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By huzefa fatakdawala boota basion
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By: Huzefa Fatakdawala & Boota Basion. Chapter 12: Inside Information. THE PLOT. The Beginning. The Middle.

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Chapter 12: Inside Information

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By huzefa fatakdawala boota basion

By: Huzefa Fatakdawala & Boota Basion

Chapter 12: Inside Information

The plot


The Beginning

The Middle

The dwarves volunteer Bilbo to enter because he is the burglar and he has to complete his task. Balin enters the cave with Bilbo. Bilbo finally reaches to where Smaug is resting on a huge pile of stolen treasures. With his ring he sneaks in and grabs a cup and runs back outside. He meets the dwarves back at there site, and are overjoyed to see him with the item he has brought.

They are all resting when they hear Smaug’s terrifying roar. Smaug fly's out and searches for the thief. He destroys everything in his path, he eventually gets tired and goes back to his layer. Bilbo tells the others he will go back. He will go and try and find the weak spot of Smaug, and he will then return. Bilbo enters the lair and Smaug converses with him. He tries to guess who Bilbo is. Bilbo asks about Smaug's weak spot. The dragon says he has none and turns over to prove it. But, Bilbo gets a glimpse of it.

The plot continued


The End

Bilbo then runs out of the lair. Smaug chases after him. Bilbo escapes with some terrible wounds. He finally gets to the secret hide out. The dwarves nurture him. Bilbo then tells the dwarves his story of what happened. He also told them it is not safe to stay where they were and they would have to leave. The dwarves partially close the door to the lair. They then close the door and walk down the tunnel. Smaug warns Bilbo & Co. that he would go after the men of the Lake and flies towards Lake-town.

Character revelation

Bilbo seems to be more courageous in doing things perhaps after going through so much in this adventure

Throughout the chapter Bilbo starts to show more fear witnessing Smaug the dragon

Bilbo starts taking in charge and giving more input for things “Now he had become the real leader in their adventure. He had begun to have ideas and plans of his own” (Tolkien 221)

After encountering Smaug a second time and getting injured Bilbo seems to have broken apart, he seems more scared

CHARACTER Revelation

Literary devices

Personification: “with a noise like a roaring wind” (Tolkien 219)

- This is an example of personification because the author has given the wind a human action

Literary devices

Literary devices1

Alliteration: ”the little high-walled bay had kept out the fiercest flames” (Tolkien 219)

- This is an example of alliteration because the two words “fiercest” and “flames” both start with the same letter


Literary devices2

Simile: “the light of his eyes lit the hall from floor to ceiling like scarlet lightning” (Tolkien 226)

- This is an example of a simile because the author is comparing Smaug’s eyes with scarlet lightning


Literary devices3

Foreshadowing: “ You aren’t nearly through this adventure yet’ he added, and that was pretty true as well” (Tolkien 227)

- This is an example of foreshadowing because it tells you clearly that there is a lot more to come in the story.


Chapter questions

Who entered Smaug’s lair with Bilbo?

What was the item Bilbo stole from Smaug?

Which two dwarves were forgotten down at the valley?

Which names did Bilbo call himself when talking to Smaug? List 3.

Where does Smaug fly to at the end of the chapter?

Chapter questions

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