Beyond texts and test for promoting a culture of multiple narratives and critical thinking
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Beyond Texts and Test for Promoting a Culture of Multiple Narratives and Critical Thinking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beyond Texts and Test for Promoting a Culture of Multiple Narratives and Critical Thinking. Baela Raza Jamil Amina Naveed Khawaja Maryam Saba Maham Ali. Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) - 10 th to 15 th March 2014- Toronto .

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Beyond texts and test for promoting a culture of multiple narratives and critical thinking

Beyond Texts and Test for Promoting a Culture of Multiple Narratives and Critical Thinking

BaelaRaza Jamil

Amina Naveed Khawaja

Maryam Saba

Maham Ali

Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) - 10thto 15thMarch 2014- Toronto

Participation at CIES Supported by: Open Society Foundation (OSF)

Founders and partners of clf
Founders and Partners of CLF Narratives and Critical Thinking

Outline Narratives and Critical Thinking

  • Introduction of the Children’s Literature

    Festival (Pakistan)

  • Introduction of the Paper

  • Background

  • Research Design and Methodology

  • Results and Analysis

  • School Based CLFs- Case Study

  • Conclusion

Children s literature festival pakistan
Children’s Literature Festival (Pakistan) Narratives and Critical Thinking

  • A social movement and a response to low

    levels of learning (ASER 2013) that seeks to

    promote the love of reading, creativity and

    critical thinking in children

    • 11 CLFs since November 2011

  • Attended by over 150,000 participants

    • 60 Book launches at CLFs

  • Website:

  • Key findings from 2012 2013 assessments extracts
    Key Findings from 2012/2013 Assessments: Extracts Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Children s literature festivals till date
    Children’s Literature Festivals till Date Narratives and Critical Thinking

    • Kanju and Kabal - Swat 2013

    • Lahore 2014

    Key outcomes
    Key Outcomes Narratives and Critical Thinking

    • Impact Analysis Conducted

    • Research strand added- 2013


    • CLF beyond borders- Replicated

      by a school system in India & Nepal

    • 3 School Based CLFs

    • The First Teachers’ Literature Festival held in February 2014

    • More Schools interested in school-based CLFs

    Introduction Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Background Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Research design methodology
    Research Design & Methodology Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Analysis Narratives and Critical Thinking

    45% Moderate to Hi Fee private schools Narratives and Critical Thinking

    29% Low cost private schools

    25 % Government schools

    Main findings
    Main Findings Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Measures Taken by Teachers Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Percentage Improvement in Students Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Comparative analysis based on teacher qualification
    Comparative Analysis based on Teacher Qualification Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Impact on Teachers Narratives and Critical Thinking

    Measures Taken By Teachers Narratives and Critical Thinking

    School based clfs going beyond the pledges
    School Based CLFs- Going Beyond the Pledges Narratives and Critical Thinking

    • First two school-based CLFs organized in Kanju and Kabal in district Swat - Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KP) province

    • Conflict Areas, schools once occupied by militants.

    • Two Boys’ Government Schools hosted the CLFs- 19th and 21st December, 2013 inviting many schools in the neighborhood. Some girls schools also came from the vicinity.. !

    Testimonials from Teachers, Students, Parents, & Education Officials – Swat Dec. 2013

    A Healing Learning and Feeling Festival

    “CLFs for the children of Swat were held on 19th and 21st of December, 2013 in the GHSS Kabal and GHS Kanjuschools. I was invited to those festivals and was amazed to see the efforts. It was something very new for us and for children. It works on the hidden qualities of students which is very good from their educational point of view.” (Teacher)

    “I attended the CLF Kanju. The session on Story Telling with expressions was a unique experience for me and I learnt how reading could be made more interesting.” (Student-CLF Kanju)

    “My expectations from the festival weren’t high when I was invited to the CLF Kanju as I believed it to be an ordinary event similar to other functions that usually happens here. However, at the day of the CLF, I was captivated by the colorful buntings and other decorations at the school….This was the first time ever that I saw such a large number of children enthusiastically participating in a program like this. I am extremely thankful to the organizers of CLF for holding such a program in our area. Without any doubt, such events stimulate the children’s interest in education and tap their hidden potential, bringing out the best in them.” (Parent)

    “This was a great experience for me and I believe whoever attended this festival, liked it a lot. Such festivals are crucial for our children’s future as they help in bringing out positive changes in them. The CLF brought awareness in our area pertaining to reading and learning.” (Parent-CLF Kabal)

    “I was spellbound by the number of students participating in the CLF Swat from different areas of Swat. Their participation was truly heartwarming….During the role playing session, I was very excited as it felt I was reliving my own childhood and thoroughly enjoyed myself.” (ADO-P&D Ed Official )

    School based clf lahore
    School Based CLF- Lahore Officials – Swat Dec. 2013

    • Sanjan Nagar School Hima Campus, Lahore

    • Located in a minority area – host school inviting 5-6 schools from the neighborhood

    • SNSS attended three CLFs: CLF Lahore 2011/2013, CLF Islamabad 2013 – participated in making /rendering of the CLF anthem too

    • CLF organized on January 31st 2014

    • Packed with interactive activities

    Launch opening ceremony of clf
    Launch Officials – Swat Dec. 2013& Opening Ceremony of CLF

    A skit on punjabi literature by primary school
    A Officials – Swat Dec. 2013Skit on Punjabi Literature by Primary School

    Special session on interpretation of heer with mr syed waseem alam
    Special Session on interpretation of “HEER” with Officials – Swat Dec. 2013Mr.SyedWaseemAlam

    Puppet show by sanjan nagar students
    Puppet Show by Officials – Swat Dec. 2013Sanjan Nagar Students

    A session on understanding ghalib the 19 th century poet by dr arfa syada zahra
    A session on Understanding Officials – Swat Dec. 2013Ghalib the 19th Century Poet by Dr.ArfaSyada Zahra

    Story telling and creative writing sessions
    Story-telling and Creative writing Sessions Officials – Swat Dec. 2013

    A beautiful session on peace education by rabtt lums students
    A Beautiful Session on PEACE EDUCATION by Google PakistanRabtt (LUMS Students)

    Session by misbah rani on inclusive education
    Session by Google PakistanMisbah Rani on Inclusive Education

    Conclusion and Mural Art Category

    Questions? and Mural Art Category