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Nazi consolidation of power
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Nazi Consolidation of Power?. Creating an Iron Grip. Techniques Used. Propaganda and Indoctrination Nazification of Government Creating a Police State Terror. Propaganda and Indoctrination. Joseph Goebbels Ministry for People’s Enlightenment and Propaganda Set up in 1933

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Nazi Consolidation of Power?

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Nazi consolidation of power

Nazi Consolidation of Power?

Creating an Iron Grip

Techniques used

Techniques Used

  • Propaganda and Indoctrination

  • Nazification of Government

  • Creating a Police State

  • Terror

Propaganda and indoctrination

Propaganda and Indoctrination

  • Joseph Goebbels

  • Ministry for People’s Enlightenment and Propaganda

    • Set up in 1933

      • List the chambers that it was responsible for (page 44)

      • Look at Source B page 44

        • Summarise what Goebbels thought his job was for

    • ‘Undesirable Ideas’

      • Page 45 refers to Ministry trying to stop the spread of undesirable ideas. Give examples of what these could have been.

    • Copy Source E on page 45

      • Why is it such an odd statement to make?

Nazification of government

Nazification of Government

  • Nazi Party officials were put into key positions in government and the Civil Service.

    • Give examples of Ministries affected (page 46/7)

  • They usually promoted Nazi Party members before others

  • They set up groups that promoted Nazi ideas.

    • Give examples page 49

Creating a police state

Creating a Police State

  • ‘Protective Custody’

    • This was set up after the Reichstag Fire. What was it? what power did it give the Nazis?

  • Nazification of the Legal System

    • Why did the Nazis create a ‘People’s Court’ in 1934 (page 47)

    • Copy Source I page 46. Why is it such a disturbing statement.

  • SS (Schutzstaffel) and the Gestapo

    • Originally Hitler’s bodyguard,

    • what 3 jobs did it take over in Germany from 1934 on. (page 46)

    • Source G page 46 tells us the job of the Gestapo. Summarise its function



  • The SS and Gestapo were not constrained by the law.

    • In the 1930s, what did they do with most opponents to their regime. Page 47

    • List some groups of opponents

    • Copy Source J page 47

    • In the 1930s they still kept most of their violence behind closed doors. Why?

      • List the one exception to this rule.

The master race

The Master Race?

  • What was meant by an Aryan Master Race? Page 52

  • Why did the Nazis talk of “Pure Blood”

    • Sources A and B page 52

  • What were the SS Race Farms designed to do?

  • What was eugenics and why was it taught in schools?

    • Page 53

  • What races did the Nazis consider as inferior and therefore likely to corrupt Aryan Blood?

  • Explain the main features of the three stages of Jewish Persecution pages 54/55

    • 1933 – 1938 The Denial of Civil Rights

    • 1938 – 1941 Acceleration of Persecution

    • 1941 – 1945 The Holocaust

Acceleration of persecution

Acceleration of Persecution

Acceleration of persecution1

Acceleration of Persecution

  • What were Ghettoes?

  • What were Einsatzgruppen?

  • What was the difference between a Concentration Camp and a Death Camp?

  • Other than Jews, which other groups were sent to Concentration and Death Camps?

    • Why were these groups victimised?

  • Who manned the Concentration and Death Camps?

  • What resources were diverted by the Nazis to exterminate Jews and the other groups?

Nazi consolidation of power 1330383

Explain why the death camps were located outside of Germany itself?

Opposition to the nazis

Opposition to the Nazis

Pages 48 - 51

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