Final reminders for fcat writes
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Final Reminders for FCAT Writes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Final Reminders for FCAT Writes. Do’s and Don’ts. DO… . Remember the upside -down triangle for intro ( Hook , Intro to Topic , and Thesis ) and triangle for conclusion ( re -state thesis , clincher ). Remember your thesis statement must go at the END of your introduction.

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Final reminders for fcat writes

Final Reminders for FCAT Writes

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Remember the upside-down triangle for intro (Hook, Intro to Topic, and Thesis) and triangle for conclusion (re-state thesis, clincher).

  • Rememberyourthesisstatement must go at the END of your introduction.

  • Rememberyou MUST includeyourreasons in yourthesisstatement IN YOUR INTRO and you must make sure they match the rest of youressay to avoiddisorganization.


  • PLAN! Even if youjustjot a few things down before, it’llsaveyouerasing a wholeessaylater. A high percentage of studentswho score well plan ahead.

  • Use anecdotes; Use figurative languagewhenever possible, such as imagery, similes, metaphor, personification, etc.

  • Save yourstrongestreason for LAST!

  • Use topic sentences instead of transitions whenever possible (more of thislater)


Do continued
DO… (continued)

  • Elaborate! Explainyourselves. You have to be explicit with the reader.

  • PROOFREAD!! The lessavoidable and carelessmistakesyoumake, the better chances you have of earning a good score.

    • Remember the differencebetween « their, » « there, » and « they’re. »

    • Remember « your » and « you’re. »

    • Remember « to, » « two , » and « too. »

    • Do not use run-on sentences. Whenever possible, split up your sentences intotwo!

    • Remember basic rules of capitalization!!

Don t

  • Use statistics. It isprobablymuch more effective if you state a more generic and plausible factthan a statistic.

  • Be formulaic. Writeoutside the box. Makeyouressay stand out from the rest. OWN youressay!

    • How? Refer to the « DO » slides.

  • Use the word « it » somuch. Assume the readerdoesn’trememberanything and youneed to constantlyremindthem of whatyou’retalking about!


  • Transitions whenever possible. You can use themwithin the essay (however, moreover, furthermore, thus), but at the beginning of yourparagraphsyoucan use topic sentences just as effectively.

    • If youwill use transitions, avoid simple transitions such as « first, second, third, lastly, in conclusion »

  • Avoidmakingyouressaysoundforced. Theywillsee right throughit.

Avoid cont d
AVOID… (cont’d)

  • Usingsuch phrases as

    • « I believe… »

    • « I think… »

    • « My opinion is… »

    • « My first/second/last reason… »

    • « NowI’mgoing to explain/persuade… »

  • Using simple rhetorical questions such as « Don’tyouthink…. ?  »

  • Repetition. This iswhereproofreadinghelpssoyoudon’tsay the samething over and over again.

  • Usingweak « to be » verbs. If you use them, change them to stronger action verbs.

The following are questions to consider when looking over your papers.

• Is the topic addressed?

• Does the essay have focus?

• How many supporting details are included in the essay?

• Are my ideas connected?

• Is the writing meaningful?

• If Ihad more time, what would Iadd?

• What might the reader enjoy knowing more about?

FINALLY… your papers.

  • Eat a good, not-too-heavy breakfast

  • Relax and believe in yourselves

    • « Defeat the  Huns »

    • Laugh in its face like Mr. Hallowaylaughed in the DustWitch’s face

    • GivethemFuddruckers burgers, not McDonald’s 

When you believe in a thing believe in it all the way implicitly and unquestionable walt disney
“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”~ Walt Disney

“All it takes is Faith and Trust”

~ Peter Pan