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PSAT Parody Flashcards. By: Daniel Dahmash. Innocuous Not Innocuous. Innocuous = harmless or not likely to irritate or offend. . Belligerent= aggressive or warlike . Like this guy . Belligerent. Cacophonous=. harsh, unpleasant, raucous.

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Psat parody flashcards

PSAT Parody Flashcards

By: Daniel Dahmash

Innocuous harmless or not likely to irritate or offend

Innocuous= harmless or not likely to irritate or offend.


Belligerent= aggressive or warlike

Like this guy


These two places make for harsh conditions c acophonous refers to harsh sound context key


harsh, unpleasant, raucous

These two places make for harsh conditions. Cacophonous refers to HARSH SOUND! CONTEXT = KEY!


Spacious or roomy, large in capacity

Here is a picture of one of Donald Trump’s houses.

I think it is pretty capacious.

Jejune without interest or significance insipid dull

This baby is looking very jejune right now.

Jejune=without interest or significance, insipid, dull

Abstruse difficult to understand or incomprehensible


Not Abstruse

Abstruse=difficult to understand or incomprehensible


Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary

This family has a superfluous amount of kids.

Preeminent supreme or surpassing all others

These guys were very preeminent in their sport.

Preeminent=supreme or surpassing all others

Unscathed not damaged or unscratched the people in this hudson bay plane crash survived unscathed
Unscathed= not damaged or unscratched. The people in this Hudson Bay plane crash survived unscathed.


Cheerfully optimistic, confident or hopeful

I doubt this seal is very sanguine.

Vigilant watchful for danger very alert


Not Vigilant

Vigilant=watchful for danger, very alert

Inaccessible not accessible or reachable

The basket was inaccessible for the fat guy.

Inaccessible=not accessible or reachable