Nuclear energy
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Nuclear Energy. Chapter 12 Section 3. Standard. S 6.6.a Students know the utility of energy sources is determined by factors that are involved in converting these sources to useful forms and the consequences of the conversation process

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Nuclear energy

Nuclear Energy

Chapter 12

Section 3


  • S 6.6.a Students know the utility of energy sources is determined by factors that are involved in converting these sources to useful forms and the consequences of the conversation process

  • S 6.6b Students know different natural energy and material resources and how to classify them as renewable and non-renewable

Language of the discipline
Language of the Discipline

  • Nucleus

  • Nuclear fission

  • Reactor vessel

  • Fuel rod

  • Control rod

  • Meltdown

  • Nuclear fusion

Anticipatory set
Anticipatory Set

  • Line up 15 dominoes to form a triangle

  • Knock over the first one

  • What happened?

  • Set it up again and remove the 3rd line

  • Knock them over

  • What happened now?

Nuclear fission
Nuclear Fission

  • Central core of an atom that contains a proton and neutron is a nucleus

  • Nuclear reactions convert matter into energy

  • E=mc2

  • E is energy

  • M represents mass

  • C is the speed of light

Nuclear fission1
Nuclear Fission

  • The splitting of an atom’s nucleus into 2 smaller nuclei

  • When the neutron hits the U-235 nucleus, the nucleus splits apart into 2 smaller nuclei and 2 or more neutrons

  • If any neutrons strikes another nucleus, the fission reaction is repeated

  • More neutrons and more energy are released

  • Becomes a chain reaction (like the dominoes)

Nuclear fission2
Nuclear Fission

  • If a nuclear chain reaction is not controlled, it creates a huge explosion.

  • Atomic bomb

  • A few kilograms of matter explode with more force that thousands tons of dynamite

  • If it is controlled, it can be used to generate electricity

  • Read Summary on page 494-495

Nuclear power plants
Nuclear Power Plants

  • Heat released from fission is used to change water into steam. The steam then turns the blades of a turbine to generate electricity.

  • Uranium fuel is used to power these plants

  • Nonrenewable resources

  • Reactor vessel: where nuclear fission occurs

  • Fuel Rods: holds pellets of uranium

  • Control Rods: inserted between fuel rods to slow the speed of chain reactions.

Pros and cons
Pros and Cons

  • Safety concern

  • Meltdowns of fuel rods

  • Caused a series of explosions

  • Radioactive materials in environment

  • Don’t pollute the air

  • Help solve the problem of global warming

  • Read summary on page 496-497

Quest to control fusion
Quest to Control Fusion

  • 2 hydrogen nuclei combine to create a helium nucleus, which has slightly less mass than 2 hydrogen nuclei. The lost mass is converted to large amounts of energy.

  • Nuclear Fusion: combining of 2 atomic nuclei to produce a single larger nucleus

  • Sun produces energy

  • Water is a source of its fuel

  • Renewable resource

  • Only happens at extremely high pressure and temperature

  • Read Summary on page 498

Checking of understanding
Checking of Understanding

  • What happens in a nuclear chain reaction?

  • What is the purpose of a control rod?

  • What is nuclear fission?

Guided practice independent practice
Guided PracticeIndependent Practice

  • Worksheet/workbook

  • Stop! Have your answers checked by teacher!

  • Study Guide problems