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Welcome to the EYFS at Meadgate Primary School

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Welcome to the EYFS at Meadgate Primary School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the EYFS at Meadgate Primary School. What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?. The Early Years Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S.) is the stage of education for children from birth to the end of the Reception year.

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Welcome to the EYFS at

Meadgate Primary School

What is the Early Years

Foundation Stage?

The Early Years Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S.) is the stage of education for children from birth to the end of the Reception year.

It is based on the recognition that children learn best through play and active learning.

seven areas of learning
Seven Areas of Learning

Prime areas

Personal, Social and Emotional

Physical Development

Communication and Language

Specific areas



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

personal social and emotional development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development

become self-confident;

take an interest in things;

know what their own needs are;

dress and undress independently;

become independent;

tell the difference between right and wrong.

The children will be learning to:

physical development
Physical Development

move confidently;

control their body;

understand the importance of being healthy;

handle equipment safely.

The children will be learning to:

communication and language
Communication and Language

talk confidently and clearly;

listen attentively in a range of situations;

follow instructions and answer questions;

use past, present and future forms accurately;

enjoy listening to stories, songs and poems.

The children will be learning to:


hear and say sounds, and link them to the alphabet;

use their phonic knowledge to decode words and read them aloud;

read and write familiar words;

read and understand simple sentences;

The children will be learning to:


The children will be learning to:

develop an understanding of maths through stories, songs, games and imaginative play;

become comfortable with numbers and with ideas such as \'heavier than\' or \'bigger’;

say which number is one more or one less than a given number;

recognise, create and describe patterns;

be aware of shapes and space.

understanding the world
Understanding the World

The children will be learning to:

explore and find out about the world around them, asking questions about it;

build with different materials, know about everyday technology and learn what it is used for;

find out about past events in their lives and their families\' lives;

find out about different cultures and beliefs.

expressive arts and design
Expressive Arts and Design

colours and shapes;

making things using a variety of tools and techniques;

role play;

making music and dance.

The children will explore:


Something to think about!

“Adults who help children to play are adults who help children to learn.”

Bruce and Meggitt, 1999

induction week
Induction Week

The first three days are planned to give the children a smooth, easy introduction to full time school.

We are using a tried and tested system that we know will settle the children in well.


Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September

(1sttwo days):

    • Children will attend for morning only
    • 9.00 - 11.50
  • Monday 8th September:
    • Children will attend for morning and lunchtime
    • 9.00 - 1.00
    • Their buddies will help them.
  • Tuesday 9th September:
    • Their first FULL school day
    • 8.45 - 3.05

School uniform & P.E. Kit:

    • One Stop School Gear, Beehive Lane
    • Velcro!
    • Name EVERYTHING!
    • Keep PE kit in school
    • Wash every half term
  • Buddies
    • Looked after by for the first week or so
    • Help to feel comfortable and confident
any problems
Any problems?

If you are worried about anything, please let us know; we want your children to feel happy and settled as this is the best way for them to learn. We value your partnership in order to ensure this.

over to mr figg
Over to: Mr. Figg
  • Parent evenings – you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and discuss their progress each term. We also hold Open Class afternoons between 3.05-4.00. This is when your child acts as your host and shows you around the classroom to look at their work.
  • If your child is poorly, please ring the school office between 8.00-8.50 so we know why they are absent.
  • If you wish to take your child out of school for any reason you must let us know in writing or complete a holiday form requesting permission.
illness medicines
  • Asthma pumps, Epipens etc. are kept in the office and are given to your child following WRITTEN instruction. Any other medicine has to be administered by yourself.
  • If your child is ill or has an accident at school, you will be contacted first. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE OFFICE HAS AN UP TO DATE EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER.
  • Minor accidents will be treated by a member of staff. You will be informed in writing of bumps to the head.
lines of communication
Lines of Communication

Newsletter: emailed at the end of each month.

Text/email: please ensure we have up to date contact details.


Reading booklet: a log of reading

welcome to meadgate
Welcome to Meadgate!

Any questions?

Visit the classroom to see the resources we use for the different areas of learning.

We look forward to seeing you in September. Have a lovely summer!