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Polycab proudly welcomes all members of Our family of Electricians!

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Polycab proudly welcomes all members of Our family of Electricians! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Polycab proudly welcomes all members of Our family of Electricians!. Why is this relationship important to both of us ? We are having a “ Janam Janam ka Rishta “ If you are Successful, Polycab is Successful.

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Polycab proudly welcomes

all members of

Our family of Electricians!


Why is this relationship important to both of us ?

We are having a “ JanamJanamkaRishta “

If you are Successful, Polycab is Successful.

If we make Excellent Quality products, Better Technology, More Safety feature and better Economy, your reputation becomes stronger and better.

We help you win your Consumers Trust

You are our “ Brand Ambassador” – You recommend our Products and thereby contribute to our success.

You give us the confidence to Invest in new Factories, new Technology and New Products.

You are our Lifelong partner and well wisher.

And, we are your Lifelong partner and well wisher too !



Overview of Company

Introduction of different types of Products & explanation.

Process of making these wires & cables.

Testing of products & significance of testing.

What is an ideal Electrician – Important Role of Electricians in society

Tools – Basic / Must have / Good to have.

Why choose Polycab Wires?

Identifying genuine product & packaging from spurious products.


Journey Till Date

Polycabis a 40 yrs young organization created by four enterprising brothers from the Jaisinghani family who began their journey from a small 200 sft retail electrical store who created Polycab by successfully getting into manufacturing.

1968 : Commenced sales of Cables in Mumbai.

1972 : Set up a 1000 sqft factory in Sewree in Mumbai.

1984 : Set up a larger plant at Halol, Gujarat.

1993 : Started PVC Compound Manufacturing unit in Daman

2013 : With a sales turnover of Rs. 4300 crore and a Market share of 22%, Polycab is India’s No. 1 Cables & Wires Manufacturer.


Inder T. Jaisinghani

Ramesh T. Jaisinghani

Ajay T. Jaisinghani


Pan India Presence

Northern region

CNF agents: 11

Authoriseddistributors: 40

Authoriseddealers and agents: 600

Western region

CNF agents: 11

Authoriseddistributors: 10

Authoriseddealers and agents: 2600

Eastern region

CNF agents: 2

Authoriseddistributors: 40

Authoriseddealers and agents: 400

Southern region

CNF agents: 6

Authoriseddistributors: 60

Authoriseddealers and agents: 1400

Head Office

All India Network -

CNF agents: 30

Authorised distributors: 150

Authorised dealers and agents: 5000

vision statement
Vision Statement

“We will improve the quality of life and bring greater happiness to our customers, through reliable, safe, sustainable and best in class products and services, while enhancing stake holder value continuously”.

our core values
Our Core Values
  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Delight
  • Action
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Profitable Growth
indian cable industry
Indian Cable Industry
  • The organised sector in the Indian Cable & Wire industry is estimated to be around Rs. 22,000 Crores.
  • Number of Manufacturers : 1500
  • 65% market is in Organized sector.

Manufacturing Base

  • State-of-the-art plants spread across 250 acres comprising of 10 & 6 manufacturing units at Daman & Halol respectively.
  • 8000 + employees strength.
  • Manufacturing more than 15,000 km of cables and 125,000 km of wires every month.
  • Annual consumption of 50000 MT of Copper and 60000 MT of Aluminum annually
  • State of the Art Manufacturing Equipments including 5 CCV Lines

Our Esteemed Customers





What are Wires & Cables?

Wires & Cables consist of a metallic conductor over which a polymeric coating is given & then protect the same.

Manufacturing of wires & cables consist of number of procedure stages which are-

Heavy Wire Drawing

Medium Wire Drawing

Fine Wire Drawing



Insulation coating


Jacket Coating etc.


Types Of Wires

POLYCABmanufactures all types of wires & cables except optical fiber. The major product ranges are as follows :

Domestic / Building Wires

Flexible Wires

Flexible Industrial Cables.

LT Power Cables

HT Power Cables

Control Cables

Signal Cables

Instrumentation Cables

Submersible Cables

Heat Resistant Cables

Elastomeric Cables

Communication Cables


Steel braided Cables


Domestic Wires

  • Description : It consists of copper conductor over which a PVC coating of a pre-decided thickness is to be provided. Building wires are of different sizes based on its application / consumption of electrical current (Ampere) which are as follows :
  • 0.5
  • 0.75
  • 1
  • 1.5
  • 2.5
  • 4.0
  • 6.0
  • 10
  • 16 (Domestic / Building Wires)
  • Generally for lighting load as well as low capacity load up to 1.5 wires are used. In high current area such as (Washing Machine, Heater etc) higher sizes of wires are used.

Building Wires

  • Flame Retardant Low Smoke: In the Case of fire, convectional PVC insulated wires give out thick black smoke and toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid gas. This impairs visibility and hampers rescues operations.
  • Application - It is thus ideal of concealed and conduit wiring in multi-storied high rise buildings such as hotels, banks, hospitals, factories, commercial complexes and residential apartments, etc.
  • Flame Retardant Zero Halogen: The main advantages are superior flame resistance, low smoke & reduced toxicity. These cables are ideal for use in environments, where high performance, reliability and human safety is required. The broad application include –
  • Application / Utility: Power generation, co-generation and power plants. Industrial Plants : Petrochemicals, Paper, Pharmaceutical and Sensitive Industries Data Centre : Computer Rooms, Switching Cables etc Highly Populated Facilities : Metro Rails, Building, Hotels, Hospitals, etc Military Applications : Aircrafts, Marine and Naval Submarine, Ships.
  • Typical applications are in hotels, theaters, multiplexes, shopping malls, metro railways, hospitals, schools, commercial complexes and high-rise buildings.

