social geographical survey of dar al manasir
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Social Geographical Survey of Dar al-Manasir

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Social Geographical Survey of Dar al-Manasir - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Geographical Survey of Dar al-Manasir. by David Haberlah ([email protected]). about the project cultural landscape land classification date cultivation material culture architecture household items non-material culture. about the project. Culture of the Manasir

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about the project
  • cultural landscape
    • land classification
    • date cultivation
  • material culture
    • architecture
    • household items
  • non-material culture
about the project
about the project
  • Culture of the Manasir

a Subproject of


Nubian Expedition

  • financed by the “Programm Kulturerhalt” of the German Department of Foreign Affairs

documentation by

digital photography…

  • about the project

land classification


arid inland



settlement area


household items from palm trees




Oh Barbur of Bisawi your breakdowns exhaust us

Your daily failings freeze our nerves …


We brought a mechanic who took apart everything

We brought another one for the spare parts

Every morning anew we would ride and row to \'Uthman

And from the weight of our load we\'d become tired …


We have changed each and every single part of you

We became like a donkey stuck in mud

Oh Merciful Lord please relief us now …


The credit from the bank is growing like long beans

If we manage we shall never raise one again

What is it with us and the Barbur stealing our money ?

Our hair turning grey from expensive Diesel and the iron parts …


We should return to our animals, breaking firewood

Or else to singing and twirling our moustaches all day long

Or we should go back to our childhood ignorant of anything

بابور بسوي من مرضك غلبنا

وقوفك كل يوم برد عصبنا

جبنا صديق بالحديد طير قلبنا

وجبنا فتاح برضو بالأسبير جلبنا

كل صبحاً جديد بالعقبة لي عثمان ركبنا

ومن كترة شواليتك تعبنا

لي عند الطرمبة غيارة جبنا

والحمار في طينو حد ما تكربنا

يا رب يا كريم تعدل دربنا

نحل دين العدس ومن بعده تبنا

مالنا ومالو بابوراً سلبنا

من جازو وحديدو الغالي شبنا

نرجع للغنم وكسير حطبنا

وللا نرجع للغنا وبريم شنبنا

واللا نرجع لي تخاريجنا وكضبنا


any questions ?