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1. Which of the following are true? culture may yield group A streptococci or S. aureus more common in warmer months pharyngeal colonization occurs in approximately 30% after 2-3 weeks or precede the lesion is more commonly caused by S. aureus. appropriate rx. would include mupirocin erythromycin cephalexin

2. Which of the following are true? lesions represent a respons to exfoliative exotoxins usually caused by S. aureus phage group II (type 71) commonly superinfected with gp A streptococci

3. Which of the following are true? + Nikolsky sign the disease is a subset of TEN is caused by gp A streptococci. Should be treated with penicillinase-resistant ▀-lactam.

4. The lesions below are most commonly caused by: staphylococci Pseudomonas aeruginosa serotype 0-11 gp A strep

5. The lesions are most likely: caused by a herpes virus caused by a poxvirus caused by B. anthracis

6. appropriate rx. would include: debridement parenteral PCN G (4-6 x 106 U/d

7. may be due to gp A,C, G streptococci is actually more common on the lower extremities is a complication of nephrotic syndrome tends to recur in the same location is commonly associated with bacteremia

8. may also have lesions in his liver and spleen bacteria are demonstrable by Warthin-Starry stain may be caused by a fastidious Gram-negative organism the etiologic agent is also associated with Cat Scratch disease erythromycin or macrolide rx of choice.

9. Which of the following are true: V. vulnificus also causes septicemia following consumption of raw oysters grows readily on MacConkey or TCBS ferments lactose tetracycline is the treatment of choice.

10. diagnosis may be made by: muscle biopsy serology treatment? albendazole, thiabendazole, mebendazole differential dx?

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