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EMS 14001 4.4.2 Training, Awareness Competence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EMS 14001 4.4.2 Training, Awareness & Competence. Norma Murphy 919-715-6513 [email protected] What do all these words mean?. Training: Providing knowledge Awareness: Having knowledge Competence: Demonstrating knowledge. Training Resources.

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EMS 140014.4.2 Training, Awareness & Competence

Norma Murphy


[email protected]

What do all these words mean l.jpg
What do all these words mean?

  • Training:Providing knowledge

  • Awareness: Having knowledge

  • Competence: Demonstrating knowledge

Training resources l.jpg
Training Resources

  • Existing training programs, procedures and records

  • New employee training program

  • Hazardous materials handling

  • Safety training

Training records l.jpg
Training Records

  • Documents training provided and attendance of employee

  • Traceable back to policy


  • Document control


  • Retention time and location of records

  • Don’t forget roles & responsibilities (who takes care of what)

Iso 14001 requirements l.jpg
ISO 14001 Requirements

  • Identify needs

  • Train employees whose work may create significant impact to environment

  • Establish & maintain procedures

    • Conformance with policy

    • Significant environmental impacts (actual & potential

    • Roles & responsibilities of employees

    • Consequences of deviation from procedures

Procedure requirements l.jpg
Procedure Requirements

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Document Control (location,

    responsible party, retention,

    revision number)

  • Records Maintenance (signatures, revision number, location, responsible party)

Procedures made easy l.jpg
Procedures Made Easy

  • Keep it simple, procedures are not person but system dependent and must be used by the next EMS team, manager or new employees.

  • Keep traceable back to policy statement.

  • Update according to scheduled review of aspects & impacts.

Policy statement training l.jpg
Policy Statement Training

  • Typically all employees are trained on the policy statement

    • the purpose (WHAT &WHY)

    • how they can impact/improve

      it (HOW)

    • importance of conformance

      with policy & its components


    • key to EMS success & sustainability

    • What about contractors?

  • Acme Inc.

  • Policy Statement

Time of training l.jpg
Time of Training

  • Policy statement developed and fully supported

  • Initial objectives & targets are


  • Refresher before being

    audited if done early in program

Policy statement availability l.jpg
Policy Statement Availability

  • Helps to maintain awareness

  • Post in lobby

  • Provide employee personal

    copy/pocket version/payroll inserts

  • Place in employee break areas, cafeterias, copiers and obvious areas of waste generation

  • Locate in areas of significant


Competency l.jpg

  • “Personnel performing tasks which can cause significant environmental impacts shall be competent on the basis of appropriate education, training

    and experience.”

  • Employees demonstrate

    knowledge and understanding

    of policy statement and EMS

  • Personnel understand consequences

    of deviating from SOPs

Training competency measures l.jpg
Training/Competency Measures

  • Attendance at workshops/sessions

  • Employee signature to note attendance

  • Employee feedback & evaluation

  • Communication of ideas from employees for improvement is key to EMS success

  • Quiz, written/oral

  • Observation of related work & performance

Training records gastonia example l.jpg
Training Records: Gastonia Example

  • Training Form:

    • Procedure Name, Number, Trainer, Date, Revision Date

  • Training Matrix:

    • Excel spreadsheet showing staff attendance, dates attended, training given, & training sufficient

    • Training sufficient determined by quiz (oral/written)

    • Ensure traceability of records

    • Training forms and matrix are records/documentation that follow the document control procedures.

Attainable benefits l.jpg
Attainable Benefits

  • “Improved communication with employees concerning the facility’s environmental requirements”, Cooper Tools

  • Employees are more likely to accept

    new roles and excel if they understand

    the reason for efforts.

  • Effective training, employee awareness

    & competent personnel will help organization reach, sustain, and improve performance goals.