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INTRODUCTION THE 1. AND 2. TRIMESTER ACTIVITIES AND GIVE AN INSIGHT TO THE SWOT WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE 2. PARTNER MEETING IN KRIZEVCI 04.2012. Geographical of the micro-region of Barcs. South Transdanubian Region. Micro-region of Barcs.

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Geographical of the micro-region of Barcs

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Geographical of the micro-region of Barcs

South Transdanubian Region

Micro-region of Barcs

9 Places of roundtables of the micro-region of Barcs

9 Places of roundtables of the micro-region of Barcs

According to the invited 26 towships, 19 villages represented themselves in roundtables.

Strengths of the micro-region of Barcs I.

  • Rich, abundant natural resourches:

  • Duna-Dráva National Park, Dráva river, Borókás of Barcs, Narcissus of Babócsa, Forest of Rinyaszentkirály, Woody Meadow of Csokonyavisonta, walking path, cruise ship, cycling tour, river tour,

  • 2.Colorful milieu:

  • the centre of the culture in the micro-region is Barcs

  • 3. The closeness of town of Pécs and town of Kaposvár, joint points to neighbour counties:

  • availability of the offices, institutions, transport

  • 4. Good facilities for the agriculture:

  • the quality of the topsoil is very good, easy cultivatable with good clime

  • 5. Colorful gentilitial culture:

  • appear german-, croatian-, gipsy minorities

Strengths of the micro-region of Barcs II.

6. Road border crossing point, border of Schengen

international border crossing, joint directly to the traffic network of the country

activity of logistics and customs duty

7. Unimpedid employee

the rate of the unemployment is around 18%

8. District of brown fields industrial, Industrial Park of Barcs

X company work in the Industrial Park

9. Good quality medicinal/thermal water with baths in Csokonyavisonta, Barcs, Szulok. Another one is Babócsa, but it haven’t work since 2010

10. oil and gas-resource

MOL Nyrt have been boreing a testhole for 3-4 years in Lakócsa, Vízvár, Darány, Istvándi

11. activity of non-governmental organizations (tradition saving)

Weeknesses of the micro-region of Barcs I.

  • bad infrastructure, approach is difficult, underdeveloped road-network, periphery post

  • few big emloyer company, institutions of municipalities employ most inhabitants, lack of the big company/firm and enterprise

  • frittered agricultural system

  • the quality of the agricultural products is not equable because of the weather

  • unfavorable settlement structural (small villages and blind settlements), some towhships have no internet

  • there is no motivation for company/enterprise, inclination of enterprenures is weak

  • there are not available suitable current strength and immovable estates for the firms

  • lots of hard enterprises in SMC sector, low incomes

  • undeveloped industry structural, small companies termination

Weeknesses of the micro-region of Barcs II.

10. low qualification, high unemployment rate

11. migration according to the joungs (who have knowledge), lack of skillfull manpower, the power of the observer population is weak

12. imperfect cross-border partnerships

13. disappointment according to the tenders, low activity, out of own contribution, (less support in the South Transdanubian Region), no confidence

14. senescent society

15. lack of capitals

16. lack of the cooperation of settlements

17. there are any local and region supplier network

18. weak information and publicity, communication

Threats of the micro-region of Barcs I.

  • default of economy, pinch of the market for enterprises

  • migration gradation, decrease the power of the observer population

  • unemployment rate from bad to worse

  • the senescent tendency gather, the number of dependants increase, the active employees have more encumbrance

  • the number of dropp behind socail group increases

  • according the undevelopment infrastructure occurs isolation, increase the threats of secession

Threats of the micro-region of Barcs II.

7. worsen the competition in the marketplace of tourism, oversupply according to the thermal and medcinal bath in the region

8. overdrew protection of the National Park

9. according to the high unemployment rate reduce the number of applicants (who are interensted in culture), lower solvent demand

10. decrease the forest strenght, there will be no big untamed in the young forest, the extant hunting tourism is pushed into the background

11. there are not suitable quality and quantity oil (cruide and gas)

12. traditional self-sufficient approach die out

Opportunities of micro-region of Barcs I.

  • logistics centre – take advantage of the favorable geographical conditions

  • improvment the Industry Park of Barcs

  • strenghening the industry companies

  • exploitation of eco-tourism (water-, thermal-, active-, wellness-, curative/medcinal-, rural-, hunting-, equestrian-, line-fishing), furthermore expansion the immovable estates, camps, baths, server buildings

  • exploitation of the active tourism (bike route, line-fishing, other sport activities) broaden the supply of the programs, involve the little townships

  • building clearway, Zágráb - Terezino Polje (border of Barcs) motorway

  • bio products

Opportunities of micro-region of Barcs II.

8. make horticulture/bio-horticulture/greenhouses, brighten vegetalbe and fruits growing

9. utilization of medicinal water in other segments (dietary)

10. exploitation the EU development resource

11. animal husbandry and developing its processing industry

12. build on the forest establish sawmill, logging, processing, fuel cake factory (which need skilfull manpower)

13. oil-gas well

14. cross-border fairs, cooperation, events year by year

15. aligned organization, communication, marketing and publicity of events of micro-region

16. naturalization of new agrarian vegetableculture

Activities in the 1. trimestertake part in the opening conference and opening meeting -17.10.2011.organize 1. workshop in Barcs – 10.11.2011.organize 9 roundtables in the micro-region of Barcsadvertisement in Somogyi Hírlapa SWOT analyze according to the micro-region of Barcsorganize a partner meeting in Pécs

Activities in the 2. trimestertake part in a partner meeting in Krizevciorganize 2. workshop in Barcs – 13.03.2012.creation of trilingual website in progress

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