Workshop was very interesting successful and fruitful

  • Special thanks Moscow State University and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

  • And all participants as well.


Brookhaven National Laboratory

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