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Acum : Noi facilităţi, pe scurt. Miercuri (11 Noiembrie): Detalii ş i Exemple. Ştefăniţă Cojocaru F.M.I., Universitatea din Bucureşti Desktop. Themes. Wallpaper Slideshows. Aero Peek. Shake, Peek, Snap. Jump Lists. Gadgets. Libraries. Search.

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Acum : Noi facilităţi, pe scurt

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Noi facilităţi, pe scurt

Miercuri (11 Noiembrie):

Detalii şi Exemple

Ştefăniţă Cojocaru

F.M.I., Universitatea din Bucureşti



Wallpaper Slideshows

Aero Peek

Shake, Peek, Snap

Jump Lists




Power Saving


Individuallysuspend or power off unused ports.

Network adapter enters low power state on LAN unplug.

Timer Coalescing

Modern processors and chipsets can transition to very low power

usage levels while the CPU is idle. Multiple applications or device

drivers which perform actions on a regular basis can be set to

occur at once.

Adaptive Display Brightness

Video Playback Settings



Decreases boot time by recording which files need accessing at

which times. Uses defragmenter to optimize boot files placement.

Makes frequently used applicationslaunch faster by pre-loading

them in main memory, based also on when they whereexecuted.

Running at low-priority, its cache doesn't waste useful memory.


Designed to help when memory is running low.

Can handle up to 8, for a maximum 256 GB additional memory.

System Services

Nonessential system services start only on specific triggers.


Desktop Responsiveness

The single-most frequently occurring cause of all desktop

responsiveness issues was found to be that a GDI application was

waiting on another. This is because the prior design allows only a

single application to hold a system-wide exclusive lock.

Resolved by implementing a number of fine-grained locks which

are not exclusive and aid parallelism.

User-Mode Scheduling (UMS) Threads

Applications with large concurrent threading requirements, such

as database servers, can benefit from having a thread scheduler

in-process as threads can be created and destroyed faster.


1BitLocker To Go

BitLocker is a full disk encryption feature.

BitLocker To Go brings encryption support to removable disks

such as USB drives.

User Account Control



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