1 st semester ap us history review
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1 st Semester AP US History Review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1 st Semester AP US History Review. 1 st Spanish North American colony (1610)?. Indian rebellion against Spanish missionaries?. 1 st French North American colony (1608)?. 1 st English North American colony (1607)?.

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1 st Semester AP US History Review

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1st Semester AP US History Review

1st Spanish North American colony (1610)?

Indian rebellion against Spanish missionaries?

1st French North American colony (1608)?

1st English North American colony (1607)?

English monarch who broke with the Catholic Church and formed the Church of England?

“Virgin” English Queen who united England?

Location where English “practiced” colonization?

Leader of the Sea Dogs?

Spanish navy group defeated by the English and the “Protestant Wind”?

2 English Brothers who were unsuccessful colonizers?

“Lost” English colony?

3 reasons why the English finally were able to colonize?

Company that pooled money together to support colonization?

Company that founded Jamestown?

Leader of Jamestown settlers who proclaimed “He who shall not work, shall not eat!”?

Young Indian girl who served as intermediary between the English and Powhatans?

Icky time in the winter of 1609-1610 at Jamestown?

English leader who arrived in Virginia and told everyone to turn around?

Economic savior of Jamestown? (the guy…not the plant)

Economic savior of Jamestown? (the plant…not the guy)

Marriage between these two folks ended First Anglo-Powhatan War?

2 problems that tobacco posed for the English?

1st representative assembly in English North America?

Colony set up as “Catholic Haven”?

Founder of Maryland?

Workers who worked on plantations in return for passage to the New World?

Maryland legislation that protected all Christian faiths but gave death penalty to Jews and atheists?

Crop that formed the foundation of the West Indies economy?

Why was sugar a rich man’s crop?

Group of laws denying any rights to slaves and giving unlimited power to owners?

Puritan-soldier who led Parliamentary overthrow and beheading of

Charles I?

Founding group of the Carolinas?

Crop that made West African slaves a premium commodity?

Busiest seaport in the southern colonies?

Colony created by the rabble of Virginia?

2 traits of North Carolina that made it different than the other Southern colonies?

“Buffer” colony established to protect English colonies from Spanish Florida?

Dynamic soldier-statesman and leader of Georgia?

2 Goals of original settlers of Georgia? (Hint: nice stuff…nicer than other places)

4 similarities of the Southern colonies?

Name that colony?




German friar who found the “Protestant” church?

Religious leader of Geneva who elaborated on Luther’s ideas?

Group of folks (according to Calvin) that was predestined for heaven?

Group of religious English who wanted to de-Catholicize the Church of England?

Group of people that Puritans thought could “show” grace in their souls?

Group that wanted the Puritans to completely break from the Church of England?

Other name for the Separatists?

Location where Pilgrims went first? (Hint: it’s in Europe)

Location where Separatists landed in New England?

“Constitution” created by the Pilgrims to govern themselves?

Governor of Plymouth? (Hint: he was elected 33 times!)

Name for massive movement of Puritans to Massachusetts Bay?

1st Governor of Massachusetts Bay?

2 industries that Massachusetts Bay thrived with?

Famous Winthrop statement about Puritan society in North America?

Sermon that the whole city upon a hill thing came from?

Voting requirements in Massachusetts Bay?

Restrictions placed on religious leaders giving power to the congregations?

Puritan beliefs in commitment to work and engagement in worldly pursuits?

Series of laws that repressed social behaviors (Examples: kissing in public, drunkenness, etc.)?

Famous Puritan clergyman who preached fire and brimstone?

Female Puritan who challenged predestination and once stated she had a direct revelation?

Male Separatist who challenged authority of civil government to regulate religious behavior?

Colony where Hutchinson and Williams went?

3 Religious policies of Rhode Island that were verrrrry different than other places?

Early Constitution adopted by the folks of Hartford (Connecticut)?

Name that colony?




Name of war between English settlers and a tribe located in Connecticut; ultimately decimated the tribe and created an uneasy peace between the Native Americans and the Puritans?

Name of war where the Puritans banded together to beat unified Indians and ultimately beheaded & 1/4rd the leader?

Other name for King Philip?

Group of Puritan colonies that banded together for defense?

Only colony not invited to the New England Confederation?

Group of New England colonies organized by the Crown to promote efficiency in the administration of the Navigation Acts?

Leader of the Dominion of New England?

2 reasons that New Englanders hated Andros and the Dominion?

British policy of weak enforcement of the Navigation Acts?

Other name for Salutary Neglect?

Other name for New York? (the colony…not the city)

Leader of New Netherland? (one tough dude!)

