Canada in the 1920s the age of invention
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CANADA IN THE 1920S THE AGE OF INVENTION. PROSPERITY AND CHANGE. After the devastation and economic slump that hit Canada directly after WWI, times began to look up!

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Canada in the 1920s the age of invention


Prosperity and change

  • After the devastation and economic slump that hit Canada directly after WWI, times began to look up!

  • By 1923-24 the post-war economic slump was beginning to lift and Canadian wheat, manufactured goods and natural resources - iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper were in high demand again

  • Pulp and paper industry was supplying the large American market

  • Automobile began to grow

Good times

  • People began to move into cities and got jobs in the service industry (transportation, finance, public administration, hospitality);

  • Wages rose for most people, many could buy things on credit

    • disposable income grew

Good times1

  • Stocks(portions of a company purchased by the public) were being bought as peoples’ confidence in the economy increased;

  • This led to a stock market boom;

Good times2

  • Canadians felt very safe financially.

  • Life was good and Canadians lived it up by spending money on new inventions that made life EASIER and more FUN!

Inventions luxury leisure fun

Prior to sliced bread, people cut their own uneven slices of bread – oh my!After many attempts, Otto Frederick Rohwedder was finally successful with a reliable machine to slice breadIn the late 1920s, Wonder Bread bought his machine, and few new things have been as good as sliced bread!

Sliced Bread

Due to the success of sliced bread, the toaster became exceedingly popular!It was an extravagant item that was frequently placed in the middle of the kitchen table for display


The invention of the first successful bubble gum is credited to Walter Diemer in 1928He hit upon a formula that was less sticky and more flexible than other chewing gum characteristics that allowed a chewer to make bubbles.Pink dye was usedfor the gum because pink was the only colour available at the Chewing Gum Company.

Bubble Gum

At the beginning of the 20s only 25% of Canadians owned a phoneDuring the decade telephone technology improved rapidly (i.e. the earpiece was attached to the mouthpiece) Telephones became much more affordable and by the end of the decade 75% of Canadians owned a phoneHow did this change Canadian society?


The automobile had revolutionized society phoneThey enabled people from long distances to easily visit each otherThey allowed for people to travel and visit new places – vacations!Created huge industry/jobs for Canadians


Radio made the world seem smaller phoneIt provided inexpensive entertainment to Canadians and it ended isolationIt brought families together and created unityMusic, sports and advertisements became very popular because of the radio.


Hockey Night in Canada was one of the first Canadian radio programsIt proved to be a traditional Canadian past time since the beginning of its time

Hockey Night in Canada

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Advertisements radio
Advertisements: programsRadio

PEPSI COLA programs

Double Mint Gum programs

In class assignment

  • Read over Slang Terms handout

  • In groups (assigned by Ms. N) you will:

    • Select a 1920s invention from the handout

    • Create a 10 – 30 second radio ad promoting your product

    • Use at least 5 of the slang terms in your advertisement

      • Refer to Slang of the Era handout

  • Presentations will occur at the end of today's class

  • Good luck and HAVE FUN!