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What is the difference between Prose

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Prose Poetry

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1. Prose & Poetry Who’s in your little black book?

2. What is the difference between Prose & Poetry? Prose is  not confined to poetic measures and is usually grouped into paragraphs. Prose lacks a specific rhythm or the rhymes that can be found in poetry. Poetry aims to convey ideas and emotional experiences through the use of meter, rhyme, imagery in a carefully constructed metrical structure based on rhythmic patterns.

3. What is Prose Poetry? Prose poetry combines the characteristics of poetry with the apparent appearance of prose containing traces of metrical structure or verse. Prose poetry deliberately breaks some of the normal rules of prose to create heightened imagery or emotional effect.

4. Free Verse Free verse is a form of poetry which uses fewer rules and limitations using either rhymed or unrhymed lines that have no set fixed metrical pattern. The early 20th-century poets were the first to write what they called "free verse" which allowed them to break from the formula and rigidity of traditional poetry.

5. The Event: The performance of Literature Prose – Literature that is not a play or a poem Poetry – Literature written in verse

6. The Rules In the performance the contestant will use a manuscript (black notebook) which contains his/her selection(s). The time limit is 7 minutes, introduction included. The material must be published & printed. Use UIL categories.

7. The Categories Prose Exploring the Southern Experience Exploring Prose Fiction

8. The Preparation Read & Select Your Piece Analyze the Selection Cut the Piece Put Piece in Black Notebook Time Piece Prepare Introduction Practice, practice, practice

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