3 Dutch social/economic leftovers in New York?

Owners of Delaware before the English arrived?

3 characteristics of the Quakers?

Colony established as Quaker haven?

Leader who established Pennsylvania?

3 characteristics of Pennsylvania economic/social policies?

3 common features of the Middle Colonies?

Name that colony?




Southern system designed to populate America and bring indentured servants for work?

What did the landowner receive as a reward in the headright system?

Rebellion of landless whites in Virginia?

Reason for Bacon’s Rebellion?

2 reasons African slavery replaced Indentured servitude?

Deadly slave journey across the Atlantic?

South Carolina slave rebellion where slaves attempted to go to Spanish Florida?


Attempt by Puritans to increase membership?

Puritan sermon that scolded parishioners for the waning piety?

Famous hunt for witches?

Main reason for population boom in British North America in the 18th Century?

Leading industry of the 1700s?

Act of Parliament in 1733 aimed at squelching American trade with the French West Indies?

Atlantic trade system involving America, Britain, the West Indies, and Africa?

Religious revival that swept across the American colonies in the 1730s and 1740s?

2 influential ministers of the 1st Great Awakening?

First college in British North America?

Prime reason for establishing colleges like Yale and Harvard?

2 famous 18th Century painters?

Famous former slave who became a noted 18th century author?

Author of Poor Richard’s Almanac?

Famous printer who was tried for libel and found innocent by a jury?

French Protestants?

“Father of New France”?

Primary economic reason for French colonization?

Other name for French and Indian War?

Goal of the Albany Congress?

Goal of Albany Plan?

Author of this famous cartoon?

Outcome of the Treaty of Paris (1763)?

Act of Parliament that stated American colonists could not go west of the Appalachians?

Primary reason for British issuing the Proclamation of 1763?

2 ideas that American leaders adopted/believed in during 1760s & 1770s regarding government power?

Goal of Mercantilism?

Set of Parliamentary acts insuring British economic dominance of her colonies?

2 examples of what the Navigation Acts mandated regarding trade?

2 outcomes of the Navigation Acts?

First British act aimed at raising revenue from American colonists?

Prime Minister who passed Sugar Act and ordered British navy to enforce Navigation Acts?

Act requiring American colonies to provide housing for British soldiers?

2 items under the Stamp Act that required stamps?

Colonial protest cry?

British belief that Parliament represented all British subjects?

Colonial protest agreements attempting to limit American consumption of British goods?

Boston protest organization known for tarring and feathering?

British legislation that stated Parliament had the right to make any law necessary for governing the colonies?

2 items taxed under the Townshend Acts?

Famous activity depicted in this engraving by Paul Revere?

Colonial effort to communicate about British policy and bolster protests throughout the colonies?

Other name for Intolerable Acts?

2 laws of the Coercive Acts?

Parliamentary act that guaranteed Catholic religion for French and gave French speakers more land in the Ohio valley?

First Continental Congress action that asked for a COMPLETE boycott of British goods?

First battles of the American Revolution?

2 British strengths heading into the American Revolution?

2 American strengths heading into the American Revolution?

Group of mercenaries hired by King George III to fight in America?

Last ditch effort of Americans to reconcile with Britain?

Famous pamphlet by Thomas Paine?

Basic thesis of Common Sense?

Author of Declaration of Independence?

Group of colonists who supported British rule in America? (roughly 15-20% of colonists)

Importance of victory at Saratoga?

Final battle of the American Revolution?

2 outcomes of the Treaty of Paris (1783)?

Three American negotiators at the Treaty of Paris?

Belief that the success/virtue of America was in the hands of mothers?

Governing laws of the United States (1777-1791)?

2 positive outcomes of the Articles of Confederation?

2 requirements of the Land Ordinance of 1785?

1 requirement of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?

1786 rebellion involving debtors courts/prisons in Massachusetts?

4 problems with the Articles of Confederation?

Author of the Virginia Plan (AKA: Father of the Constitution)?

2 characteristics of the Virginia Plan?

Main outcome of the Great Compromise?

Outcome of the 3/5ths Compromise?

4 examples of Checks and Balances in the US Constitution?

Groups that supported/opposed ratification of Constitution?

Group of editorials supporting ratification of the Constitution?

Authors of the Federalist Papers?

1st 10 Amendments to the US Constitution?

3 rights guaranteed in the 1st Amendment?

Proponent of the “elastic clause” in the early Washington government?

Proponent of “strict construction” of the Constitution in the early Washington government?

Hamiltonian belief that the US should pay all state and national debts?

Tax on domestic goods?

