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Uplink scheduling in lte
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Uplink scheduling in LTE. Presented by Eng. Hany El- Ghaish Under supervision of Prof. Amany Sarhan Dr. Nada Elshnawy. Introduction to LTE. The performance targets promised by LTE makes it an ideal solution to accommodate the ever increasing demand for wireless broadband.

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Uplink scheduling in LTE

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Uplink scheduling in lte

Uplink scheduling in LTE

Presented by Eng. Hany El-Ghaish

Under supervision of

Prof. AmanySarhan

Dr. Nada Elshnawy

Introduction to lte

Introduction to LTE

  • The performance targets promised by LTE makes it an ideal solution to accommodate the ever increasing demand for wireless broadband.

  • LTE's performance targets because

    • a simplified system access architecture and

    • a fully IP-based platform.

  • LTE has also great enhancements in its technologies :

    • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)

    • advanced antenna technologies MIMO

  • LTE capabilities

    • enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) support for multiple data services, such as voice and other multimedia applications.

Lte performance targets

LTE Performance Targets

  • The requirements and goals that are set for LTE

    • Peak Data rate

    • Reduced Latency

    • Bandwidth Flexibility

    • Support for Heterogeneous Network Deployment.

    • Simplified Architecture

    • Enhanced QoS Support

Lte access network architecture

LTE Access Network Architecture

Lte packet scheduling

LTE Packet Scheduling

  • LTE packet scheduling (PS)

    • Part of LTE's Radio Resource Management (RRM) .

    • PS resides in eNodeB(base station).

    • Enhance the system's data rate .

    • Support the diverse QoS requirements of mobile services.

  • PS allocate radio resources to mobile User Equipments (UEs) for both uplink and downlink.

  • PS must consider uplink channel conditions and QoS requirements in the presence of single and multiple traffic scenarios

Packet scheduler

Packet scheduler

  • Intelligent distribution of radio resources among active UEs optimizes the system performance and also reduces the cost per bit transmitted over the radio interface.

  • The intelligence of eNodeB PS depends on several factors:

    • The types of traffic flows running over the LTE interface and their respective QoS requirements.

    • Channel quality per UE to properly adapt the transmission rates on both the uplink and downlink directions( Enhancement due to OFDMA in tie and frequency).

Uplink packet scheduler

Uplink packet Scheduler

  • Uplink PS needs extra factors:

    • UE power limitation

    • contiguity constraint of resource allocation to avoid segmentation of radio resource allocation to a single UE.

C ontribution


  • The performance study focuses on dynamic uplink schedulers that is centralized at the the LTE eNodeB.

  • survey on literature works for LTE uplink scheduling

  • Selected the evaluation metrics

  • Developed a system-level simulator in MATLAB

The lte uplink simulator

The LTE uplink simulator

  • LTE standard:

    • the physical layer frame structure,

    • system access node structure, traffic models,

    • standardized QoS provisioning

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