Production Process

  • Heavy Drawing : This is a process in which 8 mm copper wire rod is drawn down to 1.8 mm .The process involves high lubrication drawing dies & annealing of resulting wires by high intensity current.
  • Medium Wire Drawing / Fine Wire Drawing : This is a process in which multiple number of wires of diameter 1.8 mm are drawn down to 0.3 mm or 0.2 mm as desired .The process involves high degree of skill lubrication diamond dies and annealing by high intensity current.
  • Bunching / Twisting : This is a process in which no of drawn conductors are twisted together at pre-decided twist / meter & then wind out in a metallic real.
  • Insulation Coating : In this process bunched & twisted copper conductor are fed into a cross head die in which the molten polymer is applied from the other side. This together is a metal conductor over which a plastic coat which is called insulated wire. The same is to pass through a cool water trough for cooling down to room temperature & wind into a real.
  • Stranding : The number of insulated cores is twisted together in a pre-decided pitch to make the bunch circular.

Production Process

  • Jacket Coating : This is a process in which a heavy duty polymeric material is to be applied over circular stranded insulated core. Stranded cores are to be passed through a cross head in which molten polymeric compound is applied as jacket.
  • The above processes are defined to mention the stages required for manufacturing wires & cables. Each operation involves an optimum quantity of scrap to be produced due to following Criteria.
  • For Job Setting
  • For Raw Material Change
  • Quantum Change ( pay off change like Bobbin)
  • Color Change
  • Size Change etc.
  • The accumulation of above scrap in each operation will be a substantial amount. Since the number of operation to make this product is very high as well as an optimum amount is generated in each operation, the quantity of scrap is also very large in such products. To remain in the business one has to control & reduce these parameters for higher profitability.

Testing of Wires & Significance of Testing

1. Conductor resistance – Low power losses.

2. Power losses / Energy efficiency – Reduced electricity bill.

3. FR Test & significance – Safety in case of fire.

4. Oxygen Index test - Ensures delayed ignition of wires.

5. Smoke density test – Ensures Low smoke emission.


Why Choose Polycab Wires

  • Our products / wires have certain ingredients & performance parameters which helps protection against short circuit.
  • We use only Electrolytic Grade Copper (99.97% purity) for making the conductors of our wires.
  • Polycab wires have lower conductor resistance which results in reduction of conductor temperature when the cable is carrying current. Whereas other local manufacturers use recycled Copper with higher impurities & thereby higher resistance characteristics. Such ordinary wires tend to get heated up and thereby cause fire hazards.

Why Choose Polycab Wires

  • Bring in Branding of Triguard Technology
  • Safe Raho. Save Karo.
  • Protection from Fire, Shock and Short Circuits
  • Gives 25% Energy savings when tested against ordinary wires under standard Test conditions.

Why Choose Polycab Wires

  • Polycab wires assures 25% power saving which was reflected under standard test conditions which proves the lower conductor resistance. Where as the ordinary wires when tested have higher conductor resistance so more power consumption.
  • Polycab uses virgin PVC Compound for cable insulation. Our wires also contain flame retardant compounds which is measured by “Oxygen Index Test” (its value should not be less than 29%).

3rd Party Certification has shown that Polycab helps in saving 25% more Electricity flowing through our house wires against other wires.


The Copper used in making our wires is 99.97% pure. It is called EG Copper (Electrolyte Grade) is of Sterlite Industries (I) Ltd. who is the largest Producer of Copper.


Role Of An Electrician

  • “I bring happiness into your home and offices! I am your Electrician.”
  • The role of an electrician includes fitting, testing and the repairing of electrical circuits and wiring found in homes and businesses.
  • As an electrician you may be involved with installing wiring, lighting, fans, appliances and switches in a house or street lighting and traffic lights. Installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems in buildings such as fire and security systems as well as testing electrical systems at regular intervals are common tasks performed by electricians.
  • As an electrician you can choose to work as a domestic electrician or an industrial electrician. You can also work on your own or as part of a team.


  • Work Gloves
  • Hard Hat or Helmet
  • Multi-Meter
  • Fish Tape
  • Tape Measure / Measuring Tape
  • Non – Contact Voltage Detector / Wiggler
  • Voltmeter / Ohm Meter
  • Small Hammer
  • Screwdrivers set or 4-in-1 type.
  • Linesman Pliers
  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • Protective shoes

Must haves :



  • Razor Knife
  • 14.4 Volt / 18Volt Battery operated Drill
  • Extension ladder if working outside the house
  • Eye Protection
  • Channel Lock Pliers
  • Side Cutter Diagonal Pliers
  • Torpedo Level
  • Hacksaws
  • Tongue & Groove Pliers
  • Cable Cutters
  • Solder Gun & Solder

Identify These Tools

This is ice-breaker slide. To interact with the electricians.


Identifying Genuine Product & Packaging

Check for Tri-Guard Technology Logo.

Check for Barcode.

Check for new Polycab Logo (Power symbol)

Check for Genuine product like shine of

copper, flexibility, etc.

5.Check for other Security Features – to be put.