Small rebellion over the excise tax?

2 aspects of Washington’s Farewell Address?

1st two political parties?

Treaty with Great Britain that angered Democratic-Republicans?

2nd president of the US?

Diplomatic problem with France that involved bribery?

Act of Congress that changed immigration requirements?

Act of Congress aimed to silence opponents of the Adams’ government?

Jefferson & Madison responses to the Alien & Sedition Acts?

Big idea of the Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions?

Winner of the election of 1800?

Constitutional issue presented by the election of 1800?

Last minute action by Adams where he appointed several members of the judiciary?

Famous loose constructionist Chief Justice?

Big outcome of Marbury v. Madison?

1 aspect of Hamiltonian financial policy that Jefferson abolished?

2 aspects of Hamiltonian financial policy that Jefferson kept?

Problem that Jefferson had with the Louisiana Purchase?

Jeffersonian action that ended trade with all nations?

2 men sent by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase?

2 inventions of Eli Whitney?

4th President of the US?

Outcome of the Non-Intercourse Bill?

Act of Congress aimed at forcing Britain and France to end illegal seizures of American ships during the Napoleonic Wars?

Outcome of Macon’s Bill #2?

2 causes of the War of 1812?

Significant American victory in War of 1812?

Outcome of the War of 1812?

2 demands of the Hartford Convention?

2 outcomes of the Hartford Convention?

2 reasons Monroe’s presidency is labeled the Era of Good Feelings?

Name of Monroe’s political party? (at this point, it was everyone’s party!)

2 aspects of the Monroe Doctrine?

3 parts of the Missouri Compromise?

Proposed the American System?

4 parts of the American System?

Treaty with Spain that ceded Florida to the US?

Reason for needing the Adams-Onis Treaty? (Other than wanting citrus fruits in Florida )

Winner of the controversial election of 1824?

Proof offered by Jackson that a “Corrupt Bargain” had taken place?

Policy where the newly elected president gives out federal jobs to supporters?

Marriage issue that plagued the Jackson cabinet and caused the president heartache because it reminded him of his beloved wife?

Outcome of McCulloch v. Maryland?

Outcome of Dartmouth v. Woodward?

Outcome of Worcester v. Georgia?

Jackson reaction to Worcester decision?

Legislation passed by Congress that forcibly moved Native Americans west of the Mississippi?

Congressional sponsor of early recharter of the BUS?

Leader of the BUS?

2 reasons Jackson disliked the BUS?

Action Jackson took to “kill the Bank”?

Tax on imported goods?

2 reasons southerners generally disliked tariffs?

Document authored by John C. Calhoun protesting the Tariff of Abominations?

Thesis of the South Carolina Exposition?

Required gold or silver payment for western land acquisition?

Outcome of Jackson’s economic policies?

American religious movement of the 1st half of the 19th Century?

Franklin & Jefferson religious belief that reason and observation were sufficient to determine the existence of a Creator?

Reformer of mental institutions?

Author and leader of the Transcendentalists?

2 utopian communities of the early 1800s?

2 famous writers of the early 1800s?

Reform movement pushing for the end of slavery?

Publisher of The Liberator?

Famous former slave who influenced abolition movement?

Reform movement pushing for the right to vote for women?

Location of famous women’s rights convention?

2 leaders of Seneca Falls convention?

Western New York hotbed of religious zeal?

1 religion to come out of the Burned-Over District?

Famous books that pushed students to the 3-Rs---readin’, ‘ritin, and ‘rithmetic?

Influential 19th century education reformer?

Political party that grew out of opposition to Andrew Jackson and his policies?

Jackson…strict or loose constructionist?

Economic period of time that coincided with the Age of Jackson?

Location of special community known for women working in mills?

2 economic changes that occurred during the Market Revolution?

Other name for the steamship Clermont?

Other name for the Erie Canal?

President after Jackson?

Van Buren effort to end the federal government’s role in banking while regulating the economy the Panic of 1837?

Whig president elected in 1840? (the honeymoon didn’t last long!)

President who was a Democrat in Whig clothing?

2 ways in which Tyler was un-Whiggish?

Only member of Tyler’s cabinet not to resign?

Undeclared war between the US and Britain on the Maine-Canadian border?

Outcome of Webster-Ashburton Treaty?

BIG state added to the Union under Tyler?

Group of Whigs opposed to annexation of Texas?

2 immigrant groups that flocked to the US in the 1840s and 1850s?

Nativist political party that rose in the 1840s?

First “dark horse” winner of the White House?

2 of Polk’s goals?

Rallying cry for acquisition of Oregon?

Ultimate resolution of Oregon issue?

Reason why the US was able to “win” Oregon?

American diplomat charged with purchasing California and New Mexico territory?

American diplomat charged with making peace with Mexico?

2 outcomes of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

God-given belief that America should control the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific?

Congressional resolution the prohibited slavery in the Mexican Cession?

Idea that the people of a territory would choose the status of slavery through voting?

Political party created for the election of 1848 whose sole issue was the prohibition of slavery?

Group of abolitionists who transported slaves to freedom?

3 outcomes of the Compromise of 1850?

Most controversial aspect of the Compromise of 1850?

The “Great Compromiser”?

Reaction of Northerners to the Bloodhound Bill?

Big outcome for the Whigs after their loss in 1852?

Plan commissioned by Pierce where his ambassadors met and decided the US should either pay for or annex Cuba?

Outcome of the Ostend plan?

Famous visitor to Japan in 1853?

US acquisition of southern New Mexico for creation of a transcontinental railroad?

2 provisions of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

Author of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

Political party that emerged out the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

3 groups that became the GOP?

Famous book by Harriet Beecher Stowe?

Author of the book Impending Crisis of the South?

Organization who sent abolitionist voters to Kansas?

Leader of Pottawatomie Creek assault on pro-slavery folks?

Kansan constitution that allowed slaveholders to keep their slaves?

Event portrayed in the cartoon?

First “Republican” candidate for president?

2 outcomes of the Dred Scott decision?

Sectional outcome of the Panic of 1857?

2 southern “defenses” of slavery?

Series of debates for an Illinois Senate seat?

Famous question that tricked Douglas?

Tricky part of the Freeport Doctrine?

3 candidates for president in the 1860 election?

Outcome of the 1860 election?

Proposed slavery compromise that would have brought back the 36-30 line; Lincoln didn’t support it?

2 strengths that the North had going into the Civil War?

2 strengths that the South had going into the Civil War?

First state to secede from the Union?

2 Border states?

President of the Confederate States of America?

Act of Congress (1862) that promoted settlement of the West through the purchase of small tracts of land?

2 constitutionally questionable actions of Lincoln during the Civil War?

Foreign policy problem for Lincoln where the Union seized a British ship and arrested 2 Confederate diplomats bound for Europe?

Booming business interests created this group of people in society? (this was the first time we see them…now they add a B to their title!)

Outcome of the Emancipation Proclamation?

1st African-American military regiment?

Famous speech of Lincoln’s that espouses the beliefs in liberty for all Americans?

Southern military commander?

“Best” Northern military commander?

Lincoln…strict or loose constructionist?

Famous hike of Union soldiers where they burned and pillaged parts of the South?

Group of Anti-War Democrats that protested and harassed Northern efforts to fight the war?

Location of Lee’s surrender?

Lincoln’s successor?

Outcome of 13th Amendment?

Outcome of 14th Amendment?

Outcome of 15th Amendment?

Organization created by the federal government to assist former slaves with literacy, food, clothing, medical care, etc?

Goal of Lincoln’s 10% Plan?

Bill that passed through Congress which required 50% of Southerners to take a loyalty oath? Lincoln “pocket-vetoed” it.

Group of Republicans in Congress who dominated the Reconstruction debates?

Main goal of the Black Codes?

Economic system where freedmen leased land from former plantation owners but usually found themselves in an endless cycle of debt?

Radical Republican leader in the House of Representatives?

Outcome of the Reconstruction Act of 1867?

Southern group who used violence to intimidate blacks and whites in the Reconstruction South?

Act of Congress that Johnson violated resulting in his impeachment?

Other name for the purchase of Alaska?

Johnson’s successor?

Term that literally means “covered in a thin layer of gold”?

2 ways that the era was “gilded”?

Group that ardently “waved the bloody” shirt to elect Grant?

Scandal involving a construction company for the Union Pacific railroad?

Scandal involving the sale of alcohol to Indian tribes?

  • Cartoonist?

  • Subject?

2 outcomes of the Compromise of 1877?

Supreme Court decision establishing “separate but equal”?

Group of Republicans who supported some reform to the Spoils System?

Positive result of Garfield’s assassination?

2 aspects of the Pendleton Civil Service Act?

Nickname for Republicans who supported Cleveland?

Politically charged group of Farmers?

Official name of the Populists?

4 demands of the Populists?

Act of Congress where the US government traded silver for gold?

President after Arthur?

President after Cleveland (the first time)?

President after Harrison?

2 groups of people that generally supported Republicans during the Gilded Age?

2 groups of people that generally supported Democrats during the Gilded Age?

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