A picnic adventure
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A picnic adventure. By Maya Spiteri. Once, Pauline and Lawrence were packing to go on a picnic. They packed some slices of ham and cheese , cupcakes, some hot chocolate, water and cookies. .

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A picnic adventure

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A picnic adventure


Maya Spiteri

Once, Pauline and Lawrence were packing to go on a picnic. They packed some slices of ham and cheese, cupcakes, some hot chocolate, water and cookies.

  • Their dog Kimi was staring at the food without moving. Kimi`s tail was shaking with excitement. When they were ready from packing the things, they went next to their mother to see where they could go.

  • While they were next to their mother, Kimi jumped on the chair, then on the big brown table, and next into the basket. When the children knew where they could go, they grabbed their basket, said “ Good bye mum “ and then they started walking.

  • When they arrived in the countryside, they climbed to the top of a hill and decided to stay up there. They saw lots of cows and a lot of trees. It was very hot and sunny out there.

  • After they played hide and seek , they were hungry so they opened the basket. Suddenly, Kimi jumped out and Pauline was going to burst out laughing but she didn't because Lawrence was angry.

  • When they looked in the basket, they only found crumbs of the ham and cheese sandwiches and hardly any other food. But at least they still had the water. So they drank a little bit of it, gave some to Kimi and they went to play with their dog.

  • When it was time to go, they grabbed Kimi, put her in the basket and they set off. When they arrived they told their mother what had happened.



MAYA spiteri

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