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Clothing I. Mrs. Stevens. Career PATHWAYS – Which path are you on?. Click for link. FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES. Below are the eight Pathways in Family & Consumer Sciences Education: Child Development Consumer Economics Services Family and Human Services

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Clothing I

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Clothing I

Mrs. Stevens

Career PATHWAYS – Which path are you on?

Click for link


Below are the eight Pathways in

Family & Consumer Sciences Education:

Child Development

Consumer Economics ServicesFamily and Human Services

Fashion Design, Manufacturing and MerchandisingFood Science, Dietetics and NutritionFood Service and Culinary ArtsHospitality ServicesInterior Design

The STATE required performance objectives (assignments) are:

  • This course introduces students to basic sewing machine techniques, basics in rotary cutting, and basic serger techniques.

  • The students will:

  • Identify and use standard sewing tools and equipment used in clothing construction and other sewing projects.

  • Understand and practice proper use, care, and control and safety procedures for sewing machines, sergers, and other sewing equipment.

  • Demonstrate mastery of construction techniques on a range of sewing projects.

  • Determine a personal pattern type and the size needed for their selves.

  • Gain confidence in ability to sew independently.


  • Class Notebook (paid for with class fee)

  • Pen/Pencil every day

  • ** You are responsible to supply necessary fabrics, patterns, and notions required for each project. If there is a problem, please let me know ahead of time.

  • All students are responsible to pay their $10 fee and bring the following items by:______

  • Sewing pins

  • Seam ripper

  • Seam gauge

  • Scissors for cutting fabric

  • Seamstress’ tape measure

  • Fabric marking pen or pencil

  • Hand needle

  • Spool of Thread for sewing samples – any color


Student Expectations

  • Each student will come to class prepared with class notebook or project & a writing utensil.

  • Students are responsible for all information and work presented in class whether here or not. When absent, check the blog for updates. It is YOUR responsibility to let the teacher know ahead of time if you know you will be absent or to get work off of blog when sick, etc.

  • Check assignment board often for assignments & due dates.

  • Come to class ON TIME! Late students need to sign the tardy sheet before going to their seat. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you are marked absent. Citizenship will correspond with school attendance policy.

  • Follow all other school rules and policies:

    • No hats, cell phones, ipods, headphones, food/drink (except water), etc.

  • There is a $10.00 class fee - covers cost of notebook and sewing supplies. Worth 100 practice points!


Grading will consist of projects, portfolio checks, tests, participation, and other assignments.

  • Grade Scale:

  • 93 - 100 A90 - 92 A-87 - 89 B+

  • 83 - 86 B80 - 82 B-77 - 79 C+

  • 73 - 76 C70 - 72 C-67 - 69 D+

  • 63 - 66 D60 - 62 D - 59 - 0 F

  • ***Always keep every scored item until you have completed the class and received your final grade.***

Grading Cont.

  • Each day students will receive 10 participation points for sewing. Socializing and doing other homework from other classes are not counted towards points.

  • Students can only make-up missed participation points for cleared or excused absences.

  • Extra credit will be limited. Students can redeem “vouchers” that the end of each quarter. Each student receives 4 vouchers at the beginning of each quarter that can either be used as a hall pass or as a “Late-work” pass that will void the 50% deduction. If these vouchers are not used by the end of the quarter, extra credit will be awarded.

  • Late Work Policy: Any assignment turned in after grading is late. Students may turn in late work within ONE week of original due date with a voucher for full credit. Any late work turned in without a voucher or after the 1 week period will be deducted 50%.


  • All projects must be completed and turned in as part of the requirements for class credit.

  • Projects are designed to help each student learn a variety of different construction skills.

  • Any student who needs special consideration on projects will need to discuss this with the teacher before starting the project.

  • Clothing projects are not to be taken home without permission from the teacher first.

  • Students need to supply all necessary project materials for their sewing projects.



Project Supply List

  • Coming Soon….

  • We will be making:

    • Pincushion

    • Pillowcase

    • Decorative Throw Pillow OR T-Shirt Purse

    • PJ Pants or Skirt

  • ► Due to recent concern regarding the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA), this is to let you know that some of the student’s assignments might be corrected by other students under the direction to the teacher. Students are advised that confidentiality and honesty are of the utmost importance. Any violation of such will be dealt with administratively.

We might be looking

at each

other’s work.

Due Dates!

  • Disclosure & Supplies Due:

    September 13(A-day)/14(B-day)

Get-to-Know You

  • On your 3x5 card, fill out the following:

    • Full Name

    • Name Preferred

    • Birthday

    • Favorite Color

    • 1-2 Hobbies

    • 2 People in this class you would LOVE to take a vacation with!

    • A few sentences on why you took this class, what you hope to learn, etc.

    • Anything else important I need to know. (Accommodations, prefer to sit in front, etc.)

Quilt Square

  • Let’s make a quilt!

  • Take a square and decorate it in a way that best fits your personality.

  • Make sure name is on the back and turn it into the box when you are finished.

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