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Final reminders for fcat writes
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Final Reminders for FCAT Writes. Do’s and Don’ts. DO… . Remember the upside -down triangle for intro ( Hook , Intro to Topic , and Thesis ) and triangle for conclusion ( re -state thesis , clincher ). Remember your thesis statement must go at the END of your introduction.

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Final Reminders for FCAT Writes

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Final reminders for fcat writes

Final Reminders for FCAT Writes

Do’s and Don’ts

Final reminders for fcat writes


  • Remember the upside-down triangle for intro (Hook, Intro to Topic, and Thesis) and triangle for conclusion (re-state thesis, clincher).

  • Rememberyourthesisstatement must go at the END of your introduction.

  • Rememberyou MUST includeyourreasons in yourthesisstatement IN YOUR INTRO and you must make sure they match the rest of youressay to avoiddisorganization.

Final reminders for fcat writes


  • PLAN! Even if youjustjot a few things down before, it’llsaveyouerasing a wholeessaylater. A high percentage of studentswho score well plan ahead.

  • Use anecdotes; Use figurative languagewhenever possible, such as imagery, similes, metaphor, personification, etc.

  • Save yourstrongestreason for LAST!

  • Use topic sentences instead of transitions whenever possible (more of thislater)


Do continued

DO… (continued)

  • Elaborate! Explainyourselves. You have to be explicit with the reader.

  • PROOFREAD!! The lessavoidable and carelessmistakesyoumake, the better chances you have of earning a good score.

    • Remember the differencebetween « their, » « there, » and « they’re. »

    • Remember « your » and « you’re. »

    • Remember « to, » « two , » and « too. »

    • Do not use run-on sentences. Whenever possible, split up your sentences intotwo!

    • Remember basic rules of capitalization!!

Don t


  • Use statistics. It isprobablymuch more effective if you state a more generic and plausible factthan a statistic.

  • Be formulaic. Writeoutside the box. Makeyouressay stand out from the rest. OWN youressay!

    • How? Refer to the « DO » slides.

  • Use the word « it » somuch. Assume the readerdoesn’trememberanything and youneed to constantlyremindthem of whatyou’retalking about!



  • Transitions whenever possible. You can use themwithin the essay (however, moreover, furthermore, thus), but at the beginning of yourparagraphsyoucan use topic sentences just as effectively.

    • If youwill use transitions, avoid simple transitions such as « first, second, third, lastly, in conclusion »

  • Avoidmakingyouressaysoundforced. Theywillsee right throughit.

Avoid cont d

AVOID… (cont’d)

  • Usingsuch phrases as

    • « I believe… »

    • « I think… »

    • « My opinion is… »

    • « My first/second/last reason… »

    • « NowI’mgoing to explain/persuade… »

  • Using simple rhetorical questions such as « Don’tyouthink…. ?  »

  • Repetition. This iswhereproofreadinghelpssoyoudon’tsay the samething over and over again.

  • Usingweak « to be » verbs. If you use them, change them to stronger action verbs.

Final reminders for fcat writes

The following are questions to consider when looking over your papers.

•Is the topic addressed?

•Does the essay have focus?

•How many supporting details are included in the essay?

•Are my ideas connected?

•Is the writing meaningful?

•If Ihad more time, what would Iadd?

•What might the reader enjoy knowing more about?



  • Eat a good, not-too-heavy breakfast

  • Relax and believe in yourselves

    • « Defeat the  Huns »

    • Laugh in its face like Mr. Hallowaylaughed in the DustWitch’s face

    • GivethemFuddruckers burgers, not McDonald’s 

When you believe in a thing believe in it all the way implicitly and unquestionable walt disney

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”~ Walt Disney

“All it takes is Faith and Trust”

~ Peter Pan

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