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DMH UNION CONTRACTS. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Patient Care Support Bargaining UnitIncludes non-professional direct care such as DAs, PAs, SAs, AAs, LPNs, etc.Includes Veterans Homes. DMH UNION CONTRACTS. American Federation of State County and Municip

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2. DMH UNION CONTRACTS American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Patient Care Support Bargaining Unit Includes non-professional direct care such as DAs, PAs, SAs, AAs, LPNs, etc. Includes Veterans Homes

3. DMH UNION CONTRACTS American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Craft and Maintenance Bargaining Unit Includes classes such as maintenance workers, skilled trades, food service, custodial work, drivers, etc. Includes many other state departments, such as DNR, DOC, DPS, etc.

4. DMH UNION CONTRACTS Missouri Nurses Association (MONA) Includes all Registered Nurses I, II, and III and Registered Nurses IV at Marshall HC and Higginsville HC

5. DMH UNION CONTRACTS Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Includes professional clinicians, such as social workers, case managers, psychologists, therapists, etc. Includes Veterans Homes RNs Includes clinicians in DOC

6. UNION CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION Employees have rights through the contract beyond those granted by state/federal law, the merit system and employer policy

7. UNION CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION UNION REPRESENTATION Investigatory interviews Disciplinary meetings Grievances Other

8. UNION CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION STEWARD RIGHTS Union work during working hours (reasonable) Access to facility Representation of employees Meet with supervisors/management Privacy

9. UNION CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION STEWARD LIMITATIONS Reasonable time off for union work Permissions Confidentiality/HIPAA State e-mail, phones, copiers, equipment No overtime for union work

10. DISCIPLINE Chapter 36 RSMo: The Merit System DOR 6.050: Disciplinary Actions Discipline should be used to correct a problem, not to punish Classified v. Unclassified employees

11. DISCIPLINE Classified employees have “property rights” (ownership) of their job and wages that cannot be legally taken away without due process

12. DISCIPLINE An appointing authority may dismiss for cause any employee . . . when he considers that such action is required in the interests of efficient administration and that the good of the service will be served thereby. (Merit Law) Disciplinary action may be imposed upon a regular employee for cause. (AFSCME)

13. DISCIPLINE PROCESS Does the employee know expectations/rules/regulations, etc.? Did the employee not meet expectations? Have I investigated this thoroughly? Did the employee have an opportunity to present his/her side of story?

14. DISCIPLINARY PROCESS If progressive discipline, did the employee have the opportunity to improve? Is enforcement consistent and fair? Is the discipline imposed proportional to the offense?

15. GRIEVANCES DOR 6.090 Handling Employee Grievances Definition alleged misapplication or violation of a department, division or facility policy or procedure as it pertains to that grievant; 2. appeal of disciplinary actions as defined in DOR 6.050,

16. GRIEVANCES Union contracts may have slightly different definitions. Check the contract. Always accept a grievance. There is no such thing as a “frivolous” grievance.

17. GRIEVANCE STEPS Immediate Supervisor: Informal Work Manager: (No more than 2 steps below Appointing Authority) 1st formal step. In writing on grievance form. Facility Director Division Director

18. GRIEVANCES Grievant can get assistance from Union or another employee Union can “represent” the employee Employee must be given information pertinent to the complaint At informal step and steps 1 & 2, management must confer with grievant.

19. GRIEVANCE RESOLUTION Respondents at each level shall provide written decisions identifying issues, finding facts, and drawing conclusions. Employee should be satisfied that their complaint has been heard, even if it is denied